November 12th, 2010


[Fanfic] Another Hole

Title: Another Hole
Author: Loegrian-scrawl
Characters/Pairing: England, America, USUK
Rating: PG 13
Warning: Angst, Gore, Violence, Bad grammar.... the usual o/
Summery: The country was once rich, full of wonderful riches. Though the military destroyed this, ripping out the core of the royals to leave the country in ruin. Fifteen years on and things are only getting worse. The tyrants that run the country are rotting a hole through its heart, and unless they're stopped nothing will remain.
Link: Fake cut
[APH] LietPol: Simple Days

[FST] Homecoming: Poland/Lithuania

Title: Homecoming
Author/Artist: Myself and my friend ataraxiansmile for the cover art image.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Poland/Lithuania, mentions of Russia and the Baltics
Rating: PG13-R for some sexual lyrics.
Warnings: Sexy sexy lyrics, totally.
Summary: A history-heavy FST that tracks Poland and Lithuania's relationship from the start of the Commonwealth to the present day. A NOT-LATE PRESENT FOR POLAND'S BIRTHDAY. I was supposed to get it in earlier in the day, but Mediafire didn't want my files. So totally lame.

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Looking for friends~


My friend and I were wondering if there were any Hetalia fans in our area, which would be Scotland :) We are in the South West (Galloway) and Glasgow area and we're looking for friends~ :D

We both cosplay so if anyone who wants to join us in that they are most welcome! We are planning a meeting for sometime in the near future so please get in touch!

My email is:
Please email and let us know if you're interested! In either chatting, meeting up or cosplaying!!

Thank you~
Team Gibbs

[Fanfic] Not Sea Turtles

Title: Not Sea Turtles
Author: shinju90 
Summary:  Francis tells Alfred and Mathew a tale of Arthurs adventures on the high seas.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: FrUk..if you kinda tilt your head and squint at it.
Warnings: Violence
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia, I'm just enjoying playing with it while I'm in the bath.
A/N:  So, this is my first finished Hetalia fic, so I'm pretty nervous about it.  I'm currently filling two over at hetalia_kink, but neither of them are finished yet.  I've had some of this waiting on my hard drive for awhile, and I finished it up while taking a break from NaNo.  I hope everyone likes it...and of course that I didn't butcher the characters too badly.

I'm a link masquerading as a cut! Click me!

(This is my first time posting here.  If I did something wrong, please tell me and I will fix it!)
/S ✓
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Artist: Myself.
Pairs/Characters: CatUS/Lithuania, US/Poland, US/Belgium, France/US, US/S.Korea, US/Lovino, UK, S.Korea, Hungary, France, other short cameos...
Rating: PG at most.
Warnings: Had no idea I've accumulated this much. Many files... Alfred may also appear frightening at some point... ?

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Nichu- & You used to love it when I carr
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[Fanfic] Another Lifetime

Title: Another Lifetime
Author/Artist: uebo14
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France & Japan (and some appearance from other characters)
Rating: G
Warnings: There's a boy OC. Other than that, no more. :'D
Summary: He's alone in the world, cursing the country which was once his and even once, he was. What if the very core of your soul and personality has been stripped away, oh beautiful, beautiful, France? ♥

Reviews would be lovely! ;A; Also, please don't get mislead by the OC. ;A;
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[USxUK Chapter Fic] Finding Freedom 4/?

Hello all. :)

Title: Finding Freedom [FF.NET Chapter Four] [ Writing Journal Previous Chapters ]
Author/Artist: haro
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AmericaxEngland (and GreecexJapan)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Arthur is a guardian angel who feels as if he's at the bottom of the heavenly ladder. Alfred is Freedom Star, a young superhero at the top of his game. When their paths cross, Alfred's life (and Arthur's afterlife), will never be the same. [USxUK AU]

Alfred exhaled deeply, sliding his eyes closed and trying to calm his heartbeat. He was a hero. He could handle something as simple as Arthur undressing a mere foot or two behind him... )

Hope you enjoy!

Himaruya's art style?

Hello~ Does anyone have any idea how Himaruya achieves this type of lineart?

Is it really pencil and he scans it in?
Or does he use some sort of special brush? @__@ I'm really interested, since it has such a nice effect~

Thanks a bunch!

Edit With a little help from tinishyuuga, I've played around with PaintTool SAI's brush settings a bit and I got these settings, which are pretty close to Himaruya's style (:

Min Size: 7%
Density 94

Brush Setting: Circular, Dens 0
Brush Texture: Paper, Tex. 24

Quality: 1 (Fast)
Hardness 90
Min Density 61
Max Density 50%
Hard < - > Soft 100
Pressure: Check Density and Size

Pangaea [A Hetalia Roleplay Advertisement]

Main Comm | OOC Comm
Something strange has happened. Something unexplainable. The world that everyone is familiar with is simply.. gone. Sure, everyone seems to be in good health, their memories perfectly intact, but the world that they will be faced with is merely one, large, super-continent, mostly long forgotten: Pangaea.

Who are we looking for? Everyone. Pangaea is a brand new Hetalia dressing room, greatly in need of players! Multiples of characters are welcome, as well as Alternate Universe characters, characters that are the opposite of their normal gender, Nekotalia characters, and anything that exists within canon. We are not accepting OCs right now, however.

We will accept all players of all skill types - beginners as well as old pro's - but we do appreciate and expect some level of literacy. That said, we are a friendly group, and we would love to have you.
Rules and FAQ | Setting | Player List | Character List
Hong Kong-san
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(fanfic) Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Title: Just in Time Valentine's Day, part 9 - Switzerland, Iceland and Japan
Author: me
Characters: In this part: Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Japan, Germany, America, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Egypt, Greece, Korea, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Prussia and Estonia + minor appearances of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Sweden
Rating: T
Warnings: Crack, crack and crack (and bad language, mild violence, sexual themes etc.)
Summary: The whole story: It's the 13th of February 2010, the place is Athens, Greece, and the nations are peacefully having their Pre-Valentine-Conference. Or they should be: because this time, only one certain god can know what will happen next. But even gods can't control just everything.
This part: Can Switzerland make himself clear, to who does Iceland trust his love life and what Japan really wants to do?

Link to the Beginning

Link to Part 9


Title: Huzzahh
Author/Artist: Me! dinoturtle
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Netherlands/Spain/Portugal, Malaysia + Indonesia, Luxembourg, OC: Romania, Manly Iceland
Rating: PG.....15 maybe
Warnings: I-I dunno just loook at it.
Summary: A series of drawings that celebrates the introduction of new characters! Weee!

spain why so moe.

( this might be a fake cut idk you find out )

[Fic] "Of Camwhores and Competition"

Title: Of Camwhores and Competition
Author/Artist: Nano
Character(s) or Pairing(s): US/UK, slight Greece/Japan
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Bad writing
Summary: "Nearly half of all the photographs Europeans take end up online, according to a survey, with Russians the keenest on taking snaps of themselves, just ahead of the Austrians. Russians also top the poll for taking intimate snaps of themselves, with Greeks not far behind, the poll found."

Notes: De-anoning from the kink meme with my first fic in history. Mainly because this an orphaned fic. Prompt was from a year ago so I don't think the OP saw it. Article referred to in the prompt (detailed in the summary above) is here

Of Camwhores and Competition

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[Anime] Preview World Series Episode 34

Hetalia Wikia:
Concludes Can't Escape from Italy.

見破Reta disguise of Germany, is from Italy had a different behavior patterns? Information derived from the UK, Germany well, reached as far as achieving the objectives of Just one more step.

Sea-kun looks kinda creepy :D Aside from that, for the first time I'm seeing a bit of Iceland in that face. EnglandxIceland shippers anyone? *shot*

Flag-painted Bottlecap Charms

Hey there~ Thought I'd get more feedback about these on here than on dA, so here goes! (if this isn't allowed, mods, please remove~)

The past few months I've been rather bored and collecting metal bottlecaps and turning them into flag-themed charms for necklaces and bracelets and stuff. I showed them to my fellow adorkables in the DFW Hetalia community and they went NUTS over them. And people keep saying I should sell them, so...why not? :D

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Hetalia Gathering at The Woodlands, TX [REPOST]

  Hello! On November 20th, my friends and I will be attending iWOW (International Winter on The Waterway) and we were wondering if anyone else wants to join us  :D. iWOW is a festival that celebrates how other countries celebrate the holidays. The Lighting of the Doves also occurs on this date. The event will last from 3pm-9pm. 

For more information, here's our event page :
As well as the iWOW festival page :

We look forward to meeting you : )
&gt;Konata: \o/

[Fanfic] A Freeze from Fulham to Putney

Title: A Freeze from Fulham to Putney

Characters: England and Portugal, Eng/Port

Rating: PG

Warnings: Gooey, mushy, perma-honeymoon romance? It was a drabble that became a fic, that's all I know.

Summary: Portugal's always introducing new things to England. Now, England wants to introduce something of his to Portugal. Set in 1745, the Thames Winter Frost fair is there to be enjoyed. Written a while back, but now posted to the comm celebration of Portugal being canon!

(Oh baby it's cold outside~!)

Brand new Hetalia roleplay on deviantArt!

Hello there, fellow Hetalians!~

Do you have a deviantArt account that you find yourself spending loads of time on? Do you find yourself with nothing to do on it sometimes? Do you love roleplaying Hetalia?~

Well, consider joining the Ultimate Hetalia RP!
We have our headquarters on deviantArt, while we do our roleplaying on a dA chatroom of the same exact name located here.

We're brand new, so, the only character currently taken is Estonia! We do accept OCs as well! There is no overall plot, the nations are just that: nations in the modern day.

If you're thinking that because it's a deviantart chatroom that our standards must be low, don't fear. We're not overbearing in our standards, but we do expect people to have literacy, common sense, and be able to additionally know the history and stereotypes of their country. All in all, we want a fun group of people who love Hetalia, roleplaying, and enjoy relaxed atmospheres!

So feel free to check us out!

Our Headquarters
Our Chatroom

[FANCOMIC]Miracle that lives 01

Title: A Miracle that lives
Author/Artist: Shinybaka
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain, Romano, Prussia, France, China
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU,
Summary: Beginning of the story. Antonio's been absent from school for a whole week and Francis is worry.

It's not that well done, but I done it for fun. So long as the story goes across, I'm ok.
Hope you like it!

(Right to my journal)
I keel you!
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[Fan Art] Netherlands x Indonesia x Malaysia as my OTP

I knoooww~ I really know that this post is really really late TAT
but I draw this before the new character is out~
and I really really hope malaysia is a MALE!!! *cry loud*

but, just enjoy it~ and hope you like it~ (only using pencil thought~)
this is my OTP in hetalia~ love them soo much ^^

Title: choose me (?)
Author/Artist: nana
Character(s) or Pairing(s): nethere x nesia x malay
Rating: G
Warnings: none
errr.... (?) I'm bad at making summary

preview :

full here

tag is added, thanks mods ^^

TsukiSales Doujinshi Sale!

Sup, comm! I'm in a need for cash and space and have loads of Hetalia doujinshi for sale! Updated with new stuff!

America/Japan (x2) (by tec and Kaikoku Zenya)
Spain/Romano (x1) (by TOKIMOOON)
Russia/China (x1) (by give)
Austria/Hungary (x1) (by Jikuu Kybernetes)

It's all here in tsukisales! Here's my feedback page!

I hope to see you there!

Sorry if you see multiples of my posts on your FL!


[Slideshow] Over the Rainbow (TAKE TWO)

Title: Over the Rainbow
Author: RenegadeSpiral
Characters: Most
Rating/Warning: G
Summary: Yes, I realize that I have posted this to the community before, but at the time I didn't realize that youtube was an emil butt monkey and would only show the video to citizens of some made up land called 'canada', where ever the hell that I've reuploaded my amv to megavideo so I CAN SHOW YOU ALL the fruit of my labor :D


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I hope you enjoy ^-^

[Fanfic] The Only Living Thing

Title: the Only Living Thing
Characters: Mainly Lithuania and Belarus (with human names used)
Rating: rating is T for violence and mature themes
Summary: Usually I'm pretty good about being able to summarize my fics in a sentence or two, but this one is so nebulous it's hard to pin down. It's nowhere near complete, but so far it revolves around Lithuania and Belarus' respective feelings towards one another and how one event affected them. I'd appreciate honest critiques on this fic, because even though it's proving really hard to write I like it better than anything else I've written and I'd like to know how I can make it better ^^
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[fanart] the desperate

 Artist: pourisetti
Pairs/Characters: usuk, rochu(yet again), romano
Rating: yao half stripped?, but really there's nothing to see, you know what i simply mean
Warnings: pls. see rating above 
link links to my page

                                                       click here dammit

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MKC Finnish Fandub - Pyörivä Maapallo [ENGLISH TRANSLATION + DOWNLOAD LINK]

...I'll just leave these here and continue my way to bed. Yupyup. 

Thanks to khibz , suikka , misdre , esupe  and nyanni for helping with the translation! (...or doing the whole thing for me)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment!


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