December 5th, 2010

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[Fic] I'm pretty sure I didn't post this here...

And if I did...let me know and I'll take it down.

Title: If I Should Wake Before I Die
Author: Me.
Characters/Pairings: America/Romano. Mentions of Rome, Italy, and Spain.
Warnings/Ratings: Language, PG.
Summary: For the Kink Meme prompt Romano wakes up early in the morning after a bad dream, craving some intimacy. He starts to talk quietly to America who doesn't respond.

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You stupid frog. ...>_> ♥

[Selling] Plushies, Keychains

Still have the Italy plushie, the Italy's truce!flag, a few Japan Takara keychains, and now Liechtenstein and Hungary plushies! Please have a look over at my selling post, where I have more information and pictures, including feedback. C: I also have some Artist Alley cell phone charms/keychains left over. You can view them here. :)

I should also have a few One-Coin figurines left over from my box, so when those arrive, I'll post them up with pictures of proof, etc, but in the meantime, I know I'll be selling Hungary, Austria, Chibitalia&HRE, and Greece if anyone wants to claim. Won't collect any money until after I receive them. :) Each for $14.00+Shipping. Chibitalia and HRE are $8 separately, but $14 together.
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[New RP Ad] Lydel -lot of characters needed-

Lydel was a charming little town, with its local shops and historical castle. However, a few years ago, it was decided that a university should be built there, and therefore the town faced modernization. While more buildings were added, expanding the town to its actual size but it kept it's singular touch and culture, making it an interesting mix of modern and old.

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[Fanfic] Confederation

Title: Confederation
Author: sobdasha
Rating: PG
Characters: Germany (as the German Confederation on that oh-god-what-is-this-even continuum of Holy Roman Empire - Confederation of the Rhine - German Confederation - Northern German Federation - German Empire - etc etc etc to today), Prussia
Pairings: None
Warnings: None
Words: 1467
Summary: The only thing holding his little brother together is the fragile concept of a shared culture, and Prussia will try anything that might help. (Or, Prussia acquires Kinder- und Hausmärchen for the nation that will one day claim them.)

Follow the fake cut to my writing journal, or read at FFnet if you prefer:

( "He sleepwalks through the days, his head all at once breaking through the surface of the water in a startled rush as he finds himself breathing air." )
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[RP Ad] Plurktalia

As you can probably guess from the title - This is an advertisement for a new Hetalia Plurk group!
What is plurk? It's a social networking website, much like Twitter but it looks spiffier! Anyway, are you interested? Please go ahead and join us, there are a lot of characters free for you to choose from! You just need to fill in a simple application, just to be sure you're in character enough and when you get accepted; BAM you're in!

We have many main characters open, so take a look.


[fic] In the Market

Title: In the Market
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Fem!Prussia/Fem!Canada
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Humor
Warning(s): Genderbended nations.
Summary: Maddie Williams was in the market for a Halloween costume, but has she gotten a girlfriend instead?
Notes: Written for mochironnai for the PrussCan Secret Santa exchange.

x-posted @ animusia, prussiaxcanada, nyotalia

Suddenly it didn't matter that Tonia hadn't texted her back.

Miracle the lives 4

Title: Miracle that live 4
Author/Artist: ShinyBAKA
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain, Austria
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Some bloody flash back that makes no sense. Dark!Antonio there's no straight out violence, so I think it's fine not to tag it as mature.
Toni was in a bad mood, he's taking it out on random gangster and Roderich is trying to stop him

(You shall go check out the situation in my journal)

[RP] Paparazzi Hetalia


Paparazzi Hetalia

It was a long way to the top, but you made it. You're famous, you're a star, with millions of fans.
But everything has it's price. The price for being famous is privacy. They'll hunt you down, no where is safe. But hey, you're loved!
We're your greatest fans, we make you famous, you will love us.
What will you do to keep your pride? How are you dealing with these obsessed people? Will you manage?

The world of paparazzi is just as dirty. You might have to hide in trash cans to take a picture of your favourite star. Is it all worth it in the end? How far are you willing to go for scandalous photos?

Stars are judged by their appearance and paparazzi by their work.
Can you handle the stress? Will you be able to hide your dirty little secrets?   
Almost all characters are still available. See you in hollywood, baby!

[Fanfic] A Christmas Story: Catastrophe in 24 Acts (5/24)

Authors: Treyen and Blackrabbit
Beta: CrescentLilly
Characters: Ensemble. In this chapter: Russia, Finland, General Winter, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Sweden, Romano, Switzerland & others
Pairings: mistletoe/world
Rating: T
Genre: adventure, comedy
Warnings: Mistletoe, ridiculously cute critters, blatant disregard for foreign holiday traditions, abuse of classical ballet, some cursing and a few OCs.
Summary: With only a few days to Christmas the Nations should be busy preparing for the party. Only no one is really feeling like it, and that kinda-crucially-important little Finn is nowhere to be found.

Previous parts


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[Roleplay] Tweetalia!

Rules // Masterlist // Apply!

We are a fun, laid-back roleplay that's done over the social networking site, Twitter and we'd love to have more people join us! We'd really like to see a Turkey, Cuba or Estonia in our group, but really anyone will do! Just check the masterlist to see who's available.

Some of the roleplays do deal with mature subject matter, so it's best if your comfortable with that as well.

Hope to see you there!
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Hetalia RP - Another War


Hetalia- Another War 2013


People over the world huddled in fear, they watched as the clocks ticked closer to the so called dooms day. But as the clock ticked past midnight it became apparent that 2012 was going to be in extremly normal year if anything.


People celebrated surviving the year in their reguler boozing and drinking, they had fun all over the globe. And as one countries New Years celebrations came to a close another's started.

It was Europes turn.
The clock ticked.
They cheered.
Then screamed.


A meteor like the ones had killed the dinosaurs all those years ago had come crashing down into mid Euroope sending the world into fammine and hatred for eachother lusting for the power and little resources that the other nations had.

Amogst all this a small nation formed, a nation that stole from others and took weakened nations and turned them into mindless soldiers with strength above any other. This nation stayed in the shadows and was not seen by anyone. Manipulating people into starting another war.

Not another war.


Are you choosing what you do?
Don't trsut your allies.
Are you who you think you are?
And can you win...?

  • Literate role play!
  • Most characters available!
  • No gender bends OR OCs but if more people join they will become open

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[Selling and Sharing] Plushies I made. Commisions are welcome!

I'm like a bad cold. I just don't go away! BUT ANYWAYS! I'm back again, after getting such a great response previously! Here are some more samples of my work, and commisions are open! I know the holidays are coming up!

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