February 27th, 2011

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[booru] Hetaliabooru

I've made a booru imageboard for Hetalia!

You can use it to search for fanart - every image is tagged. It's also joinable, so if you register an account (no email address required) you can upload images and edit existing tags to make it easier to search.

The only real rules are not to violate the Booru Project TOS (basically no loli/shota, really) and a general note that providing source is better than not providing source, if you can.

Hopefully this should be useful to people hoping to find specific pictures, or looking for art of a certain pairing, or.. anything like that. ♥
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[Fanfic] The Power Of Words And Glasses [KM Deanon]

Title: The Power Of Words And Glasses
Author: Uh, me.
Warnings: Mentions of England's past with Vikings, Sweden without glasses, a fic featuring Sweden wherein he isn't paired with Finland

(It should be noted that this references and earlier fill on the KM, not written by me, in which Iceland gets out of debt by selling videos of himself being molested by a tentacle monster. If anyone has the link to that or the deanoned link, if you could give it to me I’d be eternally grateful.)

The Power Of Words And Glasses

“Yeah!” Crows America, eager as always to direct attention away from his disastrous and much-mocked attempt at revitalizing his economy. “I mean, it was pretty slutty of you Icey.”

Silence descends. America is young, and stupidly powerful. He does not ‘read the atmosphere’ because he lacks any need to. America stands tall and proud, even when hamstringed by his own collapsing economy. He is fearless. He has no enemies.

He has just made himself five.
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[Fanfic] Beneath The Radiant Southern Cross, They'll…Uh…Gamble Away Training Sessions…? [KM deanon]

Title: Beneath The Radiant Southern Cross, They'll … Uh … Gamble Away Training Sessions…? (aka, long title is long and pretty much doesn't fit in the 'Subject' bow, which is totally, like, racism towards long titles and oh my god SEE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHAT YOU WRITE POLAND TOO MUCH /cries)
Author: Me
Warnings: As bitter as your mum likes her coffee (that's right. I went there)

Beneath The Radiant Southern Cross, They'll … Uh … Gamble Away Training Sessions…?

Australia knows that he is young. He is one of the youngest of all England colonies, he should be thankful that they allow him anywhere near the war room. He should be flattered that they allow him to be in the same country as the fucking war room. He should be.

But he isn't.


[Fanfic] You've Got a Friend

Something I wrote for aphanon_meme a long while back :)

Title: You've Got a Friend
Characters: England, Norway
Summary: Unlike the gushing, reluctant, eager-to-please new students Arthur had had to deal with through the years, Nikolai was just... different. One-shot.
A/N: I'm the anon from Part 239 of aphanon_meme  who requested for school-related prompts. This was written for the prompt: Norway and England sharing a locker.
Words: 751


( If not for the fact that the troll had been staring him down that entire minute, Arthur would have been mighty pissed. )
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Request for constructive criticism on video.

(This is my first post here in the Hetalia community (or any community on LJ, actually) so please, do excuse me, if I do something wrong 8D; )

Alright, so, Eurovision is getting closer and closer! (Kind of, at least.) And I would like to, once again, make a hetaliafied tribute for it. And this time I would like to finish earlier than two months after eurovision. But to do that, it would be nice to get some constructive criticism on the one I made last year. I finished it really late and it got removed from youtube, so I didn't really get any response on it, which makes it hard to know, what I can do to improve this year.

I know this may seem a bit silly, but I really did put a lot of thought into the last one (which is also why it took me so long time to make) so I would be incredibly happy if some of you out there would contribute with a little constructive criticism ;u;

Oh, I almost forgot, here is a link for the video:
Part 1 can be found here, on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxtyM9YChXQ
Part 2 can be found here, on dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xebtbc_eurotaliavision-2010-finals_music

I will link to the full video as soon as I have uploaded it >u>;

Alright, some of the things I would like to have a comment on are the subtitles and the intermissions. But other than that, I would also just like to have some general, helpful comments on the video. Oh, and I've also got Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 since I made the last one, so I suppose the outcome will be somehow... Better this year than last year. Hopefully.

I'm afraid this entry will be too long if I go too much in detail about the video. But if anyone are interested in hearing about the details, I will gladly ramble about it 8'D

I really hope some of you will be willing to help me in my silly, little project! c:

(Also, please tell me if some of the tags are wrong or if there are some, I should add :3;; )

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[Selling] Custome Made Plushies

Hey y'all so I'm selling some custom made plushies! I can do any character, wearing anything! Even non-Hetalia! So click the link below if you wanna find out more! Plushies are 10$ each and shipping anywhere is free!


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