February 12th, 2011

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Fic: Perpetual Motion

 Title: Perpetual Motion
Author: salientia
Rating: PG
Characters & Pairings: Germany/Italy, mentions of America and Russia
Warnings: Naked but non-sexual touchy-feeliness; this cut looks a bit shifty from where I'm sitting. Cross-posted to gertalia
Summary: Italy thinks that what Germany really needs is to relax. And where's the fun in showering all alone, anyway?

( "There isn’t enough room for both of us in here," Germany says, after clearing his throat several times to ensure that the words emerge steady and firm. )
boy; bloodied

[Writing Community] Love_and_Pens

Love And Pens

You should be checking this out!

love_and_pens is a kind of lame, kind of awesome, group of writers dedicated to Hetalia fanworks. It's a simple, beautiful thing; they write, they post, they link, and everyone feels the love. We write for a large multitude of pairings, and things like icons, AMVs, doujin scans, and fanart can and will find there way here. However, this is mostly for members to post what they do best at- writing.

love_and_pens || rules || requests || easterly || fadingsundays

rules post is locked to members, but it follows the general posting rules for hetalia

[RP ad] Steampunktalia

Steampunktalia is a Twitter-based, steampunk AU Hetalia roleplay. For those of you unfamiliar, Twitter is a social networking site where updates are limited to 140 characters each. This means that roleplaying on Twitter is great for new RPers or those who have trouble writing the long responses required by forum roleplay communities.

We would really like a Hungary, Germany, America, and France, but we have a lot of other open characters!

Interested? Why not check our character list?

MeeboRP Ad

This Ad is old! Please visit Our Website to find the current ad!

Hetalia Meebo RP

A chat based Axis Powers Hetalia Role-play

We're a sort of canon-based, chatroom RP, we have no real ongoing plotline and often come up with spur of the moment mini-plots, but there are a few established things. For one, every character is living in the same house ( the "hetahouse" ) in a non-specified town in the Northern Hemisphere. This makes it easier for all of them to somehow be in the same place all at once. This RP has been running since about August 2009. We try to keep OOC drama to a minimum and as long as you respect other people you should do okay. If you need to drop or are too busy to RP, please let us know as soon as possible.

Currently we would especially like a Lithuania for our Russia as well as more of the Nordics.

Any timezone is appreciated, especially Oceania, Asia, and Europe since our few members from there are alone sometimes.

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[fanfic]Moments Like This

Title: Moments Like This
Author: midori_lover
Characters/Pairings: America/England
Rating: PG
Summary: These are the some of the moments both America and England cherish the most. (involves late night tv shows and a foot rub)
Warning: senseless fluff ahahaha and weird tenses (please correct any mistakes!)
AN: written for Day 4 of usxuk Sweetheart's Week: Just the Two of Us

(America liked the way England’s head fit snugly in the crook of his neck, like two different puzzle pieces that are a perfect match after all)

[fic] scarred heart in hand [part ii, chapter iii]

Title: Scarred Heart in Hand
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): (in this chapter) Prussia, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Germany, N. Italy, S.Italy ;; Austria/Hungary, Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano,
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Angst
Warning(s): Kissing, Swearing, Homosexual Relationships, Original Character, YMMV Characterizations, Angst
Summary: A lot has happened in the past ten years, and for some it was impossible to keep promises that were once so central and vital. As their high school reunion captures them all by surprise, the Bad Touch Trio will have to re-learn the meaning of friendship and love.

x-posted @ inthreesome

The lesson here, she decided, was to never get on a pregnant woman’s bad side.
Sweden Penis Size
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SALE! Doujinshi, One Coin figures and posters!

Moving out of my place and I need to let go of some things. All prices include regular airmail shipping from Japan. Will give discount if you take more than one item. Paypal only please.

If you would like to buy something, please leave your paypal email so I can invoice you.

Doujinshi SuDen, SuFin and PrussiaxGermanyxAustria

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One Coin Figures Japan (on hold), Romano, Italy(on hold), Prussia, France

All are $11 each

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Hetalia Stick Poster

Each pack comes with 2 posters. For sale are Russia+Japan and China+England

$12 each or $20 for both.

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[SWEETHEARTS WEEK - 3 FANFICS] Voices in my head, Your Voice, Merciless Outsiders

Title: Voices in my head
Genre: Romance, humor, AU
Pairing(s)/characters: USxUK, Japan, OC
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2516
Warnings: A little swearing and one kiss
Notes: Originally was to be a fic for other fandom but never came to finish it and post. So I decided to finish it finally and changed characters and fandom to Hetalia. xD Written for usxuk ‘s 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts week.
Summary: Arthur, a worker at the bar, Alfred, student who just can’t leave his mind and a girl that causes those weird voices in Arthur’s mind to appear.

Link: "I think I'm going crazy!" Arthur shouted.


Title: Your Voice
Genre: Mystery, probably pre-slash, AU
Rating: PG
Word count: 722
Warnings: None
Notes: A variation of a story that I wrote for an English assignment in high school. Written for usxuk ‘s 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts week.
Summary: A mysterious voice leads Alfred deep into the forest.

Link: Alfred stood up and as if lead by some mysterious power slowly went deeper and deeper into the dead darkness of the mysterious forest that no one was supposed to enter


Title: Merciless Outsiders
Genre: Tragedy, Friendship, AU
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 588 (520 without the ‘poem’ at the beginning’)
Warnings: war, blood and all, implied death
Notes: Just something I wrote based on a small ‘poem’. Written for usxuk ‘s 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts week.
Summary: Arthur and Alfred facing the reality of war. Not a happy ending.

Link: They are outside… We are next…

Cross-posted to usxuk

[Officail Blog] Gallery Re-new


Himaruya-sama's Gallery is finally fixed!
To see the new page pleace try here. http://www.kitayume7.com/gallery/


※竹林7号機:Hima's Art Gallery

Yeah and he ate the homepage... (´・ω・`)

Skipping this Week's Episode

 Sorry people, but life is being hectic these past few weeks.  I won't be able to do this week's episode.
I haven't even opened up the subtitle file.  I have V-Day to think about, and a HELL of a lot of homework. 

I might just skip this episode altogether, or be behind schedule and about a week late at least. Your people's choice.

Sorry again.  Voice your opinion in the comments.

Tomorrow Only Knows: Multi-Verse RP Ad!

Tomorrow Only Knows is looking for members! We've got quite a few characters that need players right now, including but not limited to China, South Italy, Sealand, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Turkey, Hong Kong, Korea, Hungary, and Austria! We need plenty of players and we accept both OCs and genderbents in limited amounts, so come and see what we have for you!

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The night of the hunter (14/14)

Title: The night of the hunter
Author: marinoa
Rating: T
Characters/pairing: England, France, some other nations as side characters. FrUK.
Summary: Neither of them is willing to fall first, and soon they are to notice that what had started as a simple game suddenly turns into something more difficult. FrUK AU, the story takes place somewhere around 19th century.


Epilogue )