November 18th, 2010

Fic This is Who I Am chapter 2

Title: This is Who I Am
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermania, Rome
Rating: …T? Might rise in the future.
Warnings: None for now I think.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Germania has been hiding a secret for as long as anyone could remember. The secret? Hidden underneath his armor is the body of a girl. FemGermania.

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[RP AD] Daycare Disasters!

(Need more people, please join~ <3 Recently Opened!)


It's the year 2010 and the countries are still holding grudges. Against wars, against people, and against society, we still do not have peace, in which they can only be able to dream of fear.

But what happens when they have a chance to redeem themselves of their tranquility? What if they could throw away their spats, and begin a new future? What if... They could relive their past? Out of all of the odds, the countries have found themselves in a predicament where not only do they have to solve a problem together, but actually cooperate with each other as not just as a nation, but as a parent. After over thousands years of hatred, sorrow, and war, they must forget it all, and stay focused on their future. The future of their second self. Yes.

One evening the countries were appalled to find another them, a younger version of them, in their house, and now in their own hands of nurturing. That was the only option, that the countries could of thought. To nuture themselves, as they were now. With no culture facts, no history, no memory of who and what they are, the countries made one pact on what to do with these children. What they decided was to rebuild themselves as a better person then they are now. They wanted to create their world as not as the cruelty when they did in the past, but they wanted to bring hope and faith onto the future. In which they will use, on the children. They didn't want to just teach them on who they were, but they wanted to become who they never had the chance to be. And thus, the world daycare, a new building designed near the headquarters was created.

But not all of the countries have the same determination for these children. There are some out there who want to teach them right from wrong, but there are also others who want to corrupt their minds and brainwash them from their destinies. Some countries only do this plan for power while others do it for hope. Hope that both countries and children, can redeem themselves as a better person.

With all of what the countries have been through, can they really drop their grudges to work together and strengthen theses children? Or will it just end in a daycare disaster?

x Friendly & Understanding Staff Members
x Recently Opened
x Literate 
x Contains a unique babysitting system
x Plenty of upcoming events

Esp - Sheep

[fanart] Iberian couple and Spain

Title: Iberian couple and Spain
Artist: moi!
Characters: Spain, Castille (OC), Aragon (OC)
Rating: E
Warning: Original characters running rampant.
Summary: So I heard Castille and Aragon got married and Spain was born.... But I just can't see them as his parents. More like guardians, I guess? XD;;;;;
Note: Haven't been drawing for a while and this is what I did? Yeah, I'm pathetic, I know.

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[Official Site] Portugal! (Eventually.)

 More fleshed out Portugal sketches~ Now if only he'd pick one already... Personally, I want the manly looking one, but then I'm probably biased as a Turkey fan... /supports manly men yesss

 (Click for larger size)

Also a note about how the history of Macau is unfortunate, as well as a link to the Japanese Wiki article on Macau's history, so perhaps there is some hope of Macau in the (not so near) future...

What Romano's saying: "What is it, you bastard?"
What it says by the beard guy: "Lazy beard"
What it says by the milk guy: "An individualistic image"

Translations below by lost_hitsu 

Thank you for your comments on Portugal sketches! I really felt that this country is a very beloved one. I received mails from Portuguese people saying "this one is good!", so I really have to do my best and create a good character. I will try to think about other things than the sketches as well.

Macau-san has a very unfortunate history.

Working on the last parts of the artbook (lit. last spurt)
❝ no tuxedo cuz they recognize me
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[Roleplay] Tweetalia!


We are a fun, laid-back roleplay that's done over the social networking site, Twitter and we'd love to have more people join us! We'd really like to see a Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Cuba, Spain, Estonia, China, or Belarus in our group, but really anyone will do! Just check the masterlist to see who's available.

Some of the roleplays do deal with mature subject matter, so it's best if your comfortable with that as well.

Hope to see you there!

[fic] Paris Calling [france/england]

Title: Paris Calling
Rating: R for non-graphic sex and war violence.
Word Count: 3,863.
'Verse: WWII canon.
Summary: Seventeen snapshots of Francis Bonnefoy's life between January '40 and October '41 (and one of Arthur Kirkland's in June '47).
Notes: Deanon from hetalia_kink. The link goes to my writing journal. ♥

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I'm selling the special versions of the Italy, Germany, Japan and England one coin figures. These are the versions that were given out when you bought the first 4 DVDs (Italy & Germany) and 5-8 (England & Japan).

Germany and Italy I have on hand, and I can provide pictures on request. I'm waiting on England and Japan in the mail, so I can reserve them for you if you're interested, and I'll send you a message when they come in.

I'm asking $30 each which includes shipping to the USA and Canada. I will ship internationally, but I'm not sure of the cost yet. Just let me know where you're located and I can get a quote! I have the original boxes for Germany and Italy (I'm unsure of the other two) and I will ship them flattened down along with the figures.

I can take Paypal payments only, sorry! Prices are in USD.

Leave a comment if you're interested! :)

Plushie Commissions

Alright. Because the replies to my last thread never really... Doubled up to make any one character stand out more than the others.

I'm going to open slots for three small plushie commissions.
They'll be about this size, and cost $13 shipped within Canada or the US.

The finished product should look something like this, but with a peach thread rather than purple.

Why are they naked? Because I haven't learnt how to make clothes yet, and I definitely don't feel comfortable charging any money for something I can't guarantee the quality of. Besides that, less time spent on extra things means more time to make sure the rest looks as good as it can.
(Plus, you have no idea how soft and squishy they are as is. ;u; Clothes would ruin the cuddly-ness.)
Depending on the character, though, I may be able to add some accessories. But feel free to ask about how possible they are for me, before ordering.

I can't go back to the fabric store again this or next week, however, so I can only make characters that have black or blond hair. But I'm all set for three different shades of blond (the lightest being what I used for that Russia), so, don't worry there! And the darkest could maybe pass for light brown.

Current Slots:
1 - free
2 - free
3 - free

These do take me a while, as they have to be hand-sewn. I don't have access to a sewing machine just yet. But I do plan to finish all three of these before December.

SO! Please comment below if you'd like to order one.
I'll need $5 before I'll start on a plushie, but, it's up to you whether you'd like to pay in two installments like that, or if you'd like to pay all $13 at the start. In any case, I'll need the full $13 before I'll ship.
I can only accept money through paypal.