February 21st, 2011


[Fanfic] Educating America 22

Title: Educating America
Author: coffeefate
Characters/Pairings: America, Romano. Some background pairings in passing.
Ratings/Warnings: PG13 for language, I guess. Rapid tense change. Awkwardness!
Summary: America wants to get to know Romano better. Romano just wants to fix the idiot's tastebuds

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[Drabble] Devious

Title: Devious
Author: hadamega_ne
Rating/Warnings: T (for the F!bomb and allusions to sex), coffee-house poetry.
Discliamer: I do not Hetalia, only this composition.
Summary: Written in the style of a coffeehouse poetry scene, this was spoken last night at a place quite like it and met with kind applause. America is feeling on the top of his game and had his eye on a certain man hanging out at the bar.

A/N: Created for a budding community called the_good_parts:    here.
Sorry mods for shameless pimping, but I gotta represent and give a little love to the amazing fadingsundays and easterly.
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Asia-tan fanart dump

Title: Melonbread
Rating: G
Pairing: Japan/China with cameos from Taiwan and Korea
Warnings: None
Summary: Belated Valentine's piece!

APH - Melonbread
by ~kecen on deviantART

Title: Tea Family Fishing
Rating: G
Pairing: England, China, and Hong Kong
Warnings: None
Summary: Family Fishing Trip

APH - Tea Family Fishing
by ~kecen on deviantART

Title: New Years Bunnies
Rating: G
Pairing: China, Japan, Korea
Warnings: None
Summary: Lunar New Year piece

APH - New Years Bunnies
by ~kecen on deviantART

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A NEW START - Hetalia human AU on MSN!


Consider yourself invited to A New Start, a reopened Hetalia AU roleplay!

The premise is simple. All of your favorite nations are regular humans, immigrants from every country living together in the big city known as Jonestown, located in fabulous New York! This is a place where dreams are made, relationships are accumulated and friendships are had. In a city where you can go from a 5 star dining restaurant to a shady park with drug deals going down and everything in-between in a matter of minutes, it's attracted quite the cast of people from all over the globe.

And so where will you fit in a city known to make people invisible?

This is an MSN based roleplay dependent on life-to-life interactions (as in, the characters aren't just talking online together) with a pretty open plot!

We go by real time, although that's rather flexible. There will be events here and there, group roleplays, and the like. We encourage it as a way for Hetalia characters that may not have anything in common at all to finally have a blank slate where everyone can mingle and get along freely!

Since we are recently reopened, there are plenty of free characters, including America, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, and Latvia just to name a few! We also accept original country characters, all non Hetalia countries currently open!

To read more and learn how to join, visit our main site, where there is a handy list of links to everything you will ever need just about everywhere!

Don't have a deviantArt account? Well, that's not an excuse! You can also sign up via LJ! The bulk of our information and such is on deviantArt, so you are highly encouraged if you have one to sign up from there though!

Main Site ; Rules ; Basic Info/How to Join for LJ ; Current Members ; Reservations List (on dA)/(on LJ) ; Application Forms (on dA)/(on LJ)
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want  to share costume i made for husband to wear. i really like Denmark and been want to make it but  feel i can't really pull it off so i had my husband do it for me ^^. note: i borrow the battle ax from this nice guy. so don't take crated for making that. this taking katuscon this year. please in joy. also some no-canon Ukraine and Denmark. sorry I'm not good at this
here u go..

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[Fic] A Cultural Study (1/?)

Title: A Cultural Study
Author: the_potomac
Characters/Pairings: UK + Ireland; England-->Scotland, if you're desperate enough
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Incestuous longing, swearing, and guaranteed offensiveness for anyone born even remotely close to a certain group of islands northwest of the European continent.
Summary: England's admittedly arbitrary fits of rage belie his deep, festering love for Scotland. The author's extensive knowledge of Anglo-Scottish and Anglo-Irish relations, acquired by careful study of Gibson's acclaimed films and that one episode where Captain Planet saves Belfast, pervades every sentence. A treat.

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[Fanfic] Fanfic dump: Wherever You Will Go, The Monkey's Paw, Fallen Angel

Whew, I've got three new updates ready to be read for three different stories. Please enjoy!

Title: The Monkey's Paw
Pairing/Characters: None, Canada, America
Warnings: None
Rating: T
Summary: When Alfred and Matthew stumble upon a mysterious shop, Alfred somehow manages to obtain the cursed Monkey's Paw. When he finds out of it's wishing powers, he foolishly he uses it, not knowing of the dangers that come. Oh, Alfred, what have you done? AU

Chapter 1

New Chapter

Title: Wherever You Will Go
Pairing/Characters: US/Can, US/?, US, Canada
Warnings: Death
Rating: T
Summary: When his boyfriend suddenly dies, Alfred slowly falls into an unyielding pit of despair, believing he is at fault for the untimely death. As he mourns, he unexpectedly finds a small bird in need of help, a bird with violet eyes, the very same as Matthew's.

Chapter 1

New Chapter

Title: Fallen Angel
Pairing/Characters: US/Can, US, Canada
Warnings: Nothing so far
Rating: T
Summary: I'm just an average boy. I have an average life and average looks. I'm average, average, average. There's no way I could be one of them. There's no way that I, Matthew Williams, average boy extraordinaire, am an angel...But I am, aren't I? I am an angel.

Chapter 1
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[Fanfiction]When We Met - End

TITLE: When We Met - End
GENRE: Mystery, bit of angst?, bit of fantasy?
SUMMARY: "The first time I met you, you were already dead."
Arthur Kirkland's assignment that day was simple: take pictures of the crime scene. An easy enough job, and one he's done hundred of times before. Only that day, he found himself questioning life and death after forming an attachment with someone that was already gone.
Notes: Written in first person, AU. Three Parts

[Event] Zenkaikon V Photoshoot

Since someone had posted asking about this, here, have a formal announcement...

There'll be a Hetalia cosplay shoot next month at Zenkaikon, held in lovely King of Prussia, PA. So far we plan to have it on the hill outside the convention center, down the way from Valley Forge. I will say that I was told last year they were kicked to the side for a wedding that was taking place there, but let's assume that's not going to happen again...

It will be held Saturday, though no exact time has been decided, as we're waiting on the panel schedule. (As you can imagine, a few of us do wanna see Todd Haberkorn...)

So... I suppose if you plan to go then shout it out here...! Then go join in the thread here, where there is continued planning and a list of who we have so far character-wise. Myself, I'll be going as Bulgaria not that anyone cares about him.

[FanFic] The Philosopher

Title: The Philosopher
Author: ad_idem (Right)
Characters: America, England
Rating: PG
Warnings: Philosophical crack
Summary: England is baffled, nay offended, to learn that there's a possibility that America is using his brain for something.

This crack fic was written by me (Right). Hopefully Left will forgive me for abusing our joint account so much!

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