November 6th, 2010


[FIC] The First

Title:The First

Rating: M [gore, some language]

Paring: USCAN

Words: 826

Summary: Alfred can't save Matthew from illness, and has his first nightmare.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia. Obviously. D:
Also, this is the...second or third fic I've ever written.
It's actually part of an RP
*, but I was so proud of myself for actually writing something longer than a hundred words.

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APH - Belarus "Well Behaved Women Rarely

Cowboy!America and Traditional!Belarus at Walt Disney World

So, to celebrate a certain special ocassion, my husband and I were in Walt Disney World, and we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! This is one of the few events where people over the age of nine are encouraged to dress up! We took advantage of this and managed to get some really pretty shots of our traditional Belarus and Cowboy America in between the fun.

Most of these are solo shots, I spared you guys (most of) the mushy "we're a couple on vacation" pics and tried to keep it to the ones with scenic backgrounds. These were all taken at our hotel (Dixie LandingsPort Orleans Riverside) and in the Magic Kingdom, mostly around Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Fantasyland, as the decor went along PERFECTLY with Cowboy Alfred in some spots, and passable for traditional Natalia in others. I felt strange as Belarus without my knife, and the setting wasn't as picture perfect for her, but it was still fun!

Hope you guys enjoy!

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doomsday machines

[Fanfic] Inferno- Chapter 3

Title: Inferno- Chapter 3
Main Characters: Prussia, Romano, Germany, Veneziano, France, Spain, Hungary, Austria.
Pairings: PrusHung, Spamano, and maybe some developing PrusMano if you lean forward, squint, tilt your head to 180 degrees, and do the moonwalk.
Rating: T++, if there is such a thing.
Warnings: Possibly disturbing imagery, sexual themes, depressing stuff, and some OOC-ness since this is the first time I've truly written a Hetalia fic.
Summary: February 24, 1947- Prussia was to be executed the next day. Unfortunately, he didn't want to face the humiliation of an execution... so at the dead of night, he hung himself. But to kill oneself is one of the greatest sins one could ever commit, and as a result, he is sentenced to spend an eternity... in hell.


boy; bloodied

[fanfic] Reacio, part one

Title: Reacio
Character(s): Spain, Romano
Rating: PG-13, but will be M later
Warning: Creepy Spain and petulant Romano, language, and future M-ratedness
Summary: When Spain returns from the New World after a long voyage, he comes across a rather shocking... surprise. Romano isn't who he was when he first left, and nor is the tired Spaniard.

Follow the almost-realistic cut~!)
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[fanfic] Famous

Sending a little love rock-star!England's way! Cross posted to kouchagumi.

Any and all constructive criticism is greatly welcomed. :)

Title: Famous
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing[s]: (rock star!)England/China
Rating: PG-13
Summary[s]: England is doing a world tour with his rock band, and when they stop in Beijing, he's hoping to see a familiar face in the crowd.



Another England/China isn't rock star!England, but there's Hong Kong, so it's still pretty cool. :)

Title: Stay for Tea
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing[s]: England/China
Rating: PG
Warning[s]: England's and China's houses are totally within driving distance, right? Also, divorced!tea family.
Summary: England figures that China is looking to spend more time with Hong Kong; Hong Kong isn't so sure that he's the one China wants to spend more time with. Hong Kong's POV