February 16th, 2011

Hetalia - Lollipop

Hey y'all~ ;D It's DFWHetalia again. We dished out another cosplay video yesterday (trying to make it in time for valentine's day but unfortunately I was just an hour late OTL), this time to Lollipop by Mika! (and just a warning, if you hadn't already noticed, Youtube's been extremely derpy today because they're back and forth doing maintenance. If it doesn't work, refresh it after a little while until it does)
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Fanfic - Belarus - "Iron Sky"

Title: Iron Sky
Authors: qualapec  and [info]ghostofthemotif 
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: PG-13 for WWII dogfights and war imagery
Summary: Belarus was fighting for her life, for the lives of her sister and brother. War may have weakened her body, but her reflexes were sharpened and laid iron over her core. - Belarus in a WWII dogfight with Germany.
Notes: Written as a collaborative project for the [info]halfamoon  community challenge, celebrating the women of fandom.

( "Iron Sky", it's the second drabble down )
Professor L ► Cuppa

[roleplay] sempreinguerra: NOW TAKING CHARACTER RESERVES

Welcome to Florence, Italy. It's the early 1400s, which is an excellent time to be a Florentine. The great Cosimo de Medici has begun to transform Florence into the pearl of the Renaissance, il Duomo's great dome is in the process of being finished and Europe is heading towards a new age of rebirth.

But ancient and dark conspiracies still lurk even during this time of new ideas and innovation as the struggle between the assassins and templars continue. With Italy rising, these conspiracies can only get worse.

This is the world Romano Vargas finds himself in, as do many others...

sempreinguerra takes the cast of Axis Powers Hetalia and plops them into the world of Assassin's Creed II, pitting assassin against templar. This is an alternative universe dressing room that encourages character interaction as well as plots. While there is no need to submit character applications, your mods do expect a certain level of skill in both writing and crafting a storyline.

We’ll be opening in early March, so as of now w're taking CHARACTER RESERVES. The cast is still growing, but at the moment we’re looking for people with experience in playing: Romano, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Prussia, France, England, Turkey.

Don’t see your favourite character on this list? Comment anyway, and we’ll see if we can’t find a role for them! We're not only looking for European characters, Asia also had a big role in trading with the West.

Click here if you'd like to know more!

News from World Parade

Hey, this is a short message from the World Parade staff who just want to let readers (and those curious about reading) know that we will not be having a February issue. So if you go to community a week from now and wonder where the next issue is, it's not because we're being lazy! World Parade is just under going some changes that need time to take place~

The next issue will be in March. To all those who have asked for advertisements or participated in BAD's Sims requests, your ads and other such materials will appear in the next issue. We don't want to skip over anyone, after all!

( Posted here because I'm not sure if everyone actually follows the WP Comm, meaning not many would see it, and that kinda defeats the purpose...)

Iceland with puffins

[fansub] The White Beast.

Title: [APH] The White Beast. [eng sub]
Song: "The White Beast.", a parody of "The Beast." by Hatsune Miku
Author/Artist: はち, 碓氷 and ry
Translater& Subber: me (Dakota_Weulf on lj, sweetKitsune on YT)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Friedrich II./Prussia; Germany
Rating: PG I guess?
Warnings: None. Well, bad quality of the video because of me having to encode it four or five times. orz
Summary: A fansub of a video about Prussias life and his relationship with Friedrich II.
Original: sm13152692

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[FIC] A Sailor's Valentine

Title: A Sailor's Valentine
Pairings/Characters: England/France
Rating: PG
obligatory tooth rotting type of fluff Valentine's Day fic
France finds an old valentine England once gave him in the lead up to Valentine's Day. He's picking up the phone and doing stupid emotion driven things before he can stop himself. cross posted to what_the_fruk

link goes to my fic comm thing twentysevenred 

He looks down to the valentine in his hand, idly stoking it with a finger. “Do you still think it is stupid?” A pause. “...Do you still think it’s trivial?” )