November 4th, 2010



 Title: Comics and pictures and stuff
Author/Artist: Me
Characters: America,Canada,England,France,Spain,Prussia,Germany,Finland,Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Japan,China,Korea,Vietnam,Taiwan, Hungary,Greece,N. Italy, S. Italy
Warnings: BRAS,MAN CHESTS, it's just really gay. This post shoots rainbows.

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Uta Natsuki surprised

Atlanta Meet Up CHANGED

So after chatting with a few people, it looks like it will be better for people to just meet up at Atlanta Anime Day. If we want to do a Mall of Georgia meet up, then we'll try during X-mas break. So here is info on Atlanta Anime Day:!/event.php?eid=155725704469868

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[Fanfic] Падение (Downfall) 4/5

Title: Падение (Downfall) |
Characters: Russia
Rating: PG
Warning: Human names used. Offensive language
Summary: Russia was just a small thing that became something big. Growing up through pain, how did he see the rest of the world?
This chapter: Russia has hit the wall and he doesn't know if he's ready to bounce back.

Link to previous entries

The fact that he "blinked". Oh, he'd never get over that stupid little phrase.

SuFin Kitties

[Fancomic] Good Clean Fun, GerIta

Title: Good Clean Fun
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany x Italy, one of Germany's dogs
Rating: P-13
Warnings: non-explicit scene where Germany and Italy bathe together and you can see Italy's bare butt
Summary: Germany and Italy's date at the park is interrupted when Germany's dog chases a rabbit through the mud.


This way~
슈주 // 은해 // 넌 내꺼

Doujinshis on sale !!

 I'm getting rid of most of the doujinshis I hold... and at cheap prices too! Plus, if you spend $10 or more, I'll even send them out for free!! Sorry the post doesn't give you much information on individual books, I'm really busy and even getting around to posting this took me weeks. Each are numbered in red and prices are next to the numbers in white. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in a comment. If you want to buy any, leave me your PayPal address either in the comments or PM me and I'll send an invoice by PayPal. 
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frost, blade
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art - for 1956

 Title: Bujdosodal
Author/Artist: evahlan 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Hungary, Russia(a bit)
Warnings: some mild blood, nothing serious
Summary: October 23rd is one of the most important national holidays in Hungary. It commemorates the short time the Hungarian youths were triumphant against the communist regime....then they sent in Ivan...
Though this image is based more on what happened on november 4th later on...:(((

click fake cut for remembrance...
Russia sad

[Fanfic] Please Come Back Home [2/8]

Title: Please Come Back Home
Author/Artist: smrtypantz
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Romano, Prussia, Hungary, N. Italy, and Austria. Prussia/Hungary and Austria/Hungary
Rating: T
Warnings: Drinking and language
Summary: AU. Lovino's dad, Gilbert, is not only the best firefighter in town, but probably the best dad in the whole world! Nothing could ever take him away...right?
Notes: Sorry for the late update! If you would like to read ahead, here's a link to the fic on my account! With that in mind, please enjoy!
Chapter 1

Chapter 2: "Hey mom, where's dad?"
Gil and Lud

[Fanart] - Iron Feathers and Pirate England~

Title: Iron Feathers
Title: Pirate England
[info]watercolourrain / NightmareTease / PrussianPrincess
Characters/Pairings:  Prussia/ Gilbert, England/ UK/ Arthur
Warnings: None X3
Notes: That priest/religious outfit Prussia's been drawn in before, and pirate!England~


[Please click either preview pic to go on <3]

[Commissions] Taking Commissions

Accepting sketch commissions. I'm in need of money. ; 3 ;

I'm really sorry, but I can't draw females. If you're interested, please only request MALE characters only. There are some things I don't draw, please ask. Commissions are $10 and $4 for any additional characters. I do accept Paypal and concealed cash. If you have any general questions, feel free to ask. Thanks! :>

My real quick sketch of never going to be finished drawing of Hong Kong. Lol.

[Fanart] Hetalia with Microsoft Paint

Author/Artist: maybebaby83
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Russia, England, Italy, Germany, Austria, Prussia
amateur fan art ^^
Just experimenting with MS paint

I was bored so I was playing around with paint on my computer, here are the results:

Russia! I realized I made him look lonely...
Italy and England
The Germanic trio
Hong Kong - Smirk

[ROLEPLAY] Hetalia: X

It’s the year 3010, and for as long as anyone can remember, an untold war between humans and mutants has raged in the shadows of everyday life. Nobody knows how mutants came into existence, though rumours of a botched government experiment are often repeated. Fear and prejudice has forced mutants to live their lives in secret, skirting around the edges of society, trying desperately to hide their powers or else face exposure and ridicule from a judgmental world.

Recently, news of a community sympathetic to mutants has spread. Mutants from across the globe have travelled to
Galena City in hopes of finally being able to live amongst humans in peace. There’s even a large, live-in academy for young mutants to learn the usual curriculum as well as how to hone their abilities. Unbeknownst to the arriving mutants, several humans already living in Galena aren’t exactly eager to welcome their new neighbors...

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+ Inspired by the popular X-Men series (though NOT a direct crossover)
+ Many characters are still available to claim...even ENGLAND
+ Friendly, active, and experienced mods!

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Discussion: Nations' Errogenous Zones

We all know that the ahoge of nations represent something. The ahoge of both Italies is rather sensitive... America has Nantucket, Austria has Mariazell, and I think Korea's ahoge is Seoul.

In a recent episode of WS Hetalia (31?), China has a haircurl. I wonder what it represents.

Discuss: What regions do you think are nation's erogenous zones/sensitive areas? They don't have to be hair, but please name real places.