November 21st, 2010

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[Selling Doujinshi] Hetalia

Currently, I have the following series doujinshi available:

[2] Code Geass - (Suzaku/Lelouch)
[1] Gintama - (Hijikata/Gintoki)

[7] Hetalia - (Denmark/Norway, Swden/Finland, Prussia/Germany)

[2] Hitman Reborn - (Gokudera&Mukuro/Tsuna, Uke!Tsuna (DCS Reprint))

Prices have been reduced and are not set in stone, so feel free to negotiate/offer!

And you can find them all here (Near the bottom of the page):
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[Selling and Sharing] Plushies I made. Commisions are welcome!



I, again, am sharing some plushies that were commissioned. I am also open for commisions if you would like your very own awesome plushie of awesomness!

Please check out the link below!

i got into medial school the other day...... and i still cant make an lj cut

HISTORY RP: HetaEra looking for new roleplayers!

If you just thought "yes" then this might be for you!
We're a historically based literate Hetalia roleplay forum looking for lots of new members. After a period of inactivity many roleplayers have dropped out and now we're back with full force but in need many nations.  All open canon-nations are welcome, but if you happen to have an inner muse for any of these nations you would make some of us very happy;
♔Our Austria is in need of a Hungary.
♔Our Nordic Family lacks a Sweden and a Norway.
♔All of us would like to see England, the Italies and some Asians.

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Fic All He Needs

Title: All He Needs
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Germany, Slight GermanyxItaly, and if you want PrussiaxGermany
Rating: T
Warnings: I own nothing.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: They were on the run again as always. They were always on the run. They were never safe. But it was okay. Because as long as Gilbert has his brother by his side it was going to be okay.

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[amv] airplanes

Title: airplanes
Author/Artist: lollercoaster productions
Character(s) or Pairing(s): a lot... russia, germany, japan, belarus, america, iceland, greece, turkey, china, italy-- it's just a lot, ok? ;_;
Rating: PG? i see nothing bad in it.
Warnings: j-japan's nipples. orz;
Summary: this is what i do at 3 in the morning. i make terrible amvs to punk bands covering pop songs.
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~+~ Memories Never End ~+~

~+~ Memories Never End ~+~

An rp forum all about history but is also open to many other things like events and AUs, crack and whatever you like, so feel free to make a suggestion! We mainly focus on history though and when you do join, you will be able to see the many threads that are about to come. Have a suggestion? Please do tell, so we can become a better forum and more fun too!

What we are looking for:

  • Respectful members.
  • Literacy, everyone makes mistakes, especially when English isn't your first language but make it readable.
  • Quality, not quantity, no need to write super long posts, even when the other person does that.
  • Canon characters, such as: Canada, China, Greece, Lithuania, Turkey and more!
  • And most importantly, lots and lots of fun!

OCs are allowed as well and you can have a canon and an OC but only after you posted at least a 100 messages. We want to prevent inactivity after all, but if you need to be absent, no worries, just post in the Absent thread!

Are you interested in going through time and see for yourself how events took place, giving your own thoughts about it as well, then join Memories Never End!

Before you join carefully read the RULES and go to the CHARACTER LIST to see which characters are still available. Do NOT make an account yet, unless your application has been approved or you want to post a WIP. Don't worry about being rejected, we're not that strict and the application isn't too difficult. We just want to make sure you know at least the most important parts of your country.


Austria Cosplay K Man

EVENT: Hetalian Hospitality

Hello, Hetalia Community!

As a founding member of the Hetalian Organizers of Texas, myself and many of my other moderators tend to toss ideas around for gatherings and events.

But at this time of year, I realized something, which was only more profound when I was in the process of moving.

How many people are out there during the holidays in need of items that I am so frivolously throwing away?

And so, my fellow moderators and I have started a state-wide clothing drive, with each area selecting a local shelter to make donations from.

This one is for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and is open for the public to join.

The Hetalia community is large and diverse, and I feel that we have the power, with such a large number of people, to really make a difference, even in some small fashion, for some person who might need something as basic as a coat, or a pair of socks, or even a hair brush.

This is only for Texas, but I encourage other groups in other states to help out your local charities as well!

And if you are in the DFW area, please join my friends and I from now until December 19th, in gathering up what old items you may not need or want anymore, and on December 19th, we can deliver them to Dallas Life Ministries.

Please RSVP at the event page, and have a Happy Holiday, regardless of what you celebrate!

Finland Cosplay for Sale

I'm selling my Finland cosplay. It's a standard womans small/medium. It's been worn only once, to a photoshoot at a con, than taken off.

It's in this photo:
And is this costume:

Velvet belt
Silver Cross
3x5 Finland Flag (huge flag is huge!!)

I would love to get $50 for it, and $5 for shipping.


SALES POST! One-coin figures and more!

I still have that HAKKA PINK USUK doujin up for sale! Though one of the trading cards has been sold, I still have Canada left. :D And in addition, I've decided to add a Japan one-coin figure to the list!

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They're over here, here and here at seingald! ♥ There's a lot more merchandise to see as well so go on and take a look! :D
rainbow umbrella

[fanart/q&a] idk.......

Title: umm...?
Author/Artist: pourisetti
Character(s) or Pairing(s):us/uk, lady iggy, russia/china, poland, japan, and an itty bitty of chibi France
Rating: for all
Warnings: some are old works from '09 

here at my page

Q: has Mellow Down Lover been translated??
i can't read who the artist is but the scan had
in the front cover, maybe their the artist and circle?
RusAmer Together

[Fanart] Some Rus/Amer sketches

Summery: Various sketches for various ideas. Featuring: Bear!Russia, chubby/fat!America, America trying to be sexy, Thanksgiving, Russia and Fem!America, Cowboy!America, and a preview sketch for a fanfic.
Artist: MidnightSketch
Rating: M (to be safe)

See them right here:
einsamkeit prussia

[Fanfic] Balaton - Before

Author/Artist: Peridot Tears
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+
Pairings/Characters: Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt), Hungary (Héderváry Elizaveta), Austria (Roderich Edelstein)
 Hungary's pan.
Disclaimer: ...What part of “nah” did you not understand?
When Roderich falls ill, Hungary - for one reason or the other - accepts Gilbert's help, mercenary he may be. But in the end, the price is hardly worth it.

("We know...")

Fanfic (Toris/Natalia)

Title: A country that never was
Author: Tastymints
Rating: G,PG
Characters: Lithuania, Belarus, mentions of Russia
Warning:  none (Mind you, English isn't my native language and I apologize for any grammatical mistakes.)
Summary: Natalia's tragic youth and how, after losing everything, she fell under Lithuania's influence.

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Hetalia Teachers

So, my friends and I were having a discussion about what roles Hetalia characters would be if they worked at a school.
I figured I should make a post here, and see what ideas the fandom had. :) Like, for example, we had Romano as the school's guidance counselor. That'd turn out well.

Collapse )We didn't go through all of the characters, but we were just coming up with things for the fun of it, and I wanted to hear what others thought of this too! 
Ah, please tell me if this isn't allowed though. I haven't posted here much before.