October 12th, 2010

Austria character question/discussion

 Hello everyone,

This thought about Austria has been on the back of my mind for quite some time. Most notably influenced by the episode featuring The Austrian Anschluss Germany's 'superior' of the time gives him full orders to annex Austria and so forth, In the strip it's mentioned that Austria was a 'pretty-mixed race society' and hated by Germany's boss and so forced to do alot of unpleasant labour. Is it possible that Austria may be Jewish? Ancestry-wise. 

I don't want to sound stupid, ignorant, or whatever..I mean..okay, I know Hetalia is only just a personification of nations, and the matter of religion is a very touchy subject but I'd like to know what everyone else's thoughts on this are..

Mods, if this sort of a query isn't allowed, feel free to delete this. 
BW, me

Scottish Fairytales Hetaliafied


I am now writing a series of Scottish fairy tales with Hetalia characters.

To start

Title: The Widow's Son and the King's Heir
Genre: Fantasy
Pairing(s):UsUk, mentions of others
Rating/Warnings: Mentions of sex
Summary: After America leaves his mother to seek his fortune boing a hero, he comes across many things one of those is prince England, in need of rescuing. 

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Fic: UNN [Part One]

Title: UNN
Author/Artist: Jamaica-tan
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Francis/Arthur as main, and various others
Rating: R to be safe.
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
Warnings: Swearing, buckets of bad language, Francis.
Summary: Welcome to the United Nations News Network, the world's best, first, only and worst international news channel! Can the channel handle co-presenters that hate each other? Can Ludwig contol his insane employees? FrUk and other pairings.

Previous chapters inside!

Part 1 - Erection Day
China (sunset)

[fanart] selling Keychains/Phone charms for Hetalia day

Title: Axis & Allies chibis
Author/Artist: grace118peachy@LJ/kunogi09midori@DA -----> me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): N.Italy, Germany, Japan, England, France, America, Russia, China
Rating: G
Summary: My art for Keychains and Phone Charms that I will sell for Hetalia day Philippines.

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[AMV] Austria/Hungary - Everytime We Touch

 Me again, with (you guessed it!) another AMV. I suppose I can't help that I enjoy making these things. 

Title: Love Machine
Author/Artist: cygni_black 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria/Hungary
Rating: G
Warnings: None, unless you're offended by a heterosexual pairing.
Summary: An AMV about Austria/Hungary....

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I'm also willing to take pairing suggestions for future videos. There's no guarantee that I'd make a video for your requested pairing, but I'd like to know what others would like to see!

Thank you.

[Videos] Satellite - 2 versions of a less-than a minute AMV

Title: APH - Satellite
Author/Artist: "Satellite" by Lena Meyer-Landrut, Hetalia anime
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Austria, Belarus,  Chibitalia, China, England, France, Germany, Holy Roman Empire, Hungary, North Italy, Prussia, Russia, Tony
Rating: G
Warnings:  ...Don't take this seriously, please. I didn't. And I don't know if and when these will get removed.
Summary: I had to get this over with. Didn't use the full song (thankfully), and I had multiple choices for the clips, so I made two different ones. Both are 54 seconds long. Basically, the continuation of the video from this post.

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[fanart] Hetalia Brothers badges

 Title: Hetalia Brothers
Artist: niku-niku
Characters: Italian Brothers, Prussia and HRE, China and Hong Kong, North American brothers, Norway and Denmark
Rating: G
Summary: the lovely brotherhood ;D
Warnings: Bromance

preview of one of them :D

deviantart link

[Fanart] Spain/Austria study

I've never really done fanart before despite drawing other things in my spare time, but I guess this is my first foray into it.

I was bored at my internship today while waiting to get some tasks to do, so I randomly started doing some sketch studies into facial expressions and busts for Habsburg-pairing. I've been in love with that pairing lately (despite France and England being my OTP) and I want to do a few works of them (it's also an excuse to draw period clothing). So here's the first study of them I did today. Forgive my fail lol.

Title: Sketch study for Habsburg pairing
Author/Artist: eur0philia  
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain, Austria
Rating: G
Summary: Spain and Austria in period costume

Click to see the drawing in full size

Comments are appreciated!

[Fanart] Art Dump

Title: Gen Art Dump
Rating: PG, PG-13
Warnings: A few bare chests, a dude in a dress, nothing too awful
Characters/Pairs: Germany, Prussia, Canada, America, Russia, Poland, Latvia, R/A
Summary: Big September-October art dump

title or description

Cut to Gen art post

Title: Porn Art Dump
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Gay sex, a mechanical dick (ohhh steampunk, you make me draw unusual things...)
Characters/Pairs: Russia/America, France/Austria, Spain/America
Summary: NSFW stuffs in a separate post here

title or description

Cut to Porn post
Poland 2

[Cosplay] Shanghai World Expo

Title: AHA 1- Shanghai World Expo parts 1 and 2
Characters: America
Summary: Hey, we're back again, and this time our America has sent us footage from where she is staying in China. Join Alfred on his commentated tour of the Shanghai World Expo in China. Pavillions, preformances, food and more all with Alfred's input.

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No virgins

[Fanfic] Vichy

Title- Vichy
Rating- PG-13 (due to mentioning of sex)
Characters/Pairings- France-Vichy/Germany, mentions of France/England
Words-  441
A/N- Human names used. It is my head canon that Vichy is a split personality of France's, and a woman (jokingly enough, a woman who loves the idea of being a man). Also, uncreative name is uncreative.

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[Fanfic] Impossible is nothing if you're Italian - chp 07

Sorry for the wait, here you have another chapter of my fic :3 please enjoy and comment if you liked it. ^^

Title: Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian
Warnings: mpreg (obviously), crack, some angst.
Rating: T-ish just in case
Character/Pairings: Italy, South Italy, Germany, Spain, others will pop up. Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano, might be mentions of others.
Summary: The two Italies get pregnant at the same time. The world might not be ready for that...

Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 01)

Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 02)

Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 03)

Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 04)

Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 05)

Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 06)

NEW: Impossible is Nothing if you're Italian (chp 07)
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Delurk with Fanart

Title: FUNImation Card
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Belarus, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, N.Italy, Japan, Latvia, Russia, Sealand, Urkraine, (Kinda)Greece, (kinda) Seychelle
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Lateness abound! But, I decided that this would be the best way to delurk here. So here are the cards I entered for the FUNImation contest.

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[Fanfic] Lost the Fight, Win the War

Ah, just delurking with a fanfic. First time really posting within livejournal as well so please bear with me if I can't manage to get the formatting quite right. XD

: Lost the Fight, Win the War
Author: Ninja Tophat
Characters: Russia, Lithuania. Squint really hard for PolLiet, RussLiet, and even America/Liet. Really really squint.
Rating: PG, PG-13ish
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Historical angsting on Toris' part, slightly AU in that Toris isn't living with Ivan during the USSR
Summary: Toris is on watch duty for the night in the forest and prays that it will be enough to keep out the Soviets. One in particular.

(Clickeh me to read)
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[Selling!] 2 Doujinshi and $1 prints!

Because I kinda need some spare cash, I'm gonna let go of two of my doujins! Not only that, but I want to sell some left over prints from AX. I kinda need to get rid of them, so prints are $1 and the shipping's only an extra $.50!

Preview picture of both doujins!

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Purple Turkey
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[Scanlation] Let me in the EU meeting! And other recent blog posts

Yesyesyesyesyesyes Turkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy


/fangirl mode is on, if that is not apparent, for which I apologize

From these posts: http://himaruya.blog61.fc2.com/blog-entry-907.html,  http://himaruya.blog61.fc2.com/blog-entry-906.html,  and http://himaruya.blog61.fc2.com/blog-entry-905.html

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[FANART + COMIC] RussiaxEngland Implications...

Title: Butterfly Woman, Ghost Zombies in the UK
Author/Artist: Threshie =)
Character(s) and Pairing(s): Implied RussiaxEngland (lovechild, anyone?), Germany, Italy, England
Rating: G, PG for somebody landing on top of somebody else... XD;
Warnings: Mama!England (with baby, not mpreg, mind you), comics based on a harebrained RP
Summary: England and Cheslovia look at a fairy together. In another story entirely, England invites Germany and Italy over, but the visit turns into a chaotic and amusing trip when England begins to believe that they are zombies... (You know the UK and their zombie movies. <3)

More thumbnails after the cut!

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Fields of Flowers

[Fanfic] The Rain a Deluge Showers

Title: The Rain a Deluge Showers
Author: uro_boros
Rating: PG (there's one cuss word)
Warnings: If you don't know the outcome of the American Revolution, how did you get here you time-traveler?!
Summary: Coffee is a great drink. Or in which America is particularly aggravating about a cup of coffee while chatting with England and a revelation is made about growing up and growing older.



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what was that?

[Fanfic] fic dump (kink meme de-anon)


Title: Should've Gone to Vegas
Rating: T
Pairing: America/Canada
Summary: America and Canada are getting married; life gets in the way.
Chapters: 50

Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5624024/1/Shouldve_Gone_To_Vegas


Title: America for President
Rating: T
Pairing: That's being fought over on the sidelines
Summary: Sick and tired of being sick and tired, America decides to do something about it.
Chapters: 11 so far

Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6356258/1/America_for_President

Title: Reach Out
Rating: T
Pairings: Us/Rus, FrUK, GerIta, maybe others
Summary: When nations suddenly start turning up dead, Russia finds himself in a position he never wanted: the hero. (fusion with persona 4)
Chapters: 12 so far

Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5625635/1/Reach_Out

Title: Two More Years of This
Rating: M
Pairing: Dude, this is the kitchen sink fic. Off the top of my head so far: US/Pru, Us/pru/can, pru/can, us/hungary, hungary/austria, us/uk, fruk, can/fr, us/belarus, us/belgium, us/estonia, can/belgium
Summary: Lacking funds to live on campus their junior year in college, brothers Alfred and Matthew find themselves with a strange collection of roommates and trouble they never bargained for.
Chapters: 24 so far

Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5622494/1/Two_More_Years_of_This
I can&#39;t chooce

Hetalia Doujinshi~ what you wana see? (voting ends NOW)


Last summer I worked enough to get some doujinshi to my hands so now I thinked I should share them with others who love Hetalia. OuO Only thing is that I got them so many that I can't choose wich one I should upload first.. ~=3=~ So I first Upload just covers and some random sample pages so you guys can choose wich one you want first. I put little bit info about them too. : )) Oh, and if someone is interested to translate these doujinshi, go ahead. I'm curious to know these stories better myself too. ~=u=~
And tell me if someone is uploaded some of this already. I only put samples about those what I haven't seen in Hetalia-community. <3

ps. These are mostly about Russia, Lithuania and America, but you will found almost everyone in these books so take a look~
pps. sorry about sucky pictures. I promise I scan them better when I start to upload them. Am I just too careful with them or what? =u=;
ppps. and sorry about my sucky english too!

(UPDATE) 13/10/2010 17:40
Wow! Thansk to everyone who voted!! So first one Is "Hello.Hello.Hello!" I scanned it already and now I crop and clean pages. I decided that I will try to scan one doujinshi per week or two. Let's if I start to be lazy later x'D
See ya! 

Click the picture to see choices!!!


Hetalia Day! Melbourne, Australia Meet up!

with two weeks away I thought I would post again for anyone in the state of Victoria in Australia who wants to chill out with us hetalia fans, cosplay, and even play games.

Here's the details below and there's also a link to the Facebook event page
To the Facebook!
24 October · 11:00 - 21:30
Location    Alexandria Gardens, Melbourne - Across from the Arts Centre

More info   
Show your love for History and Hetalia by rocking up to party UN style. That is to say there'll be arguing and cupcakes, and of course a photo shoot!

-We're gonna play a few "Get to know you" games so we can all feel closer as a community (owo)b
-PuriKura! (PrintClub) I think we'll go in groups for that... there's too many of us otherwise @_@...
-"Miss" Hetalia Cosplay/Beauty pageant for the countries, to be judged by three or four non cosplayers. Just like a real pageant the judges will ask characters questions they answer IC. there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If you don't want to be a part of the pageant you don't have to be.

COSPLAYERS (Click see more to see who's playing what):

Northern Europe:
Sweden: Taken
Denmark: Taken
Norway: Taken
Finland: Taken
Iceland: Taken

Western Europe and the UK:
Chibitalia: Taken
England: Taken
Austria: Taken
Poland: Taken
Liechtenstein: Taken
France: Taken (If that's what she was implying)
Prussia: Taken
Ancient Rome: Taken (maybe)
Sealand: Taken

Eastern Europe
Latvia: Taken(maybe)
Russia: Taken(If Latvia isn't finished)
Belarus: Taken
Ukraine: Taken

Seychelles: Taken

China: Taken
S.Korea: Taken
Japan: Taken
Vietnam: Taken
Taiwan: Taken
Hong Kong:

North America:
America: Taken

New Zealand:

HetaOni [Question!]

I'm sure someone else has asked this before... but I didn't see the answer and I'm dying to know.

The fanmade game HetaOni is posted on YouTube, but it seems the English subs end around HetaOni 9 Part 2. (Just after Italy is injured and taken back up to the hidden room to rest in the bed. Romano says he won't tell anything Italy was hiding, Germany says he just wants Italy to wake up, and it ends around there.)

Honestly, I'm sort of losing it because I spent 2-3 hours or so watching all the parts (I dunno how long it took to watch all of it, but I did...) and I really, really want to know the rest of the story. Does anyone have a summary they can share with me to let me know what happens? A detailed one would be nice, but at this rate, I guess I'll take as much as anyone is willing to give me. Lots of answers are always nice, but... yeah. Whee.