February 13th, 2011

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[Fic] It Always Ends Like This, Doesn't It? (AKA: How I Met Prince Charming)

Author: Moi, easterly
Title: It Always Ends Like This, Doesn't It? (AKA: How I Met Prince Charming)
Rating: T for Romano's mouth
Pairing: Spamano, mentions of GerIta
Warnings: Boykissing, swearing, denial
Summary: His tower was supposed to be prince-proofed. So what was this asshole doing, climbing up the side of it like there was a princess up here for him to rescue?!

Note: This fic is an exchange fic between myself and zaivis! It's meant for her girlfriend's birthday, and she's a pretty awesome girl, so. HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY, BAY. Also included in this fic are a few graphics I made for Bay. Normal rules for those apply: No hotlinking, please credit, not for editing.

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[Doujinshi] Black tea, Popcicle and Summer's dream by AGP

Alright, so here's a scan that I couldn't help but do in order to contribute to the Sweethearts Week in the USUK comm!  I may translate this later but for now I will just post the RAW here!  If you want the Mediafire link, you may have to ask someone else to upload it for you because quite frankly, the island's internet here hates Mediafire and hates uploading anything to it, so I was forced to use MegaUpload.  Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! :')  

Title: Black tea, Popcicle and Summer's dream (紅茶とアイスキャンディと夏の夢) [Thank you derpmaid !]
Circle: AGP
Pairing: America/England, Japan, Sealand, and China appears
Rating: PG-13
Pages: 36
Summary: America and England both stay over at Japan's house along with Sealand and America finds England sleeping, finding it rather adorable.  Lots of fluff ensues.  America also seems to have a fascination with licking/sucking popsicles in this.
Notes: Alright, so all the pages are fixed and also there is an uploaded RAR version!  I hope you guys enjoy! :')

Please do not redistribute, claim as your own, use as icon, do any other random stuff you can think of without permission!  Please feel free to translate though [especially since I have other translating projects I'm doing].  Also, please give credit where it's due!  Comments are much appreciated if downloaded. :') 

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[Group Buys] Hetalia OneCoins and Straps (Open)

Hello everybody! I'm going to hosting three group buys, the one coin figures and the rubber straps. I'm buying and the rest from AmiAmi. I've never hosted them but I'll try my hardest! I am taking multiple orders.
Maybe you guys wanted at least some feedback as a buyer from me ^^;...[link]

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HetaPico Seeking New RPers!

Hetalia Pico;

Welcome to the Hetalia RP community created especially for Pico!
In this community you may post up pictures from your escapades as pico Hetalians or announcements for meetups and the like. Introductions are ok! Spam posts are ok! This community is as much serious business as the roleplay.
The roleplaying DOES NOT take place on the community (Though you of course can comment entries as your character) This community is mainly for information on the RP.

What is Pico?
Pico is the English version of Pigg, an online game created by Ameba. It is an online game where one may create a boy or girl character. It’s essentially an online chat game like Yo Ville or something.
You can find it here;

How do I join?
Simply create a character and then post up the information in the Character List thread.
Repeats are definitely ok, as not everyone may be online at the same time. Check the character list for unloved characters though!

Characters Wanted;
All of them!

Though we'd love to have any character you may want to play, these characters in particular have been requested by the community:
Australia, Canada, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, England, Switzerland, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Prussia, Finland, Belgium, Iceland, Egypt, Monaco
Note that these are not the only characters we are accepting. These are the characters specifically requested, though any character is guaranteed RP time.
Helpful Links;
--All sorts of questions are answered here! (attention! old link)
2; Character List
--Please follow the form and submit a character here!
Though we have several nations active, we'd love more! We allow repeats, OCs, and genderbent...whatever you want!
Looking for serious roleplay?
Come join!
Looking for crack roleplay?
Come join!

Looking for something else?
Hell, come join anyway!
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[Writing Community] Love_and_Pens

Another ad? Why, yes!

Love And Pens

You should be checking this out!

love_and_pens is a kind of lame, kind of awesome, group of writers dedicated to Hetalia fanworks. It's a simple, beautiful thing; they write, they post, they link, and everyone feels the love. We write for a large multitude of pairings, and things like icons, AMVs, doujin scans, and fanart can and will find there way here. However, this is mostly for members to post what they do best at- writing.

rules || requests || easterly || fadingsundays

rules post is locked to members, but it follows the general posting rules for hetalia
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Rise of an Empire ( Rome/Ancient Greece/Ancient Egypt, NC-17)

Title: Rise of an Empire

Pairing: Ancient Greece/Ancient Egypt, Rome/ Ancient Greece/Ancient Egypt

Rating: NC-17 for lesbian sex plus threesome

Summary: Rome falls for Greece at first sight. Egypt is jealous and wants in on it, too. Written for Spring Kink.

Word Count: 1,027


(If you take her, you take me too. It's a package deal.)

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[fic/prussiamerica] for feeling drunk and lawless and ultimately flawless

pair Prussia/America, light Estonia/Canada, no regrets at all
rated PG???
warnings uh. songs. songs from a very popular culture. when i heard 'journalists!AU, gilbert/america' it apparently translated into 'anachronistic neo20's songfic with copious amounts of lusty bromance'
summary Revenge is a dish that we do not serve at this restaurant.

>> ( Some bastard with a lot of cognac and little Hardy-Weinberg theorem to back it up; )

happy valentine's day! x-posted all over the place like chocolate smeared on your homeroom teacher's face. ♥
i <3 you

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Carina High: An AU Hetalia RP centered around the lives of attending students and working staff who struggle to resolve everyday problems (whether it be that spilled coffee on your new shirt, that essay you 'forgot' to finish, or those screaming people who follow you around and call themselves "your parents").

Set in California 2012, Carina High is a public school with a very diverse population. We have students who strive for excellence, students that could hardly care, students who try to conform within normality and students who... are eccentric, to say the least. Don't even get me started on the cliques. You'll soon see for yourself. Applications are now being accepted! So, what are you waiting for? In such a distinct population, where do you belong?

This is a LJ based RP. Character journals are required!

We currently have quite a few but we still lack a few main canon characters. We’d also love the Nordics, the Mediterraneans and more Asians as well.

We have a lot of  canon spots open! OCs are welcome!

Claims and Holds ][ Rules ][ Application ][ Carina RP ][ Carina OOC

[Vid] Hot Cocoa~

[Vid] Hot cocoa. Spain ver.
Hallo everynyan, how are you? Fine sankyu~ Ok, I stop doing  the idiot. I wanted to do something for Spain's birthday, although the  video has nothing to do  XD

Title: Hot Cocoa
By: SonneDark
Character: Spain, Romano, Spain's Boss (?), roses XD
Rating: G I think...
Warning: Very much fail and...nothing more~
Summary: Since I saw the song of "Hot Cocoa" by Len Kagamine...I wanted to do something with Spain, because the song reminded me of him XDD
Romano scares me with his deredere face at the end....OAO omfg

Heeeere in Youtube~

love you!

[Fanart] From memories comes logic

So I didn't manage to finish any art for the New Year or Valentine's Day -- but I did manage to finish this!

Title: From memories comes logic
Author/Artist: fourteen_kites
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Lithuania, China
Summary: Some childhood memories of the Slavic siblings, with Belarus being very astute about them.


( Or at least the ones concerning her brother. )
Ja ljublju tebja

[Cosplay] I've lost my mind - tribute to Lucrecia

I guess many of you have seen this picture before:

I've lost my mind... by ~lucrecia on deviantART

Because it's so freakishly awesome and because we so freakishly love Lu, Polska and I wanted to make her a special gift.
So we asked Ivan and she was willing to help...
And then we went back into the pharmacy's basement~ ♥

More of this shooting will follow as soon as I've sorted the FIVEHUNDRET PICTURES POLSKA TOOK orz

[Fanart] My first time posting here. /o/~~

Title: If we hide, they wont find us.
Author/Artist: Mee~~
Characters/Pairings: Chibi America and Chibi Canada
Rating: general public, I guess...
Warnings: This is something from my headcannon...and its a sad flashback. ;A; Ow, and image heavy. =A=
Summary: Natives!chibi north american brothers, confused and scaried, maybe seeing the first european navigators arriving on theyre lands. (?)

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[Selling] Plushies, Stick posters, Metal Tags, America CD cover Shirts

 Clearing out some older things and some new plushies~
Pick-up at Katsucon available!

Prussia (Discontinued?)
France (Discontinued?)


Custom America CD cover "WHO IS YOUR HERO"
Official World Cup group (Discontinued)
KingdomArts group

Stick Posters (Discontinued):
Japan (Matte)
England (Matte)
Japan (Holo)
Italy (Holo)
Germany (Holo)
China (Holo)

Metal charms (Discontinued):
N Italy

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Selling Doujinshis, Mangas, Merchandise, Miscs!

Doujinshi: DRRR, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hetalia, Angel Beats, Kuroko's Basket
Manga: Silver Diamond, 07-Ghost,
Chibi-san Date, Cristo, Are you Alice? Anthologies
Merchandise/Misc: Durarara, Angel Beats, Kine in Aqua, SZ Sensei, K-ON!,
Shakugan no Shana, Gundam 00, To aru Kagaku no Rilgun, Seiyu

The doujinshis that are taken on the photo above are not the only ones I'm selling.
There are more than that!
I also have doujin postcards and posters so please take a look at those too!

Please click the picture to go to the sales page :)
Here's my FEEDBACK page just so you know that it's safe to buy from me :D

Here are some doujinshis that I have a second copy to sell. Please do take them!

Do you Remember me...? / Love Potion no.9 / Russia x Prussia

[Fanfic] Chasing Two Rabbits

Title: Chasing Two Rabbits
Author: arial_destiny 
Characters/Pairing: Spain/Romano, Italy, Germany, Prussia, France, England, America, Canada, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, S. Korea
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Shootings, kidnappings, crime.
Genre: Action, Romance, Crime
Summary: Life seems perfect when Mafia runaway, Romano, finds love in America with a Spanish grocer, who proposes with a jade ring from Hong Kong. Unknowingly, the ring turns out to be the missing possession of a powerful Chinese crime lord, and the two lovers soon find themselves chased down by a team of Asian hit men, two arguing cops, INTERPOL agents, and an unfortunate pair of thieving brothers.

Part 9 )

Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8a 8b
melanie laurent

[FANFIC] The Twenty-Eight Days of February

Title: The Twenty-Eight Days of February
Characters/Pairings: England, France, and some America, Prussia, Japan and Canada. France/England.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Summary: February is England's least favorite month. And this year, this is how his February goes.

Collapse )

A revision of an old fic because I couldn't find the time to write for Valentine's Day. Posted today because I can't be on the computer tomorrow. So yes, happy Valentine's Day. Also I think I could've done this better but I'm fine with this so you'll have to settle for it as well.