January 21st, 2011


[Fanfic] Educating America 6

Title: Educating America
Author: coffeefate
: Humor/Romance(?)
Characters/Pairings: America, Romano. Some background pairings in passing.
Ratings/Warnings: PG13 for language, I guess. Rapid tense change. Awkwardness!
Summary: America wants to get to know Romano better. Romano just wants to fix the idiot's tastebuds.
Notes: Again, I'm not sure how this works yet, so if I screw anything up, just let me know.



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Try me.

Hetalia Calamity

(New: War & Conquest! Members of Hetalia Calamity are now given the option to wage wars and conquer other nations.)
When December 21, 2012 passed without any incident, people dropped the idea of an apocalypse striking any time soon. No one thought that what was perceived to be the end would actually be the beginning, and so, they remained clueless. The weather grew increasingly worse, but the change was so gradual that hardly anyone noticed.

That was when the apocalypse that people had expected of 2012, the violent and instantaneous destruction, struck.

There was fire and brimstone, sharp winds and violent twisters, rising waters and unbreakable ice. When the devastation, the calamity, was over, there was nothing but death; silence. Resources were so low that even the few survivors had trouble sustaining themselves. And so, the people looked around, and did what was logical.

They took from others.

Suddenly, self-preservation wasn't the only thing to worry about as men, women, and children alike crossed international borders to pillage and raid surviving villages. No matter how the nations begged and pleaded, the people did not listen.

They wanted to survive.

And thus, the calamity continued.

We have an MSN chat group, created and used specifically by the members of Hetalia Calamity. Upon being accepted, you'll be invited to the group.

Many canons are still up for grabs, including Germany, Prussia, Russia, Denmark, Spain, the Italies, the Asians, and more!

PlotRaidsWar & Conquest ♔ Message SystemCharacter ListApplicationRules
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Fanart: Asian Choir

Title: "Asian Choir"
Author: J.J.
Characters: Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Tibet.</i>
Warning: None.
Notes: After the Japanese version, the Russian version, English version, the Baltic version, the German version and the Italian version here there's the Asian version.
Rating: G
Summary: ChibiMongolia, ChibiVietnam, ChibiChina, ChibiHong Kong, ChibiThailand, ChibiTaiwan, ChibiSouth Korea and ChibiTibet sing for you.

( Asian Choir )

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[Chapterfic] The Faerie Path 1/4 (USxUK)

Good day, everyone. :)

Title: The Faerie Path [FF.NET]
Author: haro
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AmericaxEngland
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Sir Alfred of Earncynn never believed his mother's tales of magic and the faerie folk, until he came face to face with their world upon encountering Arthur Kirkland, a prisoner of the fae. Based loosely on The Ballad of Tam Lin. Romance/AU. De-anon from the kink meme.

( Right idiotic you all are, following a pixie-light like that... )


[Discussion/question] Military Costumes

Lets get some back-story out of the way first. I am from America but go to a con in Canada.  Its my only con since I am a poor poor person, and I like to look nice for it.

Last year I went as Canada, Casual for both ease of transport and the reason that I bring this up (more on that in a moment) and I felt a little out of place. I was impressed and overwhelmed by the awesome cosplays for hetalia. (so much so I went a little stupid on the second day but lets not get into that *embaressed* )  This got driven home when I was told the "better' canada was looking for me. So I vowed to impress my host next year with a better outfit.

Anyway  time turns and season pass and it comes time for me to save up for con and arrange my outfit. I of course wanted to do a Military canada (that is the little brown bomber jacket the googles ect.) and told my friends so (who admitedly aren't  biiiiig on hetalia, but a couple are and the actual reaction was similar).

There reaction was shock and horror.

I guess I should explain that when I live the military is an honourable and respected institution and that to wear a military out fit of any kind unless you are a) reenacting or b) part of the actual military, is considered wrong and disrespectful. I have to admit In the back of my mind I have the same feelings at times, and I prefer casual cosplay and historic  cosplay. I guess it was kind of ingrained.

Back to my issue though: I want to know if I should attempt to get Canada's out fit or stick with one that's less likely to stir up controversy? Suggestions for how to differentiate? 

p.s. not part of the problem but I might just Play America if I can't go as canada.

[Anime] World Series Episode 41 Preview + Audio

The new episode is an adaption of The Revenge of Medieval England's Hair & Clothes


Rough Translation:

In 11th Century Europe girly long, frilly tunics are extremely popular! Admiring France's silky hair, England tried to grow out his own.

Not quite sure how to translate the third last sentence, sorry... Please correct mistakes.

Audio @ Nicovideo: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13365886
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[fic - it was not meant that we should voyage far, 8/?]

Title: It was not meant that we should voyage far. [8/?]
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia/Echo Bazaar
Characters: Every nation ever at one point or another. This part: Australia, England, Hong Kong, Northern Ireland, Belgium.
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter.
Summary: An Echo Bazaar crossover AU. Fallen London: once capital of the British Empire, now home of the Bazaar, a mile underground and a boat ride away from Hell itself. Deep. Dark. Expensive. Marvellous. Here you can find everything from immortality, to unnervingly good mushroom wine.

Or so the stories go.

But stories can rarely be trusted, and all the wildest stories in the world couldn’t have prepared Alfred and Matthew Jones for what they would find when they descended into the fallen city on a journey that would lead them right into the heart of a rebellion against the Masters of the Bazaar themselves…
Word Count: This part: 2879
Notes: Once again, the continuation of the long haul that started as my NaNo project for last year. :'> The title is from an HP Lovecraft quote, “We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.”
Warnings: General warnings: A crossover with a (very addictive) online game, a lot of speculation and elaboration on my part on the universe of that game, human!AU, the occasional bit of 1800s sensibilities, and later on in the fic, a lot of OCs. :’> This chapter: NaNo quality writing, a non-canon Australia and slightly choppy divisions between chapters, but I couldn’t work out a better way to slice things up.

(Fake cut as always~)



Sure, you could browse Pixiv for your OTP or get your daily fangirling lulz through tumblr and conclude by the end of the day that you really got to enjoy your fandom, but why stop at that when you could connect with Hetalia in a way you never have before? Every wonder what kind of love advice America would give? In the mood for some funny and creative articles about your favorite characters? Every wanted to ask Russia anything? How about keeping up with your current events through Hetalia-fied lens? Do you love absorbing little historical tidbits or playing brain teasers? There’s a free, online magazine that includes all of these things right here with your username on it. All these pages are colorfully and skillfully designed so you’ll never have to suffer a dull moment.

Made for fans by fans, World Parade is your connection to your Hetalia and all of its amazing quirks and characters – so my only question is, why not?

Issue includes: England being the maid, a chilling creepypasta, interview with Podtalia, learning to deal with 'haters gon hate', fireworks from around the world, the Hetalians as humans and more!

Hetalia Plurk RP AD

Hello there~!

Yes, another advertisement for Hetalia RP group that needs/wants/accepts (more) new members~.

We're pretty small group so far, so there are pleny of characters available :3 Maybe even your favourite character!

We'll be glad to accept you in~ Just have an open mind and try to have some fun with us. We'd love to have you plurking with us and I'm certain you'd find it fun as well. ;3 We're pretty nice people and you can ask us anything and so on. 

The rules, character list and applications are under this sentence. :) Much love to anyone who is willing to join!

Characters  - ApplicationsRules

[Fanfic] The Wolf and Lion

Title: The Wolf and Lion
Author: MorriganFearn
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sweden, Denmark
Warnings: Strong language, minor violence, attempts at insinuating a sexual relationship to mess with Sweden's head
Summary: November 1632. Sweden tries to drown the sorrows of victory in a bar outside Bärwalde, Brandenburg-Prussia. Denmark tries to sympathize, and a fight ensues. Or maybe it was the other way around. A Thirty Years' War interlude with fail!bromance included.

[fanart] A couple of ARTS!

Title: Germany and Italy, Russia
Author/Artist: The--Camster
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Garmany/Italy, Russia
Rating: G
Warnings: none (Scary Russia? Or is that a given? XD)
Summary: Nothing really...

So... this is my first posting here... and I would love to have an epically long and awesome story... or a particularly amazing drawing. Alas! I just have two I'm-learning-right-now digital drawings for you folks.

Enjoy~! ~_^

Here's One: Russia

And Here's Two: Germany and Italy

I'm always open to criticism if you think it'll be helpful and I appreciate people pointing out anything I did particularly well. :)
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[Twitter RP] Hetalia Tweets - Circle 0

Welcome to hetalia_tweets, where you ask not what your country can tweet for you - you ask what you can tweet for your country.

hetalia_tweets is one of the oldest Hetalia RP Twitter group around, having been established over a year and a half ago.

In order to accommodate for our popularity, we had created "Circles" of participants so that many more people can participate.

Now, we have opened Circle 0 No, it's not because of Code Geass..., and we are looking for new members!

Some simple rules...

1) Literacy in English.
2) 16 and older.
3) No more than 2 weeks of inactivity without notice.
4) Official characters only.
5) Friendly and fun!

Almost every character is free, so take a peek here!
Yeah yeah

Jacksonville, FL Meet Up!

 Just a reminder that our meet up is only a week away now! 

This will be my last post about it here, just in case anybody missed my other updates or there are some fans in the area that missed my first post completely and would like to attend. Everyone is more than welcome!
For more information, visit the event page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/event.php

For those attending, please remember:

1. This meet up is to take place, as the event page says, on Saturday, January 29th, from about 11:30 AM to around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. However, you're welcome to arrive and leave at any time.

2. Make sure you have your ride set. If you can't drive, or you think it would be more eco-friendly to carpool, or your parents need to be informed ahead of time, settle all that now! The worst thing is when people miss fun events just because they couldn't organize a ride in time. 

3. Be sure to have money set aside for food and whatever else, unless you're bringing your lunch. Don't want to go hungry now do you?

4. If you are going to have a chaperon with you or a worried parent at home and they need any of my contact information or anything like that, let me know in a message and I'll be more than happy to give it to you. :)

5. Again, just so we're clear, cosplay is perfectly welcome, but it is NOT necessary! I know some people have missed different meet ups because they said they didn't have a cosplay. You don't need to dress up to have fun and get to know fellow fans! :D That being said, if you are going to be in cosplay, please no bulky flags/flagpoles or prop weapons. We'll be in a public place and, not only are they cumbersome, but I don't want our group to cause unnecessary trouble.

I look forward to seeing everyone there! :)

Fic Hocus Pocus chapter 1

Title: Hocus Pocus
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Gilbert, Antonio, Francis, Ludwig, Lili, small cameos made by Tino and Germania
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Hocus Pocus crossover. When Alfred accidentally lights the candle to bring back the executed BTT coven his, his little brothers, and his crush’s lives depend on the help of Ludwig, a boy who had been turned into a cat by the coven 300 years ago.

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I have the voice mascots for sale (Italy, Japan, and Germany), a Hungary One Coin Figure, America and England Memo Pad, and several doujinshi for sale!  Please feel free to check out what I have for sale at the below links!

I am also willing to trade for things on my wishlist.


Hetalia: Pure Destiny (Literate RPG)


Have you ever wished you could go back and change the past? If you could what would you change, and how much would you change? Perhaps you'd apologize and create a future worth living in? Or would you take complete advantage of it and build up the greatest empire the world has ever seen?

When a simple desire to change the course off history came into play the countries were thrown back into their seats of power as empires or even as colonies. It's no long 2011. It's 1745 and the countries can't remember a single event in the future.

It's was almost like rewinding a video... almost. The countries may have forgotten but it doesn't stop history from changing itself. What happens when history changes though? Not many can answer that quite yet. All that can be said is this is the year that hangs by a thread that just might have the power to decide the fate of the universe. So, what future are you going to make for yourself?

Yamato Noto-sama 1 [Kitayume]
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Unlockable Characters in Gakuen Hetalia PSP Game

I found some info on 2ch (and by that I mean vysnia_cerasus found it and told me about it and I crave attention so I decided to share :D) about the upcoming Gakuen Hetalia PSP game.

On the website, they list all the characters in the game as Seychelles, Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, China, Austria, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Greece, and Canada. However, in the recent issue of B'sLog (a gaming magazine for otomate games and PSP stuff) it was revealed that there would be three unlockable characters in the game.

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