October 22nd, 2010

Espurr, Pokemon 5
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2010 Greece/Japan Secret Santa Exchange:

Come join us for a Greece/Japan Secret Santa at giripan_xmas!

We'd love to have any and all Greece/Japan writers and artists come participate! Signups close on November 3rd and assignments will go out by November 11th, giving you over a month to complete the gift.

You can check out more information and sign up HERE!

Hope to see some of you there!
FrUk me.

Oh hey guys.

 Title: I just make comics all day
Author/Artist: Debulawashere
Character(s) or Pairing(s):Cuba,Sealand,Hungary,Estonia,Lithuania,Russia,Chibitalia,Japan,Latvia,America,England,Canada,Spain,France
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Pedo!Spain, Brow-less England, and Crack Pairings
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[News] Anime 2011 Calendar

You guys remember how they released that calendar last year with the anime pictures? (not the school one)  Well, they're doing it again :D
It comes out sometime in November.  If I had money, I would buy it.

[SCANLATION] "To be Human"

 Does anybody remember the scanlation blog, "Pickled Puffin?"  I was a translator there, and if anybody remembers, we had scanlated the "Unite" fancomic, an ItalyxGermany.  I remember we left you all at a cliffhanger, and I've FINALLY finished updating everything.

it's right here!!!  http://pickledradishscans.blogspot.com/2010/10/to-be-human.html

I'm still not taking any requests, I don't think I'll work on scanlations for about a day after this long one....

There is actually more parts, the epilogue and the bonus (featuring S.Italy).  I might SOMEDAY get to them.
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Cosplay APH

Soon we all are gonna celebrate the Hetaday! Ad c'ze of that me and my cosplay team wanted to give all the hetalian comunity, this; a few cosplay pictures Hetalia.

• Warning: Shonen ai, ~ for kink things please go to our deviantart -> HERE

Just for you to know~~ we are from south america, from CHILE 8D

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Let me paint you bella~!

Small Halloween teaser for Germanics

Nothing much here, except that he might update today. Not sure what it says in his blog, but from a translation it says that he has already colored or is coloring, most likely, the Halloween Germanics picture.

So, try to guess which brother is here. Germany or Prussia? Probably Prussia, but what if it was someone else? Hee hee.

Himaruya is being a huge tease. *sigh*

[Anime] Preview World Series Episode 31

Hetalia Wikia:
China embarks on his "Age of Discovery", while Russia's cat attempts to make friends (in the final Catalia story).

Ahead of the European Age of Discovery, a voyage around the world Kakemegutta Tyuugoku Tei Kazu. We brought back exotic animals or products, to spread diplomacy. Thus the Age of Discovery China's heyday ... but welcome.

Large navigation of the Chinese 鄭 harmony which scampers ahead per seat and in the world in the large navigation era of Europe. You carry back the unusual animal and items, keep spreading diplomacy. In this way, the large navigation era of China mature stage is entered, but is….

Kawaii Chuugoku-san...haah... haah... And most likely sayonara to Catalia. (mixed feelings about this)
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(EVENT) Hetalia Day San Francisco: LAST POST

Soo! Are you guys getting excited? I know I am!
So.. It's going to rain this weekend. :< So I guess we will all just be inside, then. I can't recall a good place to meet up (I haven't been to Japan Town in a year or so ._.;) so if anyone has an idea, please give your thoughts! I'll edit this post with locations and such.

Make sure you have a ride there/back along with the necessary funds for lunch and such. C:

Can't wait to see you guys there on the 24th~!

My sister will be taking lots and lots of pictures so if you see a brunette dressed normally asking to take your picture, don't be alarmed. xD She's going to make a page for all the pictures. When she does so, I'll post it here for you guys!


So. Okay. I bet we're going to be stuck indoors.
I know we'll be a large group so.. We all really need to be on our best behavior considering how small the mall is and such.. Some people said we should just cancel it but I really don't want to do that. D: So let's be good, okay? <3

[FIC-BASED FANART] saints & sinners

Title: saints & sinners
Author/Artist: kuroneko3132 (me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): GermanyxItaly / LudwigxPriestFeliciano
Rating: E
Warnings: -
Summary: Priest Feliciano & Ludwig Beilschmidt from the Fanfic "Let Me Be Your Savior" by LightofaThousandSuns / catqueen991

just finished drawing this yesterday. Hope you guys like it! :>

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[Fic] Recollection (1/?)

Title: Recollection (1/?)
Author/Artist: geministar01 
Characters: America, England, France, Canada, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Japan, Estonia
Rating: T for Teen/PG-13-ish
Summary: Thirty years ago, a natural disaster devistated the American continent. Now, America uses shared dreaming technology to uncover his own surpressed memories with the hope that they will lead him to the missing Canada. But he may not like what he uncovers in the deepest levels of his subconcious...
Uses themes and plot devices from the movie "Inception" but otherwise has nothing to do with that movie.

Follow the link to my journal for more...
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The night of the hunter (8/13)

Title: The night of the hunter
Author: marinoa
Rating: T
Characters/pairing: England, France, some other nations as side characters. FrUK.
Summary: Neither of them is willing to fall first, and soon they are to notice that what had started as a simple game suddenly turns into something more difficult. FrUK AU, the story takes place somewhere around 19th century.

"It really was a twist of fate that we happened to meet again."

And again, there are two parts in this chapter. The link to the second part is at the end of the entry. :3

[RP Advertisement] Fashiontalia - A supermodel AU

The world of high fashion is a glamorous and extremely shallow place. People will step on whomever they need to get to the top. It doesn't matter who they are, as long as they can make it, everyone is fair game. This is the Axis Modeling Agency, located in the heart of Hollywood. People travel from near or far to get into this prestigious company, whether they be staff or models.

The members that make up the agency are a very diverse group, each with their own tales of victory and loss to share. They don't always get along, in fact, most of them can't stand each other, but together they manage to bring success to their business. However, this place isn't just full of discontentment, many of them have found friends and even lovers. They spend their time together, at the bar, in the break room or even when they are supposed to be working.

As models, you will be judged harshly by your appearance, not your heart. As staff, your skills will be put to the test constantly. Failure is not an option.

So, can you handle it?

[SCANLATION] 'Night of the Hunter'

 http://pickledradishscans.blogspot.com/2010/10/night-of-hunter.html .

It's Main SwedenxDenmark, though not sure if it's in a romantic manner.  It's more nordic 5 than anything.

I guess I'll put requests open again, because I haven't gotten any reply from the requests I've sent.  

REQUEST NOTES:  I don't accept any multi-paged requests.  I will request multi-panel, multi-parts though.  
【stock】 a red ribbon means souls bound
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Elegy City; a panfandom music rpg

At present we have Prussia and Iceland in play, so there's lots of open spots for more!

el • e • gy ;
a mournful, melancholy, or plaintive poem
esp. a funeral song or a lament for the dead.

Elegy is a community-based, panfandom game
played out in a red light district setting where
two rival Houses fight for dominance and
where music influences all aspects of the city,
even giving characters strange abilities.

All fandom and original characters accepted.
Applications and reservations currently open!

  ♫     ♫     ♫     ♫     ♫     ♫     ♫  




Just a last minute reminder because the event is tomorrow at the South Park Blocks downtown at 11:30! I will be taking the Max downtown, in case anybody happens to see a Sweden on the Yellow Line, you are welcome to join me, or at least say hi.

The forecast for tomorrow is predicting rain, so if that happens, we can meet at the Starbucks nearby if the weather is too bad. If not, we're meeting outside the Simon Benson house, right at the start of the farmer's market.

I'd really love to see as many people attend this as possible.
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[Question] Native America?

Alright, so, in my US History class we've been talking about the Native Americans and all their roles in US History. What I'd like to know is: What exactly is your head cannon revolving the nation of Native America? I'm not sure if the character is female or male, but what I generally see is Native America is the mother(ly figure) to America. Looking at this from a historical perspective, how could this be?

I tend to lean towards America and Native America knew of each other but they aren't actually related. Like, Native America knew of him and may or may not have known he would be (his? her?)downfall and he would eventually be the nation in charge of the land (terrible word choice, excuse that). Though, I have read a few decent stories on the Kink Meme where Native America is the mother of America and Canada. I like to think that the Noth American Brothers at least pay respects to the former nation.

What do you guys think?
papapancakes! [plz no taking]
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[Selling] B R O M A N C E

aka-shiro | alexiussana | ameru | blue | ctcsherry | farah | hakuku | hakumo | kamui | kisukaite | Hooooon | JiniChu | Kage | kanae | KL | lishtar | LMP | Nair | nozo | nux | opormore | Pala | petitfour | ritz DD | rondeau | Ruretto | Sou | starstray | tehryu | vivianpop12 | yooani

This gorgeous anthology features 34 talented artists from around the world! This is an America and Canada centric fan artbook, with the charitable cause: all proceeds will to to World Wildlife Fund to help relief damages of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Please take a look!

B R O M A N C E [project]


[Q&A] Translation.

 We all know that spain uses lots of vocabulary that's really... meaningless.

I need help with one of the words he used:  "FusoFuso".  The SFX "Fuso" usually stands for something soft or fluffy, and saying it twice means he's playing with said something fluffy.  I'm guessing it's Romano's hair, or something.  

Usually I could just leave it out, but the translation of this word is important, since it's emphasized later on.  Can anybody help me with it?

TsukiSales Doujinshi Sale!

Sup, comm! I'm in a need for cash and space and have loads of Hetalia doujinshi for sale! Updated with new stuff!

America/Japan (x3) (by tec, Kaikoku Zenya, and one anthology)
Spain/Romano (x1) (by TOKIMOOON)
Russia/China (x1) (by give)
Austria/Hungary (x1) (by Jikuu Kybernetes)
America/Spain (x1) (by Tekka_G)
Outcasts 3P (x1) (by ETD)

It's all here in tsukisales! Here's my feedback page!

I hope to see you there!

Sorry if you see multiples of my posts on your FL


Angsty Drabbles

Loads of angsty drabbles & fics, for DenSwe, USUK, FrUK, and... yeah. Random pairings, like DenAus. (What. xD) More can be found in my journal.

Title: Water
Author/Artist: Myself~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden x Denmark / Denmark x Sweden
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst
Summary: It's the final battle of the Swedish War of Liberation, and Denmark realizes that if he is a rock, Sweden is water.

Title: Image
Author/Artist: Myself~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USUK
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst
Summary: Germany and France have signed the Second Armistice at Compiègne, and Great Britain is left to fight alone. America hears his former ruler's cries, even from a sea away.

Title: Au Revoir
Author/Artist: Myself~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FrUK
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, death
Summary: France heard his voice, saw his face, and felt his touch, but there was no use denying it.