February 4th, 2011

♛Fic: Monster Mash

[Fanfic] Monster Mash 10

Title: Monster Mash 9

Characters: Francis, Arthur, Alfred, Feliciano, Ludwig, and a surprise!

Rating: 15

Warnings: None really, apart from disturbing concepts...

Summary: Originally inspired by this. (Link to pic for those who don't have Pixiv here.) Due to popular demand, what was a oneshot has now spawned a fic.

Other chapters: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

(Monster Mash 10)
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[Fanfiction] Upon the Grass of My Garden

Title: Upon the Grass of My Garden
Author: sakuratsukikage
Rating: PG for hints at sexual themes and kissing.
Characters/Pairings: Greece/Japan
Summary: Japan is nervous over the idea of sex--Greece talks to him about it.
Notes: This is set during the early 60s, not long before the Tokyo Olympics.  Why?  Because I . . . felt like it, I suppose.  The title is from a poem from the 8th-century collection of Japanese poetry, the Manyoshu, the first anthology of Japanese poetry, by Lady Kasa, which reads: In the loneliness of my heart/ I feel as if I should perish/ Like the pale dew-drop/ Upon the grass of my garden/ In the gathering shades of twilight.

Japan found himself leaping to his feet and starting for the kitchen. “I—I’ll make you some tea,” he stammered out. )

[Fanfic] Educating America 15

Title: Educating America
Author: coffeefate
Characters/Pairings: America, Romano. Some background pairings in passing.
Ratings/Warnings: PG13 for language, I guess. Rapid tense change. Awkwardness!
Summary: America wants to get to know Romano better. Romano just wants to fix the idiot's tastebuds.
Notes: Again, I'm not sure how this works yet, so if I screw anything up, just let me know



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Selling : Italy/Germany MKC CD

Well, no, the DVD, too. But none of you are interested in that.

I'm selling everything you see here, except for the card. So that's the first seven episodes of the anime, as well as a CD with two Marukaite Chikyuu tracks: Italy's remixed version, and Germany's cover.

This is the Limited Edition, so retail value is 5040 yen (about $65). Obviously I'm not going to ask that much, though, since it's been opened and I'm keeping the Poland card.

So! I'm open for offers.
Please nothing below $25. I may or may not end up agreeing to sell if I don't get anything reasonable.

Note: This item is still in Japan at the current moment. I'll keep offers open and won't ask for payment until it's on its way. Despite that, shipping to anyone within the states will be free. If you're somewhere else, just ask and I'll find that out.
Lietpol: Rye fields (リトのためだし〜)

[Anime] World Series Episode 43 Preview + Audio


Rough translation ( what on Earth is funifuni?)

Europe in the 15th century. While Italy enters the Renaissance period, Lithuania is surrounded by strong countries and is faced with a predicament. He is about to form an alliance with Poland who is in a similar situation, however...

Volume 3 - The first time the Poland rule was used. Yes.

niconico audio

sendspace download link

Feel free to correct my mistakes and reupload, unfortunately I can only use sendspace atm.
Cute Japan/England
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{fanfiction} I've come to suck your blood eh?

 Title: I've come to suck your blood eh? (1 to 5 when link clicked)
Author: zuea (also zach12345678 on my DA)
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Pairing(s): Prussia/Canada Russia/America Japan/England other pairings too
Rating: T for now
Warnings: blood, some fighting
Summary: AU America and Canada are vampires that are trying to live in this city without killing anyone and being peaceful. though the peaceful part doesn't happen.

my journal 
i'm trying to delurk again, i hope people will like this...
if i did anything wrong tell me? i'm still getting used to LJ
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[Rp Ad] Lydel Hetalia

Rules  |  Taken Characters  |` Application thread

Link to the Forum

Lydel was a charming little town, with its local shops and historical castle. However, a few years ago was decided an university should be built here, and therefore the town faced a modernization. While more building were added, expending the town to its actual size, it kept its singular touch and culture, making it an interesting mix of modern and old things. It's a perfect town for students or young people searching for a good opportunity to start a business, which led to the construction of more places to live, including the brand new ForandStyle buildings.

The flats were designed to be rather luxurious, which was a mistake for a lot of people couldn't afford it. The decision was made to rent out the rooms instead, leading to people sharing their flats with three total strangers, sometime leading to mayhem, most of the time leading to a surprisingly good cohabitation.

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Fanfic - "Graviora Manent" - Part 1 of 2

Title: Graviora Manent
//More serious things await//The worst is yet to come//
Authors: qualapec   and ghostofthemotif  
Rating: PG-17
Characters/Pairings: Prussia, the Allies
Summary:He threw his head back and screamed for anyone who cared to listen. It was half battle cry and half howl, because he was back. Prussia lived. --- A followup to the events of ( "Gallows Smile" ).
Notes: A collaborative project between Ghostie and myself as a followup to the events of her fic, "Gallows Smile". I'm very happy with how this project turned out, and we hope you enjoy it!

( "Graviora Manent" Part 1/2 )
Hong Kong - Smirk

[ROLEPLAY] Hetalia: X

For as long as anyone can remember, an untold war between humans and mutants has raged in the shadows of everyday life. Nobody knows how mutants came into existence, though rumours of a botched government experiment are often repeated. Fear and prejudice has forced mutants to live their lives in secret, skirting around the edges of society, trying desperately to hide their powers or else face exposure and ridicule from a judgmental world.

Recently, news of a community sympathetic to mutants has spread. Mutants from across the globe have travelled to
Galena City in hopes of finally being able to live amongst humans in peace. There’s even a large, live-in academy for young mutants to learn the usual curriculum as well as how to hone their abilities. Unbeknownst to the arriving mutants, several humans already living in Galena aren’t exactly eager to welcome their new neighbors...

+ Many characters are available to claim, including CANADA and PRUSSIA! We are currently seeking SPAIN, TURKEY, the BALTICS, and DENMARK!
+ Applications for CANON GENDERBENDS are now being accepted!
+ Friendly, active, and experienced mods!
+ Crack-filled Chatbox RPs almost EVERY NIGHT!

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[Fan Opening/AMV] The Familiar of Arthur

Title: The Familiar of Arthur
Characters/Pairing(s): The Axis, the Allies, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Canada, Sealand, Lithuania ,/ USUK
Warnings:  Bad photoshopped kiss I guess.  I suggest watching this in a bright room.  Also the sound is a little loud
Rating: PG
Notes:  Wow, it's been a really long time since I made one of these XD  As the title suggests, this is a parody of second opening of "The Familiar of Zero"  also known as "Zero no Tsukaima"  I tried to follow that opening to be as exact as possible, so I hope you enjoy it.

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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

[FANART] Kiss the Frog? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Kiss the Frog?
Artist: Me
Characters: France x England (KIDS)
Warning: None. More Kids again.
Summary: Here's another Sketch dealing with Hetalia "Kids"

Here's FrUk!

Francis at about 12-14 years old and an 8-9 year old Iggy. (With his Unicorn and Fairy.)

FRANCIS: "Kiss the "Frog" prince?"
IGGY: "Get Bent you bloody FROG! You suck!"

Iggy's shirt, English folks will get the "joke". My Ex hubby was a brit and I swear we must have bought Heinz Baked Bean in freaking BULK. The English eat an ungodly amount of those tinned beans.

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Comments are always appreciated very much.

[FACE Fanfic] - Just Another Day In North America

Title: Just Another Day In North America
Author: Me~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, England, America & Canada, FrUK
Rating: G
Warnings: None, except the use of sink sprayers & the game Jenga, neither of which existed when the AmeriBros were young. Very loosely based off of real life events. Nation names used in the narration, human names almost always used in the dialouge.
Summary: France is making lunch while Canada & America play Jenga. Kitchen accidents lead to family fun.
Notes: Please excuse the failness, I haven't really written anything in a while and this is my first posted attempt at Hetalia fanfiction.

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