January 14th, 2011

England uniform

[Fanfic] Two Short Fics~

Title: Always
Author: thoughtscrime
Characters: England and Scotland, mentions of other brothers
Rating: PG?
Warnings: Brother bullying? Also I don't have any headcanon on Scotland so enjoy some kids. Also ~fake cut~
Description: alfredishere on tumblr asked for "England, Scotland - Childhood!" as a drabble-request so here have it.

( They’d always teased him. All of them. If you could call teasing getting rocks thrown at your head and being chased until you ran so far south you were nearly at the ocean again. )

Title: Triage
Author: thoughtscrime
Characters: Denmark, Sweden, Norway (hints of Denmark/Norway, not-so-hints of Denmark crushing on Sweden)
Rating: PG-13 due to almost thoughts?
Warnings: Um. Mentions of a teenage Denmark's wanting Sweden to do more than just hang out with him?
Description: tinediserp requested "….Denmark gets his hair cut short and it actually looks awesome?"

( It was rare for Denmark to have a moment alone with his taller brother... )

[Fanfiction] A Garden of Decaying Flowers

Title: A Garden of Decaying Flowers
Chapter 2: Romance of Two Generations
Part 2.2: Letters

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairings (in this vignette): EnglandxPortugal, FrancexJeanneD’Arc, (in the whole story): AmericaxEngland (main), AmericaxRussia, AmericaxVarious, CanadaxUkraine. 
Warning: AU, deviations from canon characterisation

Summary: Whereby a young boy entered the Castle long, long ago, rose and fell in power, gave away his heart to two men, and waited for death in that Castle.

Link: All hells have broken loose.

Previous chapters: Prologue          Chapter 1

BACK IN THE DAYS - a hetalia superpower gakuen

 The site is going wonderful right now and we'd love for you to join! Here are some of the characters we don't have yet: GERMANY HUNGARY, SWEDEN, GREECE, TURKEY, WY, AUSTRALIA, POLAND, VIETNAM, SEALAND. . .

When we think of 'boarding school' we think of small dorm rooms, rebellious teenagers, and of course strict teachers. When we think boarding schools they are just normal schools, with normal people, and normal education. But what they serve in ASHER ACADEMY isn't average, and defiantly doesn't just have 'normal' people. You see all around the world an outbreak of strange things began to happen. People started gaining powers. Extraordinarily powers. Something not a normal person could do. At first these people lived in harmony with the others. Some, not even knowing they had the power. Some, even becoming super heroes of the city-- while some, even super villains. It was like superman, but in real life. But in the difference with superman, they never really do tell you what happens afterwards. Dating, Marrying, Having kids.

All in all, a good show to watch but you wonder...What happens to these kids when they get older? Do they grow up normally like normal kids? Do they fear of themselves because of their powers? Or even...will they use their powers for evil? There's only one simple answer for these questions. Asher Academy. Yes. Since teenagers and kids are just how they are, we know they can't control their themselves nor their powers. Cases of death, manipulation, and even blackmail were spotted in normal schools by these kids, and unlike their parents...they probably weren't known as the 'super heroes' of the city. So thanks to the help of elderly super heroes, Asher Academy was created.

In a hidden part of Florida, there was a c school just for these kids to be when they turn 12. In Asher Academy they are taught how to control their powers, and even understand others to protect themselves. Some come out a brave intelligent super hero, while the others come out as genius greedy super villains and sidekicks. Like any other school they deal the same drama, fights, and lectures you'd see in any other school. Just be sure not to break a leg, cause here, you probably could.

So what do you say? Who are you going to be in Asher Academy?






Selling various Hetalia related merch, including rubber straps, movic mascots and more!

I still have N.Italy, Liechtenstien, Switzerland, Estonia, Seychelles, and Sealand Movic Mascots up for grabs! Not only that, but I have all rubber straps avalible except for England, Canada, and America. I also have a Russia and China Metal Charms! Click the link/picture for prices~

( Click here or the picture above for prices, shipping, etc. and more! )

Thanks for looking!
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Lesser Known Nations

Sorry for the silly (and probably dumb) question, but I'm having some trouble finding a list (and designs) of some of the lesser known nations. I've largely been out of the Hetalia loop for about half a year, so there are some new characters I cannot find/am not even sure if they're canon (Macau? New Zealand?) and probably some older ones that no one remembers (basically: all of Africa minus Egypt and Seychelles, some random Eastern Europe and Asian countries...).

The Hetalia wikis seem rather out of date. I can't find newer characters like the the new South Asian ones that were introduced alongside Portugal... Already I can't remember their names.

Any help? In short I'd just like someone to tell me the lesser known/new nations with canon designs. :'D
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[Fanfic] Agressivly Diplomatic Ch 3 [NorwayxBelarus]

Agressivly Diplomatic
Author: Me
Beta: none (pardon any fails, I try my best)
Characters: Norway, Belarus , Russia, Ukraine and mentions of others
Pairings:  NorwayxBelarus
Rating: T (rating might go up in later chapters)
Genre: Drama/Romance
Warnings: Jealousy, kissing and some oddly calm arguments
Summary: What is suposed to be a diplomatic meeting with Russia turns into something Norway wasn't quite expecting. Because while he knows Russia fairly well - his sister's are a mystery, and aparantly...a threat

Ch 1
Ch 2

Ch  3:
Belarus concluded that if the idiot male nation didn't drink as much coffee as he did, he'd smell like heaven.

Hope you like it~  <3
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Fic: The Highwayman [FrAme]

De-Anon, indeed.
Author: helikesitrough 
Original fill @: http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/18439.html?thread=65157383#t65157383
Rating: T
Characters: France/America, one-sided Canada/America, England
Warnings: Based off of the Highwayman. Thus: Character death. And mild cursing. And character d-e-a-t-h. You don't get a happy ending! Also pretty long.

I'm also a loser that doesn't know how to work the cuts, so a link back to my journal is below.

Who's a classy link? YOU ARE!
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War_Z {RP}

Are You Prepared

For the war of your life? This RP community is not for the faint of heart. war_z is an AU, Hetalia RP set during the Zombie Apocalypse. Infected? Not infected? You will find yourself fighting for your life against the most ruthless, tireless of enemies: the zombie.

"Funny, how it always starts with rats.

They’re the perfect test subjects- short-lived, small, virtually brainless, and extraordinarily easy to breed. It was in the fleas of rats that the Black Plague spread; it was through the bite of a rat that rabies exploded.

The perfect vectors.

They were testing rabies vaccinations. There was a particularly violent, resistant strain making itself known, and the vaccinations were not working effectively. People were getting sick.
Something had to be done.

They were expecting a quick fix- a simple change in the virus in the vaccine’s compounds

They hadn’t expected anything out of the ordinary to occur."

Collapse )
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[RP ad] Circustalia

We're hoping to get lots of active users, since we really only have two at the moment. We still have lots of characters open and we're friendly! Please, come join.

Home|Rules|Character List|Application Template

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may I have your attention please!

Welcome to the international circus! The clowns may be funny here, but this place is no joke. Talented folks from all over the world come to hopefully find a place at the circus, but only a few succeed. Thanks to this, the circus is full of some pretty interesting people, who are the best of the best. Now, this place doesn't only attract a variety of talent, but also an international audience as well. Those who really want to have a good time come here as well and maybe they find themselves taken along for the ride. However, I digress.

Come one, come all, to Circustalia and let the fun begin!

Home|Rules|Character List|Application Template

Looking for...

(Am I allowed to do this? I dunno... Gonna try. Don't smite me, GodMods.)


I am looking for someone who roleplays Austria (Roderich Edelstein) who likes the pairing PrussiaxAustria. I'm on a forum that needs an Austria (it's a Hetalia Canon and a Historical Canon board--depends on what the thread is about/RPers want, so it's fairly open) and I'd really, really like to get an Austria who likes PruAus. That'd be really awesome.

Sooo... Is anyone out there a PruAus fan? The board is new. I'm the Prussia/Head-admin. I added a link below for possible Austrias to look around.

*prays to get one*

icey, norge

[RP ad] Musee Des Merveilles

We still have a lot of characters open and we're always looking for new roleplayers~

|Rules|Character List

Welcome to Musee des Merveilles, a gigantic building that holds several acclaimed museums, each holding a wide expanse of displays, attractions, etcetera. It takes a huge amount of staff to keep the whole system running smoothly to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of people who visit this world-renowned place.

There's La Galleria d'arte Belle, with over 200 paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art. The refined nature of this museum is accented by the beige marble flooring and elegant decor. There's a delicious cafe you can visit too, many people who eat there heartily recommend the food there...

The Museum of American History is remarkably in-depth and accurate, often providing information that other museums do not have, making it a great place to research for school projects. A large field nearby Musee des Merveilles hosts their Reenactments of moments of American History.

Das Museum der Naturgeschichte is a haven for artifacts, and archeologists alike, with state of the art labs for examining artifacts. Visitors can even watch some archeologists work on artifacts through glass display windows. The museum's pride and joy is a huge uncut Emerald, brimming with natural beauty.

Världshistorien examines the many world cultures, and their diverse histories. The visitors here are often culturally diverse, since this museum is so accommodating to foreign visitors, often having translations in at least 3 other languages. Unusually, there is a petting zoo with small, exotic animals like chinchillas.

So, what shall you do first? Are you a visitor, or a staff member? Nevertheless, you will surely enjoy yourself here...

|Rules|Character List

it&#39;s okey

[Actors needed!]

My friend and I want to film some Hetalia skits, but we don't have enough people. If anyone in the L.A. area wants to collaborate with us, just send a message! (We already have an America, but we can always use a spare!)

Right now we have one completed skit, and only need a Prussia and a Germany to film. (If you have two identical recorders, that would be helpful too.)
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Discussion: Hetalia IRL

Posting a discussion for the first time ;^; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let this turn into a wank or I will cry D: *lays the guilt on thick*

So, does anyone else get a kick out of seeing politicians interact with each other? They may be extremely important figures, but they still have time to sing 'Blueberry Hill' (Putin), go out for fast food (Obama and Medvedev), and buddy it up (Berlusconi and Putin. Why is it always Putin? Putin, are you still working? /just kidding.) So, ever see a politician do something that resembles a Hetalia character? Share any and all (appropriate) thoughts 8D

(Mods, if you feel this isn't a safe topic, please delete. And everyone, please remember to be respectful! Big Brother is watching!)
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[Accepting Applications] Toast of the World - A Hetalia Web-paper!

 Posting again because there's only one week left to get your applications in. So if you're interested, please please please, let us know. If you don't feel like you can get your application in within the week, let us know and we may be willing to grant an extension. We need all the help we can get, people!

Say hello to Toast of the World, your Hetapaper for all your Hetaneeds.

Toast of the World is a newly starting web-paper for the Hetalia fandom. Our stories will be written BY the characters more than about them. Rather than seeing the world from a fan’s perspective, we here at Toast of the World prefer to see the world from the world’s perspective.

But in order for this bad boy to get on its feet and running, we need to add a few more people to our ranks. Namely, we will be hiring four writers, two editors, and two artists to be part of our team.

(Click here to figure out how YOU can become a part of Toast of the World)

[fanfic] two d-d-drabbbbbles

TITLE: i'm just way too tired
AUTHOR: hierarchy
PAIRING: spain/romano
RATING: pg-13
SUMMARY: the tenderest kisses break the hardest of hearts: set after a birthday party. romano acknowledges his own feelings for the first time.

he doesn't feel himself blink, nor does he feel himself frown as he stares into the spaniard's hopeless, happy eyes.

TITLE: everything gets mixed
AUTHOR: hierarchy
PAIRING: france/spain
SUMMARY: alors tu vois, comme tout se mêle: france asks spain a question.

a chuckle comes from francis, but it's a small, sad laugh. antonio doesn't notice, he never does.

TsukiSales Doujinshi Sale!

Sup, comm! I'm in a need for cash and space and have loads of Hetalia doujinshi for sale!

America/Japan (x8) (by tec, JKS, tec + JKS, Chaton, Nurutto, Sushiya and Kaikoku Zenya)
England/Japan anthology (x2)
Spain/Romano (x1) (by TOKIMOOON)
Pussia/Romano (x1) (by gunjuice)
Russia/China (x1) (by give)
Oucasts 3P (America/Japan/England) anthology (x1) 
Potato Sandwich 3P (Germany/Italy/Prussia) anthology (x1)

It's all here in tsukisales! Here's my feedback page!

I hope to see you there!

Sorry if you see multiples of my posts on your FL!

yao dragon
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[Fanfic] 2 Fictions - Nordics and Asians

Wish List

Beta: ChinaDolly_89
Characters: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark
Pairings:  Sweden X Finland - Denmark X Norway X Iceland
Rating: T
Genre: Romance?? Christmas gift
Warnings: Perverted Denmark warning XD
Summary: Finland is doing is last check before it's Christmas evening, but then he find a wish list that is giving him some trouble.

Collapse )

Torn Apart

Author: Me
Beta: sithmarauder
Characters: China, Hong Kong, England, Japan, Taiwan, Korea
Pairings:  Non..
Rating: T
Genre: angst
Warnings: Angst
Summary: On the end of the opium war, England took over Hong Kong.

Collapse )
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[FANART] Three for the Price of One!


Feliks Riding Bareback like Fer Sure!
Boobies Need Own Zip Code
Hercules Crack Tease

CHARACTERS: Poland, Ukraine and Greece Respectively

RATING: Fairly Tame but still NSFW for the most part. 


Collapse )

Nostalgia 24/?

Title: Nostalgia 24/?
Genre: Romance, Humor, Angst
Warning: Rated T for: Insults, Swearing, OC's, implied sexual situations,
Characters and Pairings: USUK and slight UK/OC
Summary: In his dreams he is not Arthur. He is called England. As England, he remembers the excitement of playful arguments, the sadness of misunderstandings and the warmth of loving companionship and friendship. But, as England he also remembers death. The darkness that engulfed him. It is in that darkness he is awoken. FAIL SUMMARY
This chapter: Distractions
( " HEY! I'M NOT FAT! " )
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( FF.net )

World Council: GRAND RE-OPENING!

Posted Image

The world is a place of constant change; although people live and die everyday, a handful of new faces have always replaced those we've lost. But eyes of old have stood on the earth's soil since their creation and watched the world pass by. They've seen the good and the bad, war and peace, carefully keeping themselves hidden while at the same time are embedded deep within all that has happened. Some have conquered while others have been less then prosperous, but at one point, even they had their moments to shine. The nations of the world have acted as the guardians of their people, carefully leading them through life without being thanked even once, because their existence was only officially known to each other.

Still, just because one is a nation doesn't mean they are any less human than anyone else. They have lives and emotions, likes and dislikes, and despite being the embodiment of their people, all hold unique personalities that glimmer in their own way. From the good to the bad, each nation continues to watch over the people within, while still maintaining their own day to day lives.

★ Grand Re-Opening! The board is just like new!
★ All Skill-Levels Welcome
★ Original Characters Welcome [Countries and Micro-Nations only, please!]
★ Relaxed Atmosphere
★ Friendly Staff
★ Character Development Encouraged
★ Hetalia Canon and Historical Canon (A small AU section has been added for those who feel like an AU thread but don't want an entire board for it.)
★ A visually appealing and easy-to-navigate layout~

★ The Board's Prussia would very much like an Austria who is a PruAus fan

Axis Powers Hetalia: World Council
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Questions for Russia cosplayers

Hey all! I hope this is allowed, but I have some questions for those that cosplay. I'm hoping on going to FanimeCon this May, assuming I get the time off from work (cross your fingers for me!), and I'm going as Russia.

- How do you get your scarves to stay on your shoulders? I have a thin cosplay scarf that never stays in place. Do you pin it, or just deal with always putting it back in place?

- Where do you get his green pants? The last two times I cosplayed Russia I wore blue jeans because that was all I had, and it looked bad. I don't want to spend a lot of money on something I'm only going to wear maybe twice per year, so I'd like it to also be wearable for the rest of the year.

- I finally have a Soviet Union flag! Last year at Fanime I had a flag on a metal pole that the peace bonder said would be okay to take out, and then I was told by another staff member that the pole had to go, or else I'd be kicked out. For those that have used flags: What do you use for the pole, and how do you attach it?

Again, if this isn't allowed, mods, feel free to delete.