December 8th, 2010

Animated Lovi

Fem!Lovina Fanart


Hello everyone! It's my first time posting here but I had been a lurker for quite a time. Anyway, I'm a fan of South Italy (he's my favorite character) and Spamano (my OTP). I had my friend MaikohSakura of deviantart draw something for me. I'm only sharing it since she's too lazy to make her own LJ account! Check out the link below if you want to see. Hope you all like it! 

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Bye for now~~
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[fanart] Two Spain pics

 Title: Spain changed for the worse 
Artist: hime1999
Character: Spain
Rating: PG 
Summary: A response to this meme
Warning: Dark!Spain? 

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Title: February 1939 
Artist: hime1999
Character: Spain
Rating: PG-13 for depiction of violence. 
Summary: From Wikipedia: "On 27 February, the United Kingdom and France recognized the Franco regime.Franco declares the end of the war. However, small pockets of Republicans fight on. Only Madrid and a few other strongholds remained for the Republican forces."
Warning: Tomato ketchup. Lots of tomato ketchup. Lame attempts on Español. Allusions to the Spanish Civil War. Please don't kill me. 

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My other works can be found here.
the awesome power of friendship

[5 coloured arts]

Hey, small art dump of 5 commissions I took a bit ago!

Artist: technoranma (me!)
Title: SuFin and Nekotalia
Character: Sweden, Finland, Neko!Sweden, Neko!Finland
Rating: G
Warning: None
Summary: An art for fairywine <3!
On DeviantART

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Title: Sealand/Prussia
Character: Sealand (Adult), Prussia
Rating: PG
Warning: Shirtless cuddling
Summary: Done for mooeydooey!!
On DeviantART

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Title: Netherlands x Denmark
Character: Netherlands, Denmark
Rating: PG
Warning: Shirtless
Summary: Done for delightful_milk! thank you!
On DeviantART

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Title: One night, in Paris
Character: America, France
Rating: G
Warning: None
Summary: An art for conjure_lass <3!!!!
On DeviantART

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Title: Kiss on a battlefield
Character: Belgium, Hungary
Rating: G
Warning: Guns, war imagery, Fem!slash aka Yuri
Summary: An art for slytherin_slash thanks *-*!
On DeviantART

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Thanks for looking!
APH; This island again

[RP Ad] ✬ Liberty Dwells ✬

Hello! liberty_dwells is a new, state-tan based American Revolutionary War game taking place in a musebox. Our planning post is public for anyone curious - and we're still looking for some characters (canon and OC) before we officially open!

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We've got America, England, and some state-tans, but we're still looking for...

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For the official character list, see this post. Our planning post can be seen here.
If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to PM jamizoid/selfevident1776.

Thanks, we look forward to any new members!
and out of fucking nowhere: FRANCE

[cosplay] USUK @ NYAF2010

these photos are still from NYAF~ I will have another post coming up soon from MangaNEXT. ...well, at least the ones that I've saved because lawl my laptop crashed with all the pretty pictures in it /le sob. ah well, that is life. so anyway, here you go~ share&enjoy!~ ♥

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England by heavensealed
America by scribblefish
all photos by katlovescookies

Lyrics and Translation "La Pasión no se Detiene, Tomaranai Jounetsu", Spain

Hello~ I translated La pasión no se detiene for you all. I hope it's alright and don't have too much mistakes. Anyway, I'll be happy if you point me where I'm wrong.

Please, enjoy, and like always, in Spanish too~

La Pasión No Se Detiene~止まらない情熱

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icey, norge

[RP ad]Musee Des Merveilles

|Rules|Character List

Welcome to Musee des Merveilles, a gigantic building that holds several acclaimed museums, each holding a wide expanse of displays, attractions, etcetera. It takes a huge amount of staff to keep the whole system running smoothly to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of people who visit this world-renowned place.

There's La Galleria d'arte Belle, with over 200 paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art. The refined nature of this museum is accented by the beige marble flooring and elegant decor. There's a delicious cafe you can visit too, many people who eat there heartily recommend the food there...

The Museum of American History is remarkably in-depth and accurate, often providing information that other museums do not have, making it a great place to research for school projects. A large field nearby Musee des Merveilles hosts their Reenactments of moments of American History.

Das Museum der Naturgeschichte is a haven for artifacts, and archeologists alike, with state of the art labs for examining artifacts. Visitors can even watch some archeologists work on artifacts through glass display windows. The museum's pride and joy is a huge uncut Emerald, brimming with natural beauty.

Världshistorien examines the many world cultures, and their diverse histories. The visitors here are often culturally diverse, since this museum is so accommodating to foreign visitors, often having translations in at least 3 other languages. Unusually, there is a petting zoo with small, exotic animals like chinchillas.

So, what shall you do first? Are you a visitor, or a staff member? Nevertheless, you will surely enjoy yourself here...

|Rules|Character List

icey, norge

[RP ad] Circustalia

Home|Rules|Character List|Application Template

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may I have your attention please!

Welcome to the international circus! The clowns may be funny here, but this place is joke. Talented folks from all over the world come to hopefully find a place at the circus, but only a few succeed. Thanks to this, the circus is full of some pretty interesting people, who are the best of the best. Now, this place doesn't only attract a variety of talent, but also an international audience as well. Those who really want to have a good time come here as well and maybe they find themselves taken along for the ride. However, I digress.

Come one, come all, to Circustalia and let the fun begin!

Home|Rules|Character List|Application Template

DOGS- Badou:: Nap
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[FANFIC] Spamano

Title: Por Que? 
Author/Artist: Odorie/Dreipon
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Antonio/Spain x Lovino/Romano
Warnings: No nude. Kinda angsty. (and this is my first hetalia fanfiction, despite the fact I've been a long fan of it. So it prolly sucks @_@Please be nice. >_<)
Summary: Antonio was spitting his words and Lovino felt as if he was choking on it.

Click for Chapter 1~ ♥ 

[Fanfic] A Christmas Story: Catastrophe in 24 Acts (8/24)

Authors: Treyen and Blackrabbit
Beta: CrescentLilly
Characters: Ensemble. In this chapter: Finland, General Winter, the reindeer.
Pairings: mistletoe/world
Rating: T
Genre: adventure, comedy
Warnings: Mistletoe, ridiculously cute critters, blatant disregard for foreign holiday traditions, abuse of classical ballet, some cursing and a few OCs.
Summary: With only a few days to Christmas the Nations should be busy preparing for the party. Only no one is really feeling like it, and that kinda-crucially-important little Finn is nowhere to be found.

Previous parts | On

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This Time for Africa - A Cameroon FST

This Time for Africa - A Cameroon FST

01 K'Naan | Wavin Flag
02 Shakira | Waka Waka (This time for Africa)
03 Angelique Kidjo | Afirika
04 Johnny Clegg | Dela
05 Blaise Plant | The Sweetest Day
06 Angelique Kidjo | Tumba
07 Brandon Flowers | Crossfire
08 Velile & Safri Duo | Helele
09 Taio Cruz | Dynamite

It's a great mix of upbeat Rocksteady/African/Pop that will make any day a great day for Camerounaise Football! A few songs describe the state of Africa, but the angst is still filled with the joy of the people.
I listen to a lot of music like this and decided to share~ Hope you enjoy!

『 Cameroon fanart via 』
Nor sparkle
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[Fanfic] A not-so relaxing Fishing Trip (Netherlands and Norway)

Beta: none (pardon any fails, I try my best)
Characters: The Netherlands and Norway (mentions of others)
Pairings: none...unless you're wearing thick slash goggles
Rating: T-ish
Genre: comedy
Warnings: Pure crack written in the dead of the night. A kiss, reference to drugs and terribly lame humour
Summary: Netherland is on a fishing trip with Norway. Unfortunatley for him Norway has a tendency to atract certain creatures that like to cause mishief.

("The Nordics where far more insane than he had ever imagined they where. Suddenly Sweden's answer to where Norway, Iceland or Denmark where; when late for world meetings, made much more sense. The phrase 'Away with the fairies' was not some sort of hidden code for anything, they literally where away with the fairies...")

Crack fic after a midnight coversation with l_miya 

I blame her completey for this

Three powers!

Back at A-kon 21, my two friends and I had a private photoshoot with photographer Kuragiman. It was supposed to be Spain, Austria, England, and my girlfriend at the time, but she was unable to make it early that day/finish her cosplay, so it was just us three! More of a Spain/Austria shoot, since I had to run off for a performance right after a few pictures xD;;; Anyways, enjoy! ^^

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There are plenty more photos, which can be found
Austria and Spain are both made by Austria, England was bought ^-^

Thanks! :3

Purple Turkey
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[Official Site] Mochi Profiles

 Well, doesn't look like anyone's posted this yet, so here you go! Mochi- in color. And now a Japan!mochi.

Translations probably coming eventually. (I am going to sleep now, though, so hopefully someone else gets to it first.)

EDIT: America and Italy's are done, rest may come eventually. I don't really know as of now. (Probably has mistakes, please correct me.)

Japan translated by uminoiede

EDIT (Again.): Himaruya added some interesting information to the post. And raised my hopes for MORE MOCHI. Translation at the bottom of the post.

From here.

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