January 23rd, 2011

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Fanart: Nasce Il Regno d'Italia

Title: "Nasce Il Regno d'Italia"
Author: J.J.
Characters: North Italy Veneziano, South Italy Romano.
Warning: None.
Notes: This takes part to the Italian project 150 FANART PER L'ITALIA.
Rating: G
Summary: FemVeneziano & FemRomano during the birthday of the Kingdom of Italy.

( Nasce Il Regno d'Italia )

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(Chapterfic) Finding Freedom 5/? [USxUK]

Hello all!

Title: Finding Freedom [FF.NET Chapter 5] [ Writing Journal Previous Chapters ]
Author/Artist: haro
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AmericaxEngland (Also: GreecexJapan)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Arthur is a guardian angel who feels as if he's at the bottom of the heavenly ladder. Alfred is Freedom Star, a young superhero at the top of his game. When their paths cross, Alfred's life (and Arthur's afterlife), will never be the same. (Romance/AU)
Chapter Summary: Alfred shook his head in the affirmative. “Ready, Pilot.”

“One, two---“

“Hey Arthur?”


“Has anyone ever told you that you’d make an awesome superhero?”

A huff. “Three.”

I’ve met dead people with better self-preservation than you... )


Fanfic: This Is What Happened


Title: This Is What Happened
Author: slashy_lady
Rating: G
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America and England
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Some Kind of Summary: From the time he met America till the time he left him, from the time they were apart till they got reconciled, from the time they were brothers, to enemies, to allies... this is what happened.
Note: I'm experimenting with this fic. Again. It's in second person POV. Somebody, please stop me...


This is what happened:

The link will bring you to my writing journal; cross-posted to usxuk.
Throw me a comment and I'll catch it.
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Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titilladus (Magictalia, a Hogwarts Hetalia AU)

16 years after the defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort, a new dark power rises. Ashley Conner, a former Order member driven to madness, takes on the name Pangaea and seeks to unite the wizarding world under her iron-fisted reign. All use of magic, except the basic household charms and the dark magic used by her followers, the Earth's Children, is suspended and all the schools torn down in favor of her Mountaintop Institute in the Pyrenees.

Soon after, Harry Potter, the hero everyone looked up to, attempted to fight and Kill Pangaea but failed. Most presumed him dead, but is he?

For 20 years she rules with an iron fist, punishing purebloods and any foolish enough to try to teach their children magic. But one boy rises above as a hero and smites her down in the height of her power. Alfred F. Jones, a farm kid from America, did the seemingly impossible.

Free at last from her dark reign, the first step was to reopen the schools. But with the population of the wizarding world so depleted they decided to open just one. And so Hogwarts, the oldest and grandest of wizarding schools, reopened its doors to children from around the world.

How will we rebuild after the horrors of Pangaea's reign? Only time can tell...








Little Glass Vial! - An AU Repo! The Genetic Opera! Based RP

~Little Glass Vial~

In the year 2056 an epidemic of organ failures devastated the planet in the future. Out of the tragedy a multi-billion dollar biotech company, GeneCo emerged. GeneCo provides organ transplantation for profits, it basically works like your average car payment. In addition to financing options, GeneCo reserves the right to implement default remedies, including repossession. For those who can't keep up with their organ payments, collection is the responsibility of The "Organ Repomen", skilled assassins contracted by GeneCo. Repomen are ordered to recover GeneCo's property by any means necessary. This mostly involves lots of blood splatter, and painful, open air surgeries with no painkillers or depressants in order to 'retrieve' GeneCo's organs. Needless to say, the indebted rarely live.

Now, humanity's last peoples are cultivating around major cities not only for comfort, stability, and socialization, but for safety. After all, no one knows  when they'll suffer organ failure in this day and age and with this surgery being the latest and hottest trend, people are scrambling for the best services to be provided. Others are coming to the big cities in order to fuel their addition to the new drug called Zydrate. Zydrate is a top of the line painkiller and addictive drug that literally makes one 'feel nothing'. People from all over scramble to get the wonder drug, but what better way to get their fix and lessen their surgical pains then to get up close and personal with all the dealers and kiss up to GeneCo's higher-ups? 

It's in this dystopian world -the good ol' city of New York, to be precise- that we find ourselves in, and from scalpel sluts to the repomen to the higher ups that run the world, everyone has a story to tell, secrets to bury along with the mountain of dead, and vices that rage like the epidemic.

Who Are We?

Little Glass Vial is a newly opened literate Hetalia RP based on the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera. As we are newly opened we are looking for new players who are mature and have time to give to the forum.

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Title: Promises
Summary: Lovino is gone, Spain turns to Feliciano for concilation.
Characters: N. Italy, S. Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain and mentions of Prussia and hungary
Pairings: S. Italy/Spain, N.Italy/Germany/Austria, implied Prussia/Hungary
Rating: PG-PG13 for language
Genre:PURE AND TOTAL CRACK with some angst
Author's note: I posted the first three chapters of this a looooong time ago under a different name, if you read it you'll recognize it....i hope.


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[Fanfiction] How to Save a Life - Chapter Thirteen

Title: How to Save a Life - Chapter Thirteen
Genre: AU/angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: So much angst, the title is trying to slit its wrists right now. Emotional turmoil, depressing Arthur, depression, self harm, etc.
Summary: Not sure how to summarize this one. Here goes: Arthur doesn't know where he belongs in life. Whether he's supposed to be alive or dead, he'll have to decide for himself. And as a fairly new transfer student, and someone that really has no clue what he's doing, the decisions he makes are going to be harder than ever. Okay, so that summary is a fail. Just know that this story is depressing and confusing and self-discovery, and angst, and the list goes on.

Oh yeah, this is a high-school AU. Sorry. And it's a messed up high school AU, 'cause I really don't know how a high school functions.

Past chapters in Index; Chapter Twelve is here

And the next chapter should be up fairly soon (again). It goes closely with this one, too
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[Fan music] Music box arrangements

Here's my second try at music making. Music box versions of:
- Marukaite Chikyuu (original key and C major)
- HRE's Marukaite Chikyuu
- Einsamkeit
- ...and another song made for the lulz.

They're all short because music boxes have short songs. I'm not planning to do the whole songs, but if there's any song you want me to do a full version, I'll see what I can do.
I'm going to do more of these with as many songs as possible. Criticism and suggestions are welcome.

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Fanart: Malattia e Morte di Cavour

Title: "Malattia e Morte di Cavour"
Author: J.J.
Characters: North Italy Veneziano, South Italy Romano, Camillo Benso Count of Cavour.
Warning: None.
Notes: This takes part to the Italian project 150 FANART PER L'ITALIA.
Rating: G
Summary: Veneziano & Romano during the sickness and death of Camillo Benso Count of Cavour.

( Malattia e Morte di Cavour )

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Want some Russian advice?

I need help with my "Ask Russia" article over at World Parade.

BTW if you still don't know what World Parade is go hurr-->  http://community.livejournal.com/worldparade/

What I basically need you guys to do is ask Russia any question you want. Whether it be about yourself, himself, or any other Hetalian. ANYTHING YOU WANT. Just ask away. If you want to ask more than one question that is fine. Try to get your friends to ask some too. I need as much as I can get. XD

Remember, AN-Y-THING.