November 29th, 2010



Title: You didn't see that coming?
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain and Portugal
Rating: K
Warnings: Spain Bullying... you know.. the usual.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: During the Napolionic wars Spain invited their ally France to invade Portugal. What happened was less than planned.
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Austria Cosplay K Man

[FANFIC] The Door

Title: The Door
Author: Youshi Semenjyu
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: One-sided Austria/Spain, Hungary, brief mention of North Italy
Chapter: 1/? May make a second part of this.
Word Count: 870
Summary: He'd never wanted to feel this way; he would have been perfectly content in his loveless marriage, just as he had been with all the ones before.

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[Fanfic] Learning to Love and Be Loved Ch. 11

Title: Learning to Love and Be Loved
Pairing/Characters: None, Prussia, Canada
Warnings: None, continuation of The Boy With the Purple Eyes
Rating: T
Summary: After saving and taking Matthew into his own family, Gilbert begins to question whether his decision was right. Through the drama of therapy, adoption and case hearings he must learn to adapt and love the boy who never experienced love in the first place

Chapter 11

Chapter 1

Newest chapter is finally up! :D

After watching Hetalia movie in Singapore. and also first post...

I went to the screening of the Hetalia movie today (just came back from it actually).
To those that went, what are your impressions?
Oh, I wanna highlight some subtitle translation fail that I remembered that I saw, XD!!
Oh, to introduce myself, I am Selina~ My favourite character is Japan, Lichtenstein and Russia I guess, XD! But Italy is sooo hugable as well~ And England~
Let's say that I love them all, XD! Though some could be a little bit annoying...

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HETALIA: world academy (brand new literate RPG)


The countries have seemed to be living in their own worlds with no regard or respect to one another's cultures, laws, and even their feelings. That's when a few of the bosses of the nations decided that it was time to create a school for the nations so that they may get to know one another, learn about each other, and most importantly...learn about their own skills and abilities.

The Nations are young around the age of high school and college. But The World Academy has been built to meet the abilities of all so... age doesn't matter that much. However there is a tad problem in the school.

The Academy was built for the nations so that they could learn about each other. However they aren't exactly human...they are still countries and claiming one another is very common. Discrimination and even a few fights break out because of age difference and cultural differences and disagreements.

Unfortunately the school is very isolated somewhere in the Pacific Ocean so not many get to return to their homes a lot making the school a year around school.

Trapped in the school surrounded by dozens of people who are culturally different and even some that disagree with you with only one question glued to your mind...How will this end? Only you can decide.
op: Izou - devious little minx

[Fanfic] Gallia Divisa III

Aaand back comes the a story about Hetalia's France, semi-serious, but at times seriously laughable.

Author: goldphish_bowl
Warning: Violence? Otherwise, just strap on your Antiquity Goggles and mind the gap.
Notes: Inspired by THIS piece in the Hetalia kink meme. Have fun picking who is who.

Title: Gallia Divisa III
Character/Pairing: France, Argos/Gaul, Rome, Belgium, hahaha historical figureeee
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1196
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Q:england & swimming

 Q: i read a fanart somewhere that england can't swim?
and i don't remember reading it on the official strips...
is it true that he can't swim?

EDIT:ah~ thanks for the answers!
just wanted to add these~
#14 & 29 --> lol we can easily visualize this, yes? especially14withfranceinit
i just added this because there is america in it *gunshot*