December 3rd, 2010


[fanfic] Sleeping Ones, Closed Eyes

2 more de-Anons from the Kinkmeme from me. Good lord, I'm starting to think that's all I do. -.-; These two...are a bit different then my normal fare. Still! I rather like how they turned out. I wrote these while procrastinating on NaNoWriMo, which still isn't done. Ah, well. Next year!

Title: Sleeping Ones
Characters/Pairing: America, mentions of other nations
Rating: PG13
Warning: Pre-History Volcanism
Summary: Every Nation has it's Sleeping Ones. America just has a secret about his.

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Title: Closed Eyes
Characters/Pairing: Russia, mentions of other nations
Rating: PG13
Warning: Pre-Historic events.
Summary: Russia hates America - for a reason.
Note(s): This is what wouldn't stop going around in my head after a comment asking for more Geo fills. I have an unhealthy interest in Ways The World Could End, and the Siberian Traps are pretty fascinating - along with Human migration through out the ages. This is the result.

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Italy brothers

[NEWS, MOVIE] Belarus and Ukraine to get a character song

The official anime site has announced more details for the limited edition DVD release of the film:
Belarus and Ukraine will both be the feature characters for a new song included on a CD with the release.

曲名 『アメとムチ』
うた ウクライナ&ベラルーシ
司会 プロイセン

Their image song title is "Carrot and Stick". It looks like Prussia's also involved. First Iceland, and now these two get their own song!


[fanfic] a blinding spark that burns out fast

Title: a blinding spark that burns out fast
Author:  worn_silk
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): UST, kissing, some f-bombs, human AU
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Prussia/Hungary UST, mentions of Austria/Hungary, France, both Italies, Estonia, Germany, Germania, and an unnamed appearance by Ukraine
Summary: Their relationship, or lack thereof, will be the same old train wreck, but that’s always worked for them.


That was all the eloquence that Gilbert could manage, because he was busy cursing puberty and poor timing and the whole world as he became rapidly aware of the fact that he was getting a stiffy in the middle of an airport because of a hug. When Liz realized it too, she went bright red and made a similar sound.

And so It began.

cold morning

[Fanfic] Sour Grapes

Title: Sour Grapes
Author: sobdasha
Rating: T, for a little bit of language
Characters: France, S. Italy
Pairings: unrequited France/Spain, implied Spain/Romano
Warnings: None
Words: 1027
Summary: France doesn't want what he knows he can't have.

Follow the fake cut to my brand new writing journal, or read at FFnet if you prefer.

( --Hey now, France calls, with a slow smile stretching the admonition out of the words. Stop glaring at the fields like that, or they'll never grow. )
Alfred x Kiku - Music

☆ [Fanfic]: Time of Your Life - Ch 8

Title: Time of Your Life []
Author: Jubilee
Characters/Pairings: In this chapter: America, Japan, Canada, Spain, China, fanon!Mexico, fem!America, and a few other fanon characters and gender-bends.
Rating: T
Genre: Romance + Friendship + Family + Drama
Warnings/Notes: AU - High school.
Summary: A bond broken all because of a stupid fight, and then renewed with a simple "sorry". Now bffs, Alfred enjoys Kiku's company, and the latter realizes that his friendship is much more than he could ever ask for. To Kiku, he was a hero.

Chapter List

("Well technically, it's no longer my house…")
Spain Italy

[Fanart] TWO Star related pieces :)

Title: Starry Scarves
Author/Artist: Parrot4a
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain/Romano
Rating: E for Everyone
Warnings: Cheesyness
Summary: Spain decides to take a photo of himself and Lovi matching.

Title: We All Die Alone
Author/Artist: Parrot4a
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia
Rating: None
Warnings: The face sucks xD
Summary: Prussia sitting in a dumpster star gazing

I haven't posted art in forever ;n; So here's two pieces for you guys~

Here's one preview :]
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[Fanfic] Feel the Fear (4/5)

Title: Feel the Fear (4/5)
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): (In this part) Canada, England, France, Prussia
Pairing(s): Prussia/Canada
Warnings: None
Summary: Part Four: 2nd and 3rd April, 2009; London, England: Another G-20 summit, and Canada attempts to seize the day again. He has a Plan this time, however.
Author's Note: The first part of this story is here. Other stories set in this universe are here.

[CRAFTS] Mochi-nations FTW!

Title: Mochi-nations FTW!
Author/Artist: flo_bizet
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Ameri-mochi and Mochi-talia, or America and Italy, whichever
Rating: So G it's ridiculous 
Summary: What happens when you're really, really, REALLY bored and Himaruya makes a post the day of one's boredom


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[Fanfic] The Group of Eight

Title: The Group of Eight (+ two extra related drabbles)
Author/Artist: unabletoanswer
Characters/Pairing: America, Canada, England, France, Germany, North Italy, Japan, Russia
Rating: G
Warnings: None, but what kind of a plot is this?
Summary: America thinks the G8 would make good superheroes. I don't know if this should be considered crack.

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[Fanfic] A Christmas Story: Catastrophe in 24 Acts (3/24)

Authors: Treyen and Blackrabbit
Beta: CrescentLilly
Characters: Ensemble. In this chapter: Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, China, Korea, France, England, Austria, Prussia, Italy, Germany, Canada, Iceland, Russia, Lithuania, Poland
Pairings: mistletoe/world
Rating: T
Genre: adventure, comedy
Warnings: Mistletoe, ridiculously cute critters, blatant disregard for foreign holiday traditions, abuse of classical ballet, some cursing and a few OCs.
Summary: With only a few days to Christmas the Nations should be busy preparing for the party. Only no one is really feeling like it, and that kinda-crucially-important little Finn is nowhere to be found.

Track previous parts here

This chapter on

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[fic] scarred heart in hand [part i, chapter ii]

Title: Scarred Heart in Hand
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): (in this chapter) France, Spain, Prussia, Romano; Spain/Romano, France/Spain/Prussia, and mentions of Prussia -> Canada
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Angst
Warning(s): Kissing, Implied threesomes, Talk of (technically underage) Sex, Swearing, It's really long, Lack of Plot, Human names, etc.
Summary: Graduation really sneaks up on you; one minute you think that everything is right with the world and that nothing can ruin this for you, and the next you look at the calendar and find out you only have one more week with your closest friends. But sometimes graduation isn't the end, and sometimes it's not a new beginning either. Sometimes graduation just is what it is, and you have to figure the rest out for yourselves. Gauken Hetalia!AU fic

x-posted @ animusia, inthreesome, and tomatoamado

Sunlight was tickling the backs of Antonio’s eyelids when he awoke.
and out of fucking nowhere: FRANCE

[cosplay] Austrian Succession @ NYAF 2010

ahh this post is so late but better late than never, yeah? these were taken inside the con center at NYAF last October, thus the not-really-bad-but-not-stellar-either lighting so I apologize for that. Anyway, here they are, I hope you enjoy them!

Austria by phantomthief
Hungary by scribblefish
Prussia by temiikon
France by digitalhopper
England by sppandaaa
(an extra wild!Len by phish93
all photos by katlovescookies
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SuFin Kitties

[Fanfics and Question]

I've got a question for any Italian speakers in the comm. Does Italian have a cutesy, affectionate diminuitive that people add to, say, children's names? Like Japanese has "chan" and German has "chen" and Spanish has "-ito".  I need it for a Hetalia fic I'm writing. Answered. Thanks!

Anyway, here's a couple fics for you guys. Enjoy~

Title: Just Like Old Times
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Platonic!Prussia+Germany
Rating: K+/PG
Warnings: some bad language
As much as Prussia enjoys being free of all responsibility, sometimes he just wants to feel useful. And what better time to make himself useful than when his little brother really needs him?

Title: Not Just a River In Egypt
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): SpainxRomano
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: bad language
Romano wasn't the slightest bit worried when Spain failed to come home from work until very late. And he certainly wouldn't be caught dead coddling him after a bad day.