January 11th, 2011

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

[FANART] I apologize for the Crack...

TITLE: It's So Fluffeh!!!!!
Character: IGGY (Arthur) ENGLAND
Crossover: Despicable Me
Summary: Sorry, it just had to be done.

Arthur Kirkland and Hetalia is not mine
Despicable Me isn't mine either.

Just the warped sense of humor belongs to me.
5 minute doodle is also mine, you can tell it only took five minutes. I did it for the joke, not the art.

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Title: Despicable Ivan
Characters: Ivan, Lithuania, Lativa, Estonia
Crossover: Despicable Me
Summary: Sorry, another crossover that *HAD TO BE DONE*, Because it just had to be damn it because I said so.

Ivan, Toris, Eduard and Raivis (Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia) are not mine... No matter how many stars I wish upon.

Despicable Me isn't mine either.

But this crack is unfortunately mine. I'm sorry.

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[roleplay] Hetalia In The World gen 2. //PLAYBOY (AKA PORN) AND VICTORIAN TIMES THEMES


This is my invitation to all of you in hetalia community.

You are invited to check out our websites:

Germany (head mod): http://www.plurk.com/burusuto
Denmark (me) (co-mod):
Lovi (Secretary!mod):

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[Fanart] Cold War Pair

First artwork of the year! Well it took me something like 3.5 weeks from idea to research to references-drawing to this, but it's worth it! 

Click on preview for full-pic link! 

Author/Artist: phyloph 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, America
Rating: G
Warnings: Um... scary guns and implied off-kilter nations?
Summary: Mutually Assured Destruction. Because there needs to be more non-sexual Cold War fanart.

Click me!
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[Selling and Sharing] Plushies I made. Commisions are welcome!

Hi there! I'm back, again, spamming your community, you know, the regular! Again, I'm selling AWESOME plushies, so come and take a gander. I can't believe I just said gander.

Below is a link to my journal, because even though I can get into medical school, I can not however, make an lj cut.


The font is huge becasue I am blind. Yeahhhhhhhh

Try me.

Hetalia Calamity

When December 21, 2012 passed without any incident, people dropped the idea of an apocalypse striking any time soon. No one thought that what was perceived to be the end would actually be the beginning, and so, they remained clueless. The weather grew increasingly worse, but the change was so gradual that hardly anyone noticed.

That was when the apocalypse that people had expected of 2012, the violent and instantaneous destruction, struck.

There was fire and brimstone, sharp winds and violent twisters, rising waters and unbreakable ice. When the devastation, the calamity, was over, there was nothing but death; silence. Resources were so low that even the few survivors had trouble sustaining themselves. And so, the people looked around, and did what was logical.

They took from others.

Suddenly, self-preservation wasn't the only thing to worry about as men, women, and children alike crossed international borders to pillage and raid surviving villages. No matter how the nations begged and pleaded, the people did not listen.

They wanted to survive.

And thus, the calamity continued.

We have an MSN chat group, created and used specifically by the members of Hetalia Calamity. Upon being accepted, you'll be invited to the group.

PlotRaidsMessage SystemCharacter ListApplicationRules

[roleplay] Hospitalia

After an activity check, we are looking for a few of new people! We would love a new America, France, Rome, Poland, and some of the ladies!

The RulesThe Character ListPatient ApplicationStaff Application

Hospitals are a stressful place. No matter if you are a doctor a doctor or nurse, or you find yourself unfortunate enough to be a patient. Even just being a visitor for a few hours can bring its own heartache. Welcome to Axis Memorial Hospital. Located in the heart of a small city in California, it is normally busy with people coming in and out. Hospitals don't run themselves though. It is up for doctors of all ages and backgrounds to come together for the better of the residents of their town.

Everyone has their own stories to tell, no matter if they are hired there, or are unfortunate enough to have to take up residence in one of the wards. Still, it doesn't have to be all depressing stories. Some can end happy. Staff members do their best to make sure of it, no matter how difficult it may be. It is their job to make everyone who visits feel safe and comfortable, and most of all give them the treatment they need. Most of them get along rather well, and can maybe even be friends outside of the job.The hospital itself has a friendly atmosphere, though it is a bit old. What secrets lie within?

Unlike most hospitals, Axis Memorial Hospital doesn't kick patients out until they have made either a fully recovery, or can live on with their lives as normally as possible.
We have an active chatbox, with a nice little family of members who would love to meet you!

The RulesThe Character ListPatient ApplicationStaff Application
Al & eagle
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[Selling] One Coin Figures

Hey all! I am selling a set of the one coin figures, vol. 2. All are from a non-smoking home and come packaged in their original boxes. Boxes have been opened to verify contents. Shipping is included in the price, and I will ship anywhere. Payments via paypal only please!

Feel free to check my ebay feedback under littleraeofsunshine

$18 each
HRE & Chibitalia

$15 each
>>These 2 figures were former ebay purchases and have been displayed. They will be shipped in their original box and packaging.

Update!! Greece and Hungary are still up for grabs!

[Selling] Japan One Coin and Spain/Romano tote bag

Hey everybody!

I'm selling a Japan figurine and a hanpainted tote bag featuring Spain and Romano with a bunch of tomatoes!

If you hop into my journal here, I've got that and many more things from other series that you might be interested in.
There is a lot of cool things there, so you should totally give it a look!

[Pokemon ♪ Ratata]

[Event] Chester Hetalia Meet

What?: January Hetalia North-West meet
When: Saturday, 15th January, 2011 (yeah, this is very short notice, oops >< )
Where?: Chester train station, Chester
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=180928551938986

More info:
Hetalia North-West will be holding a January meet on Saturday, 15th of January. We'll be walking around Chester, will grab some lunch, and whatever else others want to do. The meet atmosphere is generally relaxed and care-free. If it's your first time to Chester, you will be impressed at the beautiful period architexture mixed in with Roman walls and remains!

Cosplay is encouraged, but not necessary. Partial cosplay is also fine.

If you have more ideas for what we can do, let me know!

As usual, the meet will start around 11am and finish before 6pm (though I will be there around 10.30am for any early birds).

DeviantArt Community http://hetalianwuk.deviantart.com/
Livejournal Page: hetalia_nw

Looking for fans...

Hallo! awesomeprussian here under another account. Mods! please let me know if this isn't allowed.

I was considering putting together a meet, but as I am now in college, I'm up in the UP of Michigan Marquette, to be exact. Northern Michigan Uni. I'm just curious if there are other Hetalia fans in or around the area. This is also my attempt to make friends. So... yeah. Any fans in the area so I know if it's worth making a meet...?
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Hetalia Vol 2 #1 The New York Times Best Selling Manga

I don't know if this has been posted, but Hetalia Axis Powers Volume 2 is #1  in the nytimes best selling manga this week.



This was also posted on Tokyopop's twitter page with an article

✎ just look at that sunset

[fic - it was not meant that we should voyage far, 6/?]

Title: It was not meant that we should voyage far. [6/?]
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia/Echo Bazaar
Characters: Every nation ever at one point or another. This part: Ireland, America, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium, and a few random extras.
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter.
Summary: An Echo Bazaar crossover AU. Fallen London: once capital of the British Empire, now home of the Bazaar, a mile underground and a boat ride away from Hell itself. Deep. Dark. Expensive. Marvellous. Here you can find everything from immortality, to unnervingly good mushroom wine.

Or so the stories go.

But stories can rarely be trusted, and all the wildest stories in the world couldn’t have prepared Alfred and Matthew Jones for what they would find when they descended into the fallen city on a journey that would lead them right into the heart of a rebellion against the Masters of the Bazaar themselves…
Word Count: This part: 4298.
Notes: BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER, I should note that the Australia I write is a female OC belonging to a friend of mine, who made her up before we had any idea there was a canon one. I’ve grown too attached to writing her to really give her up, so if you have problems with a non-canon Aussie, feel free to stop reading here, I don’t mind. ^^; A-anyway! As always, the continuation of the long haul that started as my NaNo project for last year. :'> The title is from an HP Lovecraft quote, “We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” Also, good grief, the Isles Siblings actually vaguely get on in this AU. Madness, I tell you.
Warnings: General warnings: A crossover with a (very addictive) online game, a lot of speculation and elaboration on my part on the universe of that game, human!AU, the occasional bit of 1800s sensibilities, and later on in the fic, a lot of OCs. :’> This chapter: NaNo quality writing, some OCs, and a non-canon Australia.

(As always, fake cut to my writing journal~)
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Hetalia Characters-themed Menu?

Hello, I have some request :)

I remembered there was an event where some Hetalia characters-themed dishes and desserts were sold.. Was it the movie premiere or some event related to the movie?

the picture of the menu was shared in a .pdf format in the community a while ago. I lost the one I had downloaded, I wonder if you can help me find the link of the menu again.

thank you so much for your help!

Mods, please tell me if this isn't allowed. :)

...and I'm not really sure what I should tag this.