February 10th, 2011


Four Fanfics [USUK Sweetheart Week: Kissed]

I have four fics for you guys today for Sweethearts Week!  Please check them out because I'm planning to use some of these AUs for continuations and I would love opinions on which ones I should continue. :')   

Entrance to my Heart
Author: seraphic_dream 
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Characters/Pairing(s): USUK
Rating: G, absolute G.
Word count: 815
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Warnings: Uh, fluffiness about. :T
Summary: Home is where the heart will be and to be invited, you have to be accepted by the heart.    
Note: Written for usxuk's 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts, Day 1 - Sealed with a Kiss

( "What if he was to touch the sky…with his very own hands, to reach beyond Earth and touch the clouds, the stars, and the moon?" )

A First Kiss
Author: seraphic_dream 
Characters/Pairing(s): USUK
Uh, PG-13 I guess
Word count: 2,724
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Warnings: More fluff! And...uh...fail on some parts and maybe some language, though very little.
Summary: Arthur Kirkland finds first kisses as an unnecessary hype of modern day teenagers, something with no true significance.  Yet when an internet anon finally comes to London, he finds himself particularly nervous.  Caught in the hype.  
Note: Written for usxuk's 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts, Day 1 - Sealed with a Kiss

Title: Verboten
Author: seraphic_dream 
Romance, Bits of Angst
Characters/Pairing(s): USUK
Rating: PG-15 - M 
Word count: 2,150
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Warnings: Lots of mention of blood, WWII era, drugs and alcohol mentioned, and language. Some rough kissing also.
Summary: In the trenches of Vichy controlled France during World War II, Alfred finds himself in an unlikely situation with a fellow British soldier.  Fear and horror are numbed down for simply one moment.  
Note: Written for usxuk's 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts, Day 1 - Sealed with a Kiss

Farewell, Beloved.
Author: seraphic_dream 
Genre: Romance, Angst
USUK, Canada somewhat in here.  
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Rating: PG-15
Word count: 1,495
Warnings: Character death from natural causes, sadness. :c
Summary: America had always known that falling in love with a human was forbidden in the unspoken rule of nations.  Yet he ignored and in the final moments, he says farewell. 
Note: Written for usxuk's 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts, Day 1 - Sealed with a Kiss

Hetalia - Nordic Pile
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Selling Variety of Goods - Doujins, Buttons, CD, & Rare Official Chinaware

Official Fabric Buttons
-Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France
-Russia, America, China- ON HOLD
-N.Italy, Japan, Germany-
-England, Sealand, Greece-

Official CD
-Maru Kaite Chikyuu / Italy's Song to Germany Single-

Official Chinaware
-France, England, America-
-Germany, Japan, N.Italy-

+Various doujin.

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Starry Sky Bus Ride

One Coin Grande Vol. 2 - Interest Check!

Hi there!

I noticed that One Coin Grande Trading Figure vol.2 for Hetalia has been scheduled to be re-released in April 2011~ Just wondering if anyone is interested in "sharing" or buying off from me a few characters if I were to purchase the entire boxset. :3

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If anyone is interested please do drop a comment^^ and hopefully something can be arranged. :) :)

[Fanfiction] When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d (Side story The Truest Language)

For the Sweethearts week in the usxuk comm.

Title: When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d (Side story to Floriography: The Truest Language)
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Pairing: America × England
Word count: 1500
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The last time America gave England flowers. This was mentioned in Chapter 4.6 of Floriography, and I ah, expanded it here. England arrives from England to visit America, who have a few...surprises for his guardian.

ENGLAND!” America bolts from Canada’s grasp, and ran across the hallway in full, unrestrained speed, and then slid down the winding grand staircase with a whoop. He landed with a solid thump, and then ran again to England, deftly dodging people and leaping over chests, boxes and sacks. England has barely a heartbeat to notice America before the boy threw himself at him.
Hungray, Prussia, Wanna die?

[COS PHOTOS] AustriaXHungary and RussiaXChina [CMV]

Title: Your Guardian Angel (Austria X Hungary), Communist Love Song (Russia X China)
Author/Artist: Photographer: afteryoru (DA  youtube) Cosplayer: Kei
(HoneydewLoveCosplay), TeaWithGeorge, SuperSushi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria X Hungary, Russia X China
Rating: A mature mind
Warnings: Extream moeness of the cosplayers, Russia's Rape Cave and image heave
y: Photos from two shoots plus videos


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Thanks for looking at these photo! see you next time 8D

Musicaltalia Is Now Hiring!

World Conference Classifieds

The Hetalian International Theatre Co. is an internationally recognized theater performance group dedicated to the presentation of high quality productions. They are known for their commitment to hiring company members from nations all over the world. H.I.T. was opened several months ago, after a mysterious Italian philanthropist donated the necessary funding required to provide a location where people of all countries could come together to celebrate art, music and performance.

Notice: Hetalian International Theatre Company is currently holding open casting for actors, musicians and other performers to fill spots for its first musical production. All interested parties should report to the theatre during the casting session that is scheduled to begin this Friday and will continue throughout the week.

Also: H.I.T. is looking for staff and technical crew to hire for its first production. The theatre is currently seeking to hire for all positions.

Musicaltalia: Extravagant productions. Audience adoration. Critical acclaim.

Drama, comedy, vivid personalities, and unpredictable chaos are the norm in this Hetalia-based RP featuring the duality of a show within a show. Nightly performances are the key to making a theatre successful, but what also happens once the curtain has dropped for the night? This board follows the stories of characters in the time before, during and after the spotlights turn off -- featuring the interwoven interactions of diva actors, harried stage crew, frazzled theatre staff and all the other cast that happen behind the scenes.

New performances of popular musicals will be ‘featured’ at the Theatre every month to keep things fresh (and to leave room for whole new sets of problems to arise). Actors will audition for roles, stage crew will build sets and create costumes, and the unfortunate director will attempt to juggle the madness of the entire affair. All under the remote eyes of the Theatre’s staff and caretakers, overseeing the business end of the industry.

Musicaltalia is a brand new literate RP forum, seeking members to fill the role of the nations, and to fill the ‘cast’ of characters that will become the Hetalian International Theatre Company. We are looking for mature, active players that have the time to commit, the flexibility to work with others and a love for both Hetalia: Axis Powers and musical theatre.

Character List


Character List

  • lilflow

[Fanart] What's in a Name :: Hungary and Austria

(click for full-view)

Title: What's in a Name
Author/Artist: [info]lilflow
Character(s): Hungary
Rating:  PG (Well... the fic is...)
Warnings: Noone~

Notes... )

EDIT: finished Austria's one now ^^;;

(click for full-view)

Title: What's in a Name
Author/Artist: lilflow
Character(s): Austria
Rating:  PG (Well... the fic is...)
Warnings: Noone~

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Sales Pimping

Hey there! Do you guys want some cute lil mascots?

Or some keychains?

I have a few I'm looking to get rid of right here!

I do accept trades, but I'm just trying to pay my way for Fanime, so I need all the cash I can get <3

Fanfic: A Love Story in Paris


Title: A Love Story in Paris
Author: slashy_lady
Rating: PG13
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Arthur and Alfred/ArthurxAlfred
Word Count: 2795
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Warning: This fic is not beta-ed and done in a rush so if you find any error in it, beg pardon (and notify me?). And, uh, please suspend your disbelief.
Some Kind of Summary: This is a love story in Paris, or 'The True Story of How Alfred and Arthur Met'. It involves Alfred and Arthur, it involves Paris, and it involves love. And it also involves jails.
Note: Written for usxuk's 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts, Day 3 - Around the World


He’s a bit wary to get so close with someone he just met in a jail, but—considering that he was also inside the cell at that moment—it would be too much like a pot calling the kettle black and still had the nerve to criticize said kettle’s engraving.

The link will bring you to my writing journal; cross-posted to usxuk.
Throw me some love, anyone?

Pangaea Island [An AU Roleplay]


Yep! We're advertising again! Because we've got lots and lots of open characters! So come check us out!

Long, long ago, the Gods created the world. The world was filled with beautiful lands and oceans and the sky was always blue. But it was a lonely land and the Gods took no pleasure from it. And so they decided to populate the world with plants and animals and precious minerals.

And, through sheer accident, one god created man.

Man was the most unique of the creations of the Gods, but he was also the greediest and most destructive as well. He carved the land, murdered the plants, and brought pestilence down upon the animals.

So the Gods sent a flood to wipe out the scum of mankind. Nearly all things - man, plant, and animal alike - died in the flood.

But one piece of land survived.

An elderly man who wanted nothing more than to protect his loved ones from the flood begged and pleaded with the Gods. They were so impressed with his determination that they granted his wish and saved his family, at the cost of his life.

The earth trembled and suddenly a large expanse of land shot upward to form an island protected from the oncoming tides.

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it&#39;s okey, i&#39;m american

HetaPico Seeking New Members!

Hetalia Pico;

Welcome to the Hetalia RP community created especially for Pico!
In this community you may post up pictures from your escapades as pico Hetalians or announcements for meetups and the like. Introductions are ok! Spam posts are ok! This community is as much serious business as the roleplay.
The roleplaying DOES NOT take place on the community (Though you of course can comment entries as your character) This community is mainly for information on the RP.

What is Pico?
Pico is the English version of Pigg, an online game created by Ameba. It is an online game where one may create a boy or girl character. It’s essentially an online chat game like Yo Ville or something.
You can find it here;

How do I join?
Simply create a character and then post up the information in the Character List thread.
Repeats are definitely ok, as not everyone may be online at the same time. Check the character list for unloved characters though!

Please follow the rules so we can all enjoy a nice community.
- Every post must be Hetalia related.
- Have common courtesy. Do not start fights.
- Tag all of your entries appropriately.
- Only advertise Hetalia communities please.
- All large images must go under a cut.
- KEEP SPAM HETALIA RELATED. Mods will delete your entry and ban any member that continues to spam.
Helpful Links;
--All sorts of questions are answered here! (attention! old link)
2; Character List
--Please follow the form and submit a character here!
Though we have several nations active, we'd love more! We allow repeats, OCs, and genderbent...whatever you want!
Looking for serious roleplay? Come join!
Looking for crack roleplay? Come join!
Looking for something else?
Hell, come join anyway!