February 7th, 2011

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

[FANART] Little Sweethearts

TITLE: Little Sweethearts
PAIRING: Sweden x Finland
WARNING: None, More Kid Stuff
RATING: G to inifinity
SUMMARY: I wanted to do more kids and Here's my OTP. I thought I might sketch up a little series of "Young Sweethearts" in honor of valentine's day.

Here's SuFin being cute with puppy Hanatamago.
(We all know Tino grows up to be a great sniper, he had to start with a slingshot naturally, LOL!)

Comments are always gratefully appreciated.

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[Fanfiction] "Strength in Unity"

Title: "Strength in Unity"
Author/Artist: darkunlimited
Character(s): Belgium and America in person; England, Germany, France, Hungary, Egypt, N. Italy over the phone
Rating: PG-13, for language
Warnings: Modern-day; infodumping about Belgium; how funny it is depends on your knowledge of global current events. Unedited. You can be my editors. D:
Summary: America crashes at Belgium's house for the night, and the next day he doesn't want to leave. Belgium considers herself pretty charitable, but not that charitable. Especially in the middle of an economic crisis.
Considering some of this stuff may still be controversial, this doesn't represent my views at all. Also, you are free to correct any misinformation, but please give sources if you're going to.

Click the title to go to the story. Word count is about 3000.
Cosplay- Rev America

Revolutionary War Photoshoot (2/2)

Here is part two of the photoshoot antieden and I did together last February! You can find those first set of pictures and a video of the crazy hijinx right here. Our photographer had some severe computer problems and was able to get the rest of the pics back to us this past week! So, here we go!

America: darth_teca 
England: antieden 
Troops: pktaxwench , her hubby and their friend
Photographer: Vasilion Photography and pktaxwench 
Muskets borrowed from: pktaxwench 
Helpers: kinomakoto , applcheeks ,snowhite_dahlia

X-posted to:  hetalia_cosplay  & usxuk
Gil and Fran

[Fanart] - The Franco-Prussian War -and- Belgium; Good Morning.

Title: The Franco-Prussian War
Title: Belgium - Good Morning
[info]watercolourrain / NightmareTease / PrussianPrincess
Characters/Pairings:  Prussia/ Gilbert, France/ Francis, (FrancexPrussia), Belgium, Two OCs (Alsace-Lorraine) 
Warnings: A couple of characters of my own design in the first piece - Alsace-Lorraine. >> Please ignore them if you don't like them, okay? Thanksies <3
Notes: The first is based on the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871, and the second is a quick doodle of Belgium in the morning :3

[France, Prussia, Alsace-Lorraine]        [Belgium]

Click either image to go ahead. Thanks! 
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[Fanfic] A Secret Hidden From You Ch. 8 and 9

I totally forgot to post here the last time I updated this story...Sorry.

Title: A Secret Hidden From You
Pairing/Characters: France/Canada, many
Warnings: None
Rating: T
Summary: Matthew, a boy taken from his native land, is bought with five other boys by an unknown man and taken to a mysterious castle. As servants start to disappear, Matthew can't help but feel that something is strange about his new master...AU

Chapter 1

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Fanfic - "Graviora Manent" - Part 2 of 2

Title: Graviora Manent
//More serious things await//The worst is yet to come//
Authors: qualapec   and ghostofthemotif  
Rating: PG-17
Characters/Pairings: Prussia, the Allies
Summary:He threw his head back and screamed for anyone who cared to listen. It was half battle cry and half howl, because he was back. Prussia lived. --- A followup to the events of ( "Gallows Smile" ).
Notes: A collaborative project between Ghostie and myself as a followup to the events of her fic, "Gallows Smile". I'm very happy with how this project turned out, and we hope you enjoy it!

( Link to Part 1 )

( "Graviora Manent" Part 2/2 )

[fic] Sign A New Agreement With iTunes [France/England]

Title: Sign A New Agreement With iTunes
Pairing: France/England
Rating: R.
Word Count: 16,000.
Summary: One day, you turn around, and your entire perspective of the world changes. Flatmates!AU.
Notes: Very, very belated deanon from hetalia_kink. Now with added sticky notes! Link goes to my writing journal. ♥

[Commissions] Taking $5 Commissions

Accepting sketch commissions. I'm in need of money. ; 3 ;

I'm really sorry, but I can't draw females. If you're interested, please only request MALE characters only. There are some things I don't draw, please ask. Commissions are $10 and $4 for any additional characters. I do accept Paypal and concealed cash. If you have any general questions, feel free to ask. Thanks! :>


Blame it on the Cosplay

Zenkaikon Hetalia Meetup?

Hello my fellow Hetalia fans. I am most likely going to Zenkaikon in King of Prussia, PA this year and I was wondering if there was any sort of Hetalia meetup there. If so, could I get some sort of direction as to where it will be located and at what time? If not, is there any way we could plan one?

Also: if you are cosplaying, let me know what you're going as in case we meet up! I will be there on Saturday and Sunday (can't go on Friday due to school orz) as some form of Japan on the day of the meetup (if there is any) and Luke Triton the other day (most likely Sunday).

Mods: If this was already posted, feel free to delete and/or direct me to the original post.


Masquerade (3/?)

Title: Masquerade (3/?)
Author: weird_number
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Ratings/Warnings: PG13
Summary: The only survivors following a large-scale war, America and China accidentally travel to the past, but switch bodies in the process. How will America manage the Opium Wars and China handle America's Civil War?
Pairings: America/China

( America really, really did not want to deliver the letter. )

Also at ff.net [1], [2], [3]. Part 1, Part 2 on lj.

[Fanfic] Educating America 17

Title: Educating America
Author: coffeefate
Genre: Humor/Romance(?)
Characters/Pairings: America, Romano. Some background pairings in passing.
Ratings/Warnings: PG13 for language, I guess. Rapid tense change. Awkwardness!
Summary: America wants to get to know Romano better. Romano just wants to fix the idiot's tastebuds.
Notes: Again, I'm not sure how this works yet, so if I screw anything up, just let me know

No, America is not goig to get drunk. (And if you're curious about the law thing- it's political.)


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