December 27th, 2010

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[Linking] New Community- Hetalia Fanservice

 Hey guys! I've created a new community, and I hope said community will do well.

What is the purpose of this community? Well, it was made to satisfy your... -cough- needs. Because every fan has some sort of need, and it's up to someone to give their services to them.

... wait, that sounded wrong. Let me try again. -ahem-

So this community is dedicated to fulfilling the 'needs' of fans who lack certain services...

... wait, that still sounded wrong.

Alright, it has something to do with fans... who need things... and said needs can only be filled through a service made just for fans...

You know what? I give up. I'll be blunt.

We're a fanservice community.

Yep. You read that right.

So if you want to join in all the awesomeness, then click the link below!

Hetalia Fanservice

America Love Advice

 Lil' late to the party, guys remember the Hetalia Magazine World Parade? Ya, I write for it, you've seen me around....

Let's just get this over wtih. xD It's for the Love Advice from America part of the magazine. >A> Done it for a while now.

Sooooo....can you sweet darling people send "America" some love letters? I'd really appreciate it! 8D

Send them to (Do not ask about the email...xD just don't.)

I hope to get lots of letters? ;A; (At least six please! @_@)

And remember...8D LOVE LETTERS! They make writing more lulzy...xD so go on and send 'em.
Let me paint you bella~!

3rd Christmas Event (6:04 AM We have moved, link in the header!)

!~*~The 3rd Day Christmas Event~*~!

We have moved to here:


Please include all further updates and comments spanning from the remainder to the end of this event here in this continuation post. This is an extension of the the Super Xmas Log-

NO OLD POSTS INCLUDED, except a few recently updated because of really long page, however, the last thread will also no longer be updated. Please continue looking here. For old posts, look at the above link.

Scanlations of the entire event are included, though, as well as images!

Also, please do not spam the comment box!! This is a place to update, comment, spazz, and fangirl about the event. NOT SPAM.

To spam, please head on down to:
(new Captalia thread; old one listed in comments)

This project is an extension of the last one, which was made to keep others from re-posting the same images and information over and over again, and also a compilation post of everything that is happening on Kitayume and Himaruya’s blog for easy access for those who miss out or enter into this event later. If you decide to still post elsewhere, please link back here.

However, because people are not very found of recaptcha, I decided to move the event to another post. I'm sorry if this causes any problems.

Like the last one, PLEASE keep everything in this third thread. We have to move, but the project's goal remains the same: Provide updates and  a place for people to talk about the event and for those who miss out. Thank you for understanding!

Enjoy Everyone, and Happy Holidays to All!

Information Below!




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Hetalia RP: World Summit

World Summit

               This is a Hetalia crack/serious RP. So far, the only characters we have are: Germany, Latvia, China, and Hungary aru.
           Please head here

All the information you need is there aru. So go there aru. like, now aru.
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In The Spirit Of Things.... (Read: I need suitcase space STAT)

You know what you shouldn't do? Get tispy and then attempt to count gachagacha. Will post the count tomorrow, waaaaaay too tipsy on a bottle of sake and two beers. I feel weightless~

As of 8:30, I will be buying at least 43 gachagacha tomorrow. :cries self to sleep: Nah, no worries, it's my parents' money, not mine. Just imagine the poor Japanese who are going to watch this crazy gaijin standing before a line of gachagacha machines putting a ton of money in one, haha.

BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW FROGS GO BOOM LA-DI-LA-DI-DA Oh, France is also avaliable. It's France, he's always avaliable.

EDITEDIT: No, wait, it's a pencil, that makes more sense....
I've decided, upon seeing how eager everyone is for free stuff with resale value that I'll be doing this until the end of the 1st of Janurary, whatever the fuck is standard time for Japan. That's 12 midnight JST (Japan Standard Time). Just follow the entry below.

EDIT: Oh, so the lipstick icon means edit.... that's so obvious, thanks LJ. You people have the posting speed of ninjas.
Anyway, my stock has been ... uh, 'sold out', however, if you still want one, feel free to drop me a message, it'll just take a little longer than the rest. My email address is (my mother made it for me when I was 12, so don't laugh for too long) so just email me with the mascot/dohickey/etc that you want and your mailing address. FYI, it's China, Chibitalia, HRE, Lichtenstein and Russia.

So, currently I'm an exchange student, in Japan, and I'm going home soon and therefore need suitcase space. However, I've got a few gachagacha/moblie phone do-hickies/mascots/what have yous, of the Hetalia persuasion. Seeing how as I fail at the whole internet money transaction thingy, and tis the season and all that crap, I have China, Chibitalia, HRE, Lichtenstein and Russia up for grabs for free.
Merry Christmas y'all!


And here we see a picture of the mascots in their natural habitat...

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Hong Kong - Smirk

[ROLEPLAY] Hetalia: X

It’s the year 3010, and for as long as anyone can remember, an untold war between humans and mutants has raged in the shadows of everyday life. Nobody knows how mutants came into existence, though rumours of a botched government experiment are often repeated. Fear and prejudice has forced mutants to live their lives in secret, skirting around the edges of society, trying desperately to hide their powers or else face exposure and ridicule from a judgmental world.

Recently, news of a community sympathetic to mutants has spread. Mutants from across the globe have travelled to
Galena City in hopes of finally being able to live amongst humans in peace. There’s even a large, live-in academy for young mutants to learn the usual curriculum as well as how to hone their abilities. Unbeknownst to the arriving mutants, several humans already living in Galena aren’t exactly eager to welcome their new neighbors...

+ Recently Opened Roleplay!
+ Inspired by the popular X-Men series (though NOT a direct crossover)
+ Many characters are still available to claim! We are currently seeking SPAINROME, the BALTICS and EASTERN EUROPEANS and FINLAND
+ Friendly, active, and experienced mods!
+ Crack-filled Chatbox RPs almost EVERY NIGHT!

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Fic Ballare chapter 2

Title: Ballare
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermany, S.Italy, EventualS.ItalyxFemGermany
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Romano didn't know when he could no longer hate Germany. Maybe it was when he found the hidden secret that Germany was actually a girl and he was entwined with her secret. And slowly love starts to bloom on the dance floor.

Chapter 1:

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Fallen Grace / Beato

Hetalia New Year's Party

You’re all invited to a… 

Hetalia New Year’s Party!
Let’s Celebrate the End of 2010 Togeth

 You are all invited to a New Year’s party at idle_ness's humble abode. You are welcome to bring a friend or two. There will be two entries on idle_ness’s journal that will be open to the public, one entry will be for individuals of the Hetalia community and the other for individuals of Tales of community. However, you may intermingle within both entries, there is no obligation to stick to one party if you don’t want to.

Who: Idle Ness
When: The time has changed for this party, due to lack of attendees I have made a decision, I will leave the party entry open all week. Feel free to drop by and comment or even start a nice conversation.

Purpose: To meet new friends within your favorite fandom and to just plain have fun. 

*Rules and commenting process have been posted to my journal. Come visit :D*

[fic] thinking of you thinking of him

Title: Thinking of You Thinking of Him
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Egypt, South Italy ;; Egypt/South Italy (implied past other relationships for them both)
Genre: Romance, Angst
Rating: T
Warnings: Angst, Kissing
Summary: Egypt is enjoying (?) his life as a lonely bachelor, until one fateful knock on his door changes his perspective on solitude.
Notes: Written for the exchange @ aphmediterraneo for luminitrium, the prompt being: Egypt comes home at night to find a nation he wouldn't expect staying over for whatever reason. I deviated a bit, but I am proud of the result!

x-posted @ aphmediterraneo, animusia, mistermoustache

Egypt rolls his eyes a little at the lazy old jackal, and puts the remote down before padding wordlessly over to the door. When he opens it, he is moderately surprised to find out who it is.
♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[FANFIC] Office!AU - Prussia/England

Title: The lives of two rather unambitious office workers; one Prussian, one English.
Author: leriacossato @ ultio_ultionis
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Prussia ; England ; Others ; platonic Prussia/England ; mentioned France/Seychelles
Warning(s): Prussia being a pervert over Ukraine.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They work on the fiftieth floor of the largest office complex downtown, pretending to file accounts and photocopy documents but in actual fact not doing a whole lot. Written for my wonderfully derpy friend sonofon for Christmas.

( ❝ Gilbert thinks Arthur dwells too much on the past and that he needs to lighten up and let them go. Arthur thinks Gilbert sticks his nose into other people's business far too much and that he has no sense of decency. ❞ )

♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[FANFIC] Infinite - Turkey/Greece

Title: Infinite
Author: leriacossato @ ultio_ultionis
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Greece ; Turkey ; Turkey/Greece
Warning(s): A little sexual content, thoughts of violence [nothing major]
Summary: A short little glimpse into the lives of Turkey and Greece and their strange relationship. Written for my fellow derp m_nemonica for Christmas.
Rating: PG-13

( ❝ Sadık bites Greece and Heracles kicks Turkey and it seems like this battle never ends, that they are destined to fight for eternity and beyond; two gods with histories written in blood. ❞ )


[Cosplay] USUK Bath Time Fun

"I followed you around the world"
Author/Artist: Members of Awkward Cosplay
Character(s) or Pairing(s): U.S + England
Rating: NSFW? Everything is covered..but...awkward amounts of skin are shown  :B
Warnings: Two men in a bathtub. 
Summary: Alfred and Arthur bathing. Funny faces included.
A/N: I'm not sure what to rate this, honestly.  Give me a heads up if it's more pg-13-ish, would appreciate it. 

Nostalgia 16/?

Title: Nostalgia 16/?
Genre: Romance, Humor, Angst
Warning: Rated T for: Insults, Swearing, OC's, implied sexual situations,
Characters and Pairings: USUK and slight UK/OC
Summary: In his dreams he is not Arthur. He is called England. As England, he remembers the excitement of playful arguments, the sadness of misunderstandings and the warmth of loving companionship and friendship. But, as England he also remembers death. The darkness that engulfed him. It is in that darkness he is awoken. FAIL SUMMARY
This chapter: Bad Brothers Trio reunited
( " Looks like the Bad Brothers Trio is back!" )
( 1 )( 2 )( 3 )( 4 )( 5 )( 6 )( 7 )( 8 )( 9 )( 10 )( 11 )( 12 ) ( 13 )( 14 )( 15 ) ( )

APH: Stand by me (BRAND NEW) (Literate RPG)


It was 2012 and the world seemed to be in perfect balance. Each time something bad happened the super powers were there to stop the problem before it became too serious. Everyone seemed to be happy learning from their mistakes in the past. Ultimate peace...until one mistake brought the world to the brink of a third world war.

This time it would be much worse. Nuclear weapons were being aimed and buttons minutes away from being pressed. Minutes turned into seconds there was a moment where the world stood still hoping and praying that the end wouldn't actually come.

However in that silence the world didn't end. A new beginning was given. The clock turned back and a new chance was given...

The year was 1941. Pearl Harbor had just been attacked and The United States just entered the war. Nobody can remember what will happen next and its as if the future had never happened.

Who will join the war next and the major question on everyone mind is how will it end and who will win?

and we'll make this future right



Hetalia Global Cosplay Video

collect photos and videos from Hetalia cosplayers all around the world
Long, long ago, on October of last year, a project was started. To and compile them into this one video, similar to "Where the Hell is Matt?". It's been over a year now, and after months of frantic gathering, APHCosplayVid is proud to present the fruits of our labor.


We present to you:


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Note: All this footage was from 2008-2009.
If your photo was featured but you were not given credit, please send us a PM
It was difficult to include all of the photos and videos and we apologize if you did not see yours featured