March 5th, 2011

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[Fanfic] King Arthur and the Holy (tea-cup) Grail

Author: Me, myself and I
Beta: none (pardon any fails, I try my best)
Characters: In this chapter: England, Spain, Belgium and Australia
Pairings:  None
Rating: T
Genre: Humour/Parody
Warnings: Mixing Monty Python and Hetalia + my lame humour
Summary:  King Arthur Kirkland has been given a quest by the all powerful...Fea. He sets out on a great adventure with his trusty companion, Antonio - it doesn't go as planned.

In this Chapter. King Arthur and Squire Antonio meet a Belgian and an Australian castle guard and discuss important things like migration and coconuts.

«Oh but I am. And this my trusty servant Patsy.» Arthur motioned towards the Spaniard. « name is Antonio...not 'Patsy'» Arthur just waved the man away, focusing on the young guard instead. Antonio frowned but said nothing more.

(Nothing I do will ever make this as good as the original movie, but here's to trying!)
「ヘタィア || カナダ」DERISHUS

Lolocracy: AU Hetalia RPG

Welcome to Liberty, USA, the little world inside a big city. Liberty has it all: the diversity, the culture, the style... And it's like no place on earth because its population is made up of real-life incarnations of nations from around the world.

LOLOCRACY! is an Axis Powers Hetalia roleplaying game... with a twist! It's focused on the modern lives of the nations as 100% plain ol' human beings: your average people that work hard and play hard.

We are currently looking for: Switzerland, Estonia, South Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Roman Empire, Germania, and Holy Roman Empire.

OCs are welcome!

liet lithuania lituania hetalia carmenmc

My Nyotalia´s FemAmerica fanart and other stuff XD

Title: The Stereotype
Author/Artist: CarmenMCS
Character(s) or Pairing(s): female America
Rating: all ages
Warnings: kind of rouge
Summary: My fanart of fem!America

by ~CarmenMCS on deviantART

I made that pic for the videogame Liet´s Quest, in which I am working along some friends and with little yet helpful colaboration of lots of Hetalia fans on Deviantart. Someone suggested we should advertise on Livejournal and other sites too, and then I decided to use the LJ I made a year ago that I never used XD

So, if you go to this pic on DA, you´ll see kind of a rant about stereotypes and anti-hetalia-fans X_D I decided I don´t need to post the same text here when you can read that there if you wish to ^^

Apart from all of that... I don´t have any f*cking clue how to properly use Livejournal XD I guess I´ll get used with time... so I found I can share my DA pics here just by clicking a simple link, so here you go!!!

This is all I know how to do right now XD Because seriously I joined some Hetalia Communities and stuff and now I have like 2000 messages, literally, and I don´t know how to search around at all, yeah that kind of stuff I need to know to actually make a good use of LJ

ja jaja anyone willing to give some advice for beginners like me? X_D

Well, actually, after reading the FAQs and Rules in the Hetalia community I can now guess how to use lots of stuff, how to avoid having my inbox too abused, etc. But I still need to get used! XD There should be a Nyotalia tag in the community, do you agree? I´ll tell the admins if more people concur ^^ (or maybe I didn´t see it in the tags list) Also, when you post to a community, it doesn´t show in your own journal entries an such? Lol I suck at this stuff, I just don´t know (yet XD)

So today I´m not making the best use of my English and this is my first, actual post in Livejournal so I hope I am not doing something wrong in the community and I hope I´m not spaming you guys! See you

----- Today´s my sister´s birthday! XD

WDOC Is Still Having Auditions!

✖What is the WDOC?

✖✖✖WDOC [World Domination OC] Is A Youtube Channel, Brother Channel to the APHWC [Axis Powers Hetalia World Conference] thats been on for a while, and we're now accepting Auditions! So if you have an OC [Original Character] that is not on the List, Feel free to audition! The Deadline has been extended, so please, spread the word to those who might be interested and if you're also interested, Please Join the channel and lets have fun!

You can watch the Update/Audition Video Here

++If This Post needs to be deleted, Please Say so n - n;;
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[fanfic] la vie en rose + icon dump!

Title: la vie en rose
Characters: France, Monaco, Belgium, Seychelles, Vietnam, England, America, Canada, Australia
Rating: PG13
Genre: Family, Crack, Fluff (with some Angsty overtones)
Warnings: Use of fan-made names, nonsensicality, inaccuracies, fail!French, clichés, France being France, rambling, spelling mistakes, un-betaed
Requestor: vivalalixi
Prompt: France trying to spend quality time with his daughters by taking them shopping in Paris, fluff and fam drama.
Summary: Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The venue of Francis Bonnefoy's biggest triumph in existence, shopping with his daughters. As a nation, he could give them the best, give them the world...but would he succeed in winning back their hearts?

The Frenchman shoos the salesmen away to the counter with a gleeful wave of his hand, and his blue eyes fix on something, somewhere, far away. "Do you remember when you had the Olympics at your place, ma belle?"

He offers her his arm, she wraps hers around it. "I wanted to help you...but I couldn't. And then you had dinner with la sourcils." France's face, his expression, is still smiling, but it hardens, somehow, and some of the ice seeps into his tone. It makes a little spark of something tremble in Belgium's gut. "You do not know how much that hurt me."

A beat of silence passes between them, and then Giselle mock-punches her father on the arm, her pretty mouth open in an outrageous laugh and her green eyes scrunching up, blurring in hysterical tears.

"Ohoho-! Father, do not tell me you did all this because - because you thought I was in love with El Diablo?"

(More Bonnefoy family drama and randomness under the cut!)

Moving onto other pressing matters, here is my other thing going - my first ever sane Hetalia Icon Dump! Lyrics and pictures not mine, BTW.


(Go under the fake cut to see more!)
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[Linking] Hetalia Fanservice

 Had this particularly kinky image you wanted drawn, but can't because you're useless with a pen? Wanted to put the request on the kink meme, but couldn't because it's close?

Well have no fear!

I present to you...
Hetalia Fanservice

Hetalia Fanservice is basically an image-only, anon-if-you-want-to-be kink meme. If you want to learn more, please check this out.

england green/magenta

Fic: Bootstraps (Australia/England) R

Title: Bootstraps
Author/Artist: hyperemmalawlz 
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Australia/England (in a creepy one-sided yandere way)
Rating: R
Warnings: Stalking/obsession, non-consensual sexual actions (although it doesn't progress to the level of rape or anything), violence, discussion of war, really horrible racism, swearing, sexual references.
Summary: Written for hetalia_kink, the prompt: "After seeing this picture (, I wanted to request some yandere!Korea, but now I'd rather see any (unexpected) country go yandere or just plain possesive. And by unexpected, I mean anyone other than Russia, Belarus and Latvia. Maybe Poland, Spain, France, or god forbid, North Italy. But Korea's still an option of course." This fic is kind of gratuitously historical and at the same time probably kind of historically inaccurate. Further historical notes will be at the end, but basically - Australia did not really want its independence; Britain kind of made it go away, and this is the premise. Title comes from the quote "Australians are British to their bootstraps," by former prime minister Robert Menzies. Additional notes are at the end.

"Need you."

I made a vid.

This is my first time posting here. ^_^ Also I know the song is french and might be better if it was France-centric, but I really liked the song and made a vid about serval Hetalia characters instead. Enjoy. Collapse )
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[RP ad] Le Gasp, a steampunk forum!

Airtalia, a literate steampunk RP forum, needs you for the Heta Empire! We've been going for over six months now and we'd love to have some new people to explore fresh avenues of steampunk fun! There has been a reset on the board's timeline and modifications to the application process, so many characters are open and there is plenty of room for new plots and players.

Once upon a time, people used to say "All Roads lead to Rome."
These days, the saying is "Everything Flies through London-town."

The place is Londinium, the hub of the Heta Empire skies. Cargo and commoners, ideas and intrigue all fly by airship in a land where men are gentlemen, women are ladies, and people live or die by their reputations. The time is a Victorian-style era,when society celebrated the outward finesse of refinement while masking the darker underbelly that tarnishes the otherwise shining jewel of such a dazzling metropolis.
The modern Steam Standard means there is money to be made for any man or merchant willing to toss his dreams up into the clouds and see if it sets sail. But where there are profits, there will be pirates, and where there are pirates there will be protectors. Thus starts the three way tug of war in the skies and streets of the Heta Empire: Military, merchants, and men of more unsavory character. Success and ruin is hinged on the tip of a hat, the clash of a sword, the blast of a cannon. Who will emerge with the most power, wealth and glory?

What Are We About At Airtalia?: We are literate, creative, active, and our chatbox is full of friendly people. Our application system is competitive, to guarantee that players will find other quality players to write with. Applications will end up judged by the forum moderators; players will then enter into a brief trial phase to guarantee that their writing skills are up to par with their presented work. So bring your skills, ideas and a sense of humor and come check us out!

There is an age limit- 17+ only please.
In High need of: Spain, Russia.

Rules | Character List & App Process | Setting Details | App form


[FANFIC] Complicated Shadow {2/10ish}

Title: Complicated Shadow
Genre: drama, crime - mafia!
Characters: England, America, Canada, Ukraine, OC, Romano, Germany, Prussia in this chapter
Rating: T for brief graphic violence at the beginning and my sailor mouth
Warnings: kink meme deanon, pointlessness, hetero, did I mention pointlessness?
Summary: The US government's witness protection program, WITSEC, has never had a witness die while under its protection. After innocent civilian Arthur Kirkland witnesses a murder ordered by the desperately ruthless Vargas mob, the United States government puts him under the care of US Marshal Alfred Jones. Will a hero's protection be enough to keep the record clean?




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APH: Sparkly Pasta

[roleplay] Hospitalia - A Hospital AU

The RulesThe Character ListPatient ApplicationStaff Application

Hospitals are a stressful place. No matter if you are a doctor a doctor or nurse, or you find yourself unfortunate enough to be a patient. Even just being a visitor for a few hours can bring its own heartache. Welcome to Axis Memorial Hospital. Located in the heart of a small city in California, it is normally busy with people coming in and out. Hospitals don't run themselves though. It is up for doctors of all ages and backgrounds to come together for the better of the residents of their town.

Everyone has their own stories to tell, no matter if they are hired there, or are unfortunate enough to have to take up residence in one of the wards. Still, it doesn't have to be all depressing stories. Some can end happy. Staff members do their best to make sure of it, no matter how difficult it may be. It is their job to make everyone who visits feel safe and comfortable, and most of all give them the treatment they need. Most of them get along rather well, and can maybe even be friends outside of the job.The hospital itself has a friendly atmosphere, though it is a bit old. What secrets lie within?

Unlike most hospitals, Axis Memorial Hospital doesn't kick patients out until they have made either a fully recovery, or can live on with their lives as normally as possible.
We have an active chatbox, with a nice little family of members who would love to meet you! We would love a Belgium, Hungary, Australia, Cuba, Egypt, EstoniaLiechtenstein, Netherlands, and Poland. However, there are a few more people still available for snatching! Also, please keep in mind this is a normal hospital setting, not a mental hospital.

The RulesThe Character ListPatient ApplicationStaff Application

{Fanfic} It's Not Me, It's You (2/?)

Title:  It's Not Me, It's You (2/?)
Genre: Humor/Drama/Romance
Rating: PG-15
Characters/Pairings: France/England, France/Prussia, America/England, Austria/Hungary, Spain/Romano, Seychelles, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands
Warnings for this chapter: Language, Human names used, AU, smoking of cigarettes containing 20% hemp, more wine
Summary: Francis Bonnefoy is a famous writer who only requires a pretty face to be his muse, clean his house and listen to his problems. But when his last 'boy toy' walks out on him without warning, he's left desperately in need of a replacement. Enter Gilbert Beilschmidt, both a blessing and a curse.
Author Notes: This is probably the last chapter until May. School is about to get rough ;A;
Extra Notes: Angelique = Seychelles, Belle = Belgium, Alec = Netherlands link
Chapter 1

( Chapter 2 )


[Fanfic] In the Name of the Stars (2/23)

 Title: In the Name of the Stars
Author: Me, laur10s
Character(s)/Pairing(s): A lot.  (For this chapter): America, England, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Hungary ~~ Eventual America/England, Greece/Japan, Spain/Romano and a little Austria/Hungary and Poland/Lithuania
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language.  A few OCs that’ll make sense in the future,   maybe OOCness , human names
Summary:  Alfred always wanted to become a superhero ever since he was a kid.  His dream is realized in the form of a talking wolf and a pendant that transforms him into the hero of freedom and justice, Star America!
Based on the manga/anime "Sailor Moon". AU

Chapters: 1
England dots

[vid] England is Professor Elemental!

Title: England is Professor Elemental!
Characters: Axis, Allies
Rated: G
Summery: For those who are hopelessly unaware, Professor Elemental is a British Rap artist. And on his new CD 'The Indifference Machine' he has a song entitled 'Penny Dreadful', the beginning of said song containing a hilarious opening. So I decided to set that to Hetalia :)
Warning: Non-England Characters with English accents!
Collapse )
[zp] nation sex

Fic: The Terrible Potato Incident

Title: The Terrible Potato Incident
Author: salientia
Rating: PG-13
Characters & Pairings: Romano/Spain; Germany/Veneziano
Warnings: Language, sexual references, making out, implications of involving pain in sex, fake cut. Cross-posted to gertalia and tomatoamado.
Summary: Occupying the number one slot on Romano's list of 1,074 Reasons Why I Hate My Brother.

( “Hey, looks like Germany found out what that bit of curly hair is for.” )

Of Zombie British Kings and Other Matters (1/?)

Title: Of Zombie British Kings and Other Matters (1/?)
Author: weird_number
Genre: Humor, Action, Adventure
Ratings/Warnings: Um, craziness?
Summary: In which America discovers a most curious zombie at his door while babysitting Sealand with Canada. Deanon from kink meme.
Pairings: America/Canada

Also on

( America liked having guests over. )
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[fanart] Galgenvögel

Title: Galgenvögel (gallows birds)
Artist: bloodandpepper
Characters: Prussia
Rating: harmless this time
Warnings: none
Media: Medium: Pencil

A/N: Prussian crows are silvern (corvus corone cornis) while the ones in the rest of the nation tend to be black (corvus corone corone). That's one of the first things I noticed upon moving to Berlin. In a life to come, I'll study ornithology.
Oh. And Hetalia fucks my brain, I guess. XD~

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