January 25th, 2011


[Fanart] Art Dump...

Artist: mjhermi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, HRE, Chibitalia, Romano, Finland, Russia, Belarus
Rating: G
Warnings: Nothing
Summary: A couple are incredibly delayed Holiday-related art, plus a yonkoma and a random inspiration.



Three pics and a yonkoma


Blind Carbon Copy (5/?)

Title: Blind Carbon Copy (5/?)
Author: weird_number
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Ratings/Warnings: PG13/Angst/Humor
Summary: Japan's new teleportation machine goes awry, and an America from a world where his Revolution was disastrous comes to visit.
Pairings: US/UK. AU!US/AU!Canada? Germany/France on the side.

( England was halfway through undoing his pants when he realized something )

Also at ff.net: [5], Previously on LJ: [1], [2], [3], [4]

Nostalgia 27/?

Title: Nostalgia 27/?
Genre: Romance, Humor, Angst
Warning: Rated T for: Insults, Swearing, OC's, implied sexual situations,
Characters and Pairings: USUK and slight UK/OC
Summary: In his dreams he is not Arthur. He is called England. As England, he remembers the excitement of playful arguments, the sadness of misunderstandings and the warmth of loving companionship and friendship. But, as England he also remembers death. The darkness that engulfed him. It is in that darkness he is awoken. FAIL SUMMARY
This chapter: Speculations and Magic
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the awesome power of friendship

[2 Coloured Arts] Estonia x Lithuania, Group pic

2 art dump!

Title: Neighbours
Artist: technoranma (me!)
Pairing: Estonia x Lithuania
Rating: G
Warnings: Kiss, Lithuania is in a maid outfit.
Link: On DeviantART
Summary: A commission done for Simple-minded-saul on DevART, who wanted more of this couple. Thanks~!!

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Title: Tu sei il sole del mio giorno
Pairing/Character(s): Germany x Italy, Austria x Hungary, Prussia
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Link: On DeviantART
Summary: Really shiny, I wanted to draw GerIta and AustriaHungary but I wanted to draw Prussia too XD;.

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Thanks for looking!!

Selling Hetalia One Coin Figures VOL 2

They're $10 each.

Spain - metronomelody
Finland - mintbun (paid)
Greece - mintbun (paid)
Hungary - granular (paid)
Austria - sesshysshewolf (paid)

International Shipping Rates (Registered Airmail)
1-2 figures - $5
3-3+ figures - $8

I'm also selling other figures, you can check them out here. Figures from titles include: Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Gintama, Evangelion, Death Note, Code Geass + more!

I accept paypal.
You only have to send payment when I have the figures already. :3
I accept other payment methods for local buyers (Philippines).
Shipping in Asia is cheaper, let me know if you live in Asia.

Thanks for looking!

[Fanfic] Educating America 9

Title: Educating America
Author: coffeefate
: Humor/Romance(?)
Characters/Pairings: America, Romano. Some background pairings in passing.
Ratings/Warnings: PG13 for language, I guess. Rapid tense change. Awkwardness!
Summary: America wants to get to know Romano better. Romano just wants to fix the idiot's tastebuds.
Notes: Again, I'm not sure how this works yet, so if I screw anything up, just let me know.


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[RP Ad] Carina High

Carina High: An AU Hetalia RP centred around the lives of attending students and working staff who struggle to resolve everyday problems (whether it be that spilled coffee on your new shirt, that essay you 'forgot' to finish, or those screaming people who follow you around and call themselves "your parents").

Set in California 2012, Carina High is a public school with a very diverse population. We have students who strive for excellence, students that could hardly care, students who try to conform within normality and students who... are eccentric, to say the least. Don't even get me started on the cliques. You'll soon see for yourself. Applications are now being accepted! So, what are you waiting for? In such a distinct population, where do you belong?

We are a relatively new community and have many characters open.

We currently have quite a few (you can see them all on the Claims and Holds list underneath), but we are sadly lacking a North Italy and a Germany. We’d also love more Nordics, more Asians and the Mediterraneans as well.

OCs are more than welcome, but we would like to have most canon spaces taken.

Claims and Holds / Rules / Application / Carina RP / Carina OOC /

[World Parade] Advertise Yourself!

 Once again, World Parade is looking for people with Hetalia related websites (Deviantarts, Livejournals, Tumblrs, etc.) to make a full page advertisement for that will appear in the upcoming issue of the magazine, set for February! If you have any sort of community or group or anything like that that's related to Hetalia and its fandom, head right on over here~

I hope everyone who signed up last month enjoyed their ads!
like poland

Flags and Pairings

Now I have no idea if this is ok to ask, but I'm starting a business and I will be making my own flags and placing them as face masks. Would it be insulting to the countries to do pairing face masks and have half be a German flag and the other half be a Italian flag for instance? The last thing i would want to do is to insult any countries by using their flags in inapporipriate ways. What do you guys think :S

Also can i get a flags tag?

I was reccommended to share this in the main com as it is crossposed in Hetalia_sell
Bitty Murica

Hetalia Dinner Theater Presents: Heta Manor, a Hetalia Murder Mystery Role Play

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians is a small sleepy town. It's the kind of place where you don't expect anything of repute to ever happen. And yet, somehow, it's a gathering place for people from all over the world. They come here from across the globe. Russians, Poles, Englishmen, and everyone else seem to come to this tiny little mountain town seeking the same thing.


But on the outskirts of town a lavish mansion known only as Heta Manor looms over the landscape. No one knows who lives there and no one who's ever gone in has come out again, save the staff. It's a source of mystery and superstition that brings some intrigue to an otherwise boring town.

And recently, the mysterious owner has been sending out letters to the residents, inviting them to dine with him. So a few individuals take him up on his offer and go to stay in the house.

But when they get there it's nothing like they expected. Because after dinner, the games begin. One of the residents is found murdered and it's up to the remaining guests to figure out who it is that committed the act.

Band together with your fellow players to find the culprit, looking for clues and deducing what they mean. Or you may soon find yourself as the next unwilling victim of Heta Manor.




Character List

[SELLING] Flag Charms

err, sorry, I don't know how to make a preview (>,<)

I'm selling handmade flag charms.
They're made of papier-mache and unlike printout charms, they have a rough texture. You can feel them~ 8D
Then on the other side is a surprise illustration.

Basically, the large one's for $5 excluding shipping fees and it's $4 for the small one + shipping. I know there's not that much of a difference in the prices, but the smaller it gets, the more difficult it is to make Q_Q especially for intricate fussy flag designs coughUSUKPruCanEspcough.

Send me a message for questions/more details~!