February 25th, 2011

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[fic] Falling Without Knowing (four)

Title: Falling Without Knowing
Author: disownmereturns / thejmprod
Characters/Pairings: Greece/Japan, others mentioned
Rating: PG
Warnings: post apocalyptic space opera, switching between country and human names

Summary: The nations are living in their own planets, united under one galaxy. By strict decree, they are unable to see or travel to each other and any sort of communication is under the Council's heavy surveillance. New Greece is bothered by the memories of his former self, especially those of a certain island nation. He is willing to break boundaries, cross time and space to know if a connection between them still exists.

A/N: It's already Friday over here so, Posting Day! /O/ Thank you again to chromatic_coma for the beta! :) I have a busy week ahead so March 4 won't be Posting Day, sorry! ^^; I'll be back on the 11th with the fifth and final chapter.

Falling Without Knowing

FOUR: 'When love beckons to you, follow him, / Though his ways are hard and steep. / And when his wings enfold you yield to him, / Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. / And when he speaks to you believe in him, / Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.'

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♛Fic: Monster Mash

[Fanfic] Monster Mash 12

Title: Monster Mash 12

Characters: Francis, Alfred, Ida, Lydia, Heracles

Rating: 15

Warnings: None really, apart from disturbing concepts...

Summary: Originally inspired by this. (Link to pic for those who don't have Pixiv here.) Due to popular demand, what was a oneshot has now spawned a fic.

Other chapters: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

(Monster Mash 12)
Yamato Noto-sama 1 [Kitayume]
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[Anime] Preview World Series Episode 46


アメリカで捕鯨が重要な産業だった時代。長い間ひきこもり中だった日本の家に、アメリカが向かう。 アメリカの近くで捕れる鯨の量が減ってしまったので、日本の家近くでの捕鯨許可と燃料補給港が欲しい上司の指示を受けて、日本と友達になりに来たのだ。か くして、黒船がやってきた!

Whaling was an important era in American industry. Japan's withdrawal was in the house for a long time, America is headed. Since the amount of fallen whale caught near the United States, under the direction of the port you want your boss to allow refueling of Japanese whaling near the house, they came to be friends with Japan. Thus, black ships arrived!

The times when it is the industry whose whaling is important in America. It pulls for a long time and is confined and America faces to the Japanese house which is in. America being soon, because the quantity of the whale which you can catch decreased, the Japanese house being soon, receiving whaling permission and the indication of the superior who wants the refueling port, it came to the appearance in Japan and the friend. Hiding, the black boat did!

Hetalia Wiki
America decides to make friends with whales, but must convince Japan to come out of isolation first (Black Ships Have Come!).

I wonder if Osaka will actually appear or if he'll just be replaced by a random normal Japanese guy orz.

(News) Hetalia 4th season end + Nordic Extra-Episode + DVD vol.5 cover

Hi all,

I have some news.
I went to the official website, and I found this :

3月11日第48話をもってアニメ「ヘタリア World Series」全話の

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Kaori Sheep: Got wool?

Artbook Arte Stella - first pictures

It was supposed to be on sale in three days, so it was a pleasant surprise as I got a call from the bookstore where I pre-ordered.

Please note, I don't have a scanner, pictures are made with my digital camera. I did my best but this post should be only considered as the first preview, I hope somebody with a scanner and more skills will provide us with better pictures soon.

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Edit:  community post about pre-orders, hmv.jp and looks like amazon.jp (in English) still accepts pre-orders too.

Edit2: Info about Amazon.jp pre-orders thanks to raz2b 

- they ship internationally, but the prices are rather high
- pre-orders are sold out (It's possible to reserve it, not sure if it comes with the extra)
- they accept Master card, Visa etc, but not PayPal.

Edit 3: HobbySearch is open for orders now, thanks to[info]chulchinmae  for the info. sold out

[Cosplay] Ukraine Nee-san photoshoot!

*nervous* :3 Haha this is the first time I'm posting here I think *is much more of a lurker* >.<

Did a photoshoot over the weekend with a couple of my most favourite people and I thought they turned out rather well. So I've decided to share them with the comm.

Cosplayer: sakia_chan (DA)
Photographers: jupitersapphire (DA)

P.s Click on picture for a larger picture! <3


Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

More over here~

(Nee-san, will do her best!)

*shifts* C&C much appreciated? <3 (I do hope I can portray Ukraine-san to the best of my capabilities *adores her*)

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[Flash Animation] Axis Powers - Luftwaffe n Gelato

Title: Axis Powers RP - Luftwaffe n Gelato (1 of 5)
Character(s): Germany, Italy, Japan, England, Austria, Prussia
Pairings: Germany x Italy, mentions of Prussia x Austria
Rating: PG-15 for language
Warnings:Swearing, Sex
Description: SO UM yeah there was shitty role-playing in the hotel room @ Katsucon 2011, and I had to animate this crap to go along XD
Link: On YouTube
Preview Image:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (End)

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lol sorry XD;;;;
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[Gauging Interest] Yura Yura Clips

Would anyone be interested in maybe doing a group buy on the Yura Yura clips with me? I only really want England but he's so hard to find by himself!

It'd be about $10 a clip, shipping included~

Available characters are:
USA (Maybe a hold for arachnes_web?)
Russia (Maybe a hold for arachnes_web?)

Beyond the Illusion Part 2/?

Title: Beyond the Illusion
Characters/Pairings: America, England, France, Japan, Canada, various others
Word Count: 1,176
Rating: PG
Summary: When a nation feels stressed, overworked, and backed into a corner, he has the option to let it all go for awhile. Start a new life as a human, with no memories of the past. It happens automatically, as if by magic. But nobody knew this could happen until one day, America mysteriously disappeared after running out of a meeting. After two and a half weeks of searching the country, they finally found the right Alfred F. Jones in the form of a 10 year old boy. But how can they get him to remember that he was once the United States of America? How will they change him back? And, more importantly, does he even want to be changed back?

Part 1:

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[Icons + Banners] Hetalia Playing Cards

[17] Icons + [8 (so far)] Royalty Only Banners

Oh dear, I can't even begin explaining my instant obsession with them card figures ♥♦♣♠

I've only put here so far the 3 diamond figures (King France, Queen Liechtenstein, and Jack Switzerland) and Queen England xD, but I'm taking requests for Royalty Only Banners :D


( Royalty Only )

[fic] Crashing Down, Chapter Three

 Title: Crashing Down
Characters: France, England. Eventual FrUk. Appearances of others
Rating: T
Warnings; France, England.
Summery: Arthur Kirkland: Radio talent, aspiring novelist. Arthur Kirkland: Human embodiment of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Stuck between two worlds. Is Francis really the only one who can help him right now? Before he's trapped in the wrong place.

Previous chapters can be found at my journal

Something must be wrong when you wake up with Francis in your bed

Hetalia Bento Contest

 I have no clue weather or not this was posted or not but all the info is here  who wouldn't want to be featured in the 3rd manga lD


Sadly.. I am a terrible took so I wouldn't even attempt this.. or.... maybe I should any who all the info is in that link :3

(there needs to be an official contest tag or something.. OTL oh and to submit it you need to submit it to Tokyopop's page)

Chaostalia - A Hetalia Plurk Role-play!

Welcome to Chaostalia! We are a plurk group searching for members! Won't you come check us out? There are plenty of characters open to choose from! Such as Denmark (We really need one!), Russia (Also very much wanted!) Hungary, Greece, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Seychelles, and Poland. There are still many gender bends also open, but we most want a Fem!Germany, Fem!Lithuania, Male!Liechtenstein, Fem!Turkey and Fem!Greece~

Plot: On what seemed to be an ordinary day, something extraordinary occurs! What the nations thought to be just another day in their lives turned into an adventure they never would have expected! Something magical seemed to have occurred. No one knows exactly how it happened, but on that day chaos soon ensued. Like something in a fairytale, a clash in time and space distorted the nations’ realm. Counterparts of the opposite gender soon invaded their world! How will everyone take to this new change? How will they share the earth? Will there be war or peace?

Chaostalia!RulesCharacter ListApplication