March 7th, 2011

APH: randy!? Arthur

unhealthy but not unhappy, chapter 1

This is my first sort of modern AU story, and for a fellow college student, definitely the one that I can relate the most to personal experience, and that really effected they way I wrote it. Anyway, thanks to socontagious456 for the beta on this, as well as help from my sisters! Love you forever! This story should hopefully be updated regularly, or as regularly as I can manage.

Title: Unhealthy But Not Unhappy, Chapter 1
Author/Artist: closeincline
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USUK with some France, Canada, etc.
Rating: PG-13 for now, M later
Warnings: Bad words, substance abuse, sex, etc.
Summary: Alfred is a naïve freshman, Arthur is a well-versed but somewhat troubled exchange student, Francis is an annoying room mate, Mathew is a sassy gay friend, and about half the rest of world makes an appearance eventually.

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Tora-Con goers?

Hello! In about a month or so, Rochester, New York is having their Tora-Con going on! Im leading a Hetalia World Meeting panel in it and I am curious if there is anyone who is attending this con and possibly going to attend the panel? :D Mods, delete if you need to!

shopping service for hetalia goods

Hi hi fellow hetalia fans

my friend and i are offering a shopping service for mainly Hetalia goods during our tokyo trip in early april (yes, coming very soon), merchandise, plushies and basically anything hetalia-related 8Dv

why? cause their stuff is just so darn hard to get, especially where i live XD

so if you're interested, more details are here:

(err, if i'm not supposed to post here, please let me know, thank you ><)

thank you for reading this ^^
doomsday machines

[Fanfic] Inferno- Chapter 5

Title: Inferno- Chapter 5
Main Characters: Prussia, Romano, Germany, Veneziano, France, Spain, Hungary, Austria.
Pairings: PrusHung, Spamano, and maybe some developing PrusMano if you lean forward, squint, tilt your head to 180 degrees, and do the moonwalk.
Rating: T++, if there is such a thing.
Warnings: Possibly disturbing imagery, sexual themes, depressing stuff, and some OOC-ness since this is the first time I've truly written a Hetalia fic.
Summary: February 24, 1947- Prussia was to be executed the next day. Unfortunately, he didn't want to face the humiliation of an execution... so at the dead of night, he hung himself. But to kill oneself is one of the greatest sins one could ever commit, and as a result, he is sentenced to spend an eternity... in hell.


“Figures. That’s what you get for hanging yourself.” )
icey, norge

[RP AD] Sahara Skies

Welcome to the desert city of Aldmoor, a haven of technology within the sands.

It mixes the latest in Victorian Technology ( "steampunk") with time-honored tradition. Ladies dressed in both gowns and light sundresses stitched with traditional patterns walk around in sandals. Trains that puff out white steam transport passengers between Aldmoor's four districts: Ostnesse - where you can handle all of your trading needs, Havenbourne - where the sick and injured go to get better or live out the last of their days in peace, Lockbush - a tourist's dream and a place to go to escape your troubles, and Jankeep - where all the official business of Aldmoor is taken care of. Airships bring even most common of people to this small oasis, each and every one of them with reasons of their own to seek transport into Aldmoor. What is your reason?

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japan depressed

[fic] Cosmic Prank

Title: Cosmic Prank
Author: rose_fortress
Characters/Pairings: One-sided Turkey/Japan, mentions of Greece/Japan and past one-sided Turkey/Ancient Greece
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Drunken swearing, Turkey not being 100% coherent in his ramblings.
Summary: Turkey doesn't know why he loves Japan or why Japan loves Greece instead. No, that's a lie; he knows why so perfectly that he knows - and feels - even while drunk.
Notes: Written for the kink meme prompt "Any - One-sided".

( I let my defenses down, and *you* made your way past them without me noticing until it was too late to do a fucking thing about it. )

[fic] The Curious Case of Marriage

Title: The Curious Case of Marriage
Author/Artist: windweaver1092
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Spain/Austria, Spain/Romano
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Warning: Yaoi, mild cursing, sappiness, HISTORYWUT
Summary: All is not well in little Romano's world, and the cause is a golden wedding band on his boss's finger.

"Romano could still remember the first day the thin gold band appeared around Spain’s ring finger."

[fic] falafelosophy pt ii

Title: Falafelosophy
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Egypt, Greece, fem!Turkey, Japan, Turkey, America, Canada ;; Greece/Japan, male!Turkey/fem!Turkey, brotherly Greece/Egypt, Egypt/fem!Turkey/Turkey, and Egypt/???
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Family
Rating: T
Warnings: implied sex, foul language, stream of conscious writing, cheesy ending, not as good as the original
Summary: Hassan, Herakles, and Sidika are still running their little Mediterranean coffee shop, and it seems our favorite shop owners have all been bitten by the lovebug. A few loosely related pieces set in the verse of my previous fic, Falafelosophy.

"You're no fun," Herakles whined. "You need to have sex."

World Parade Magazine Issue V - Feb/Mar 2011

Say hello the the postponed-February issue and current March issue of World Parade! )

THIS ISSUE INCLUDES: Lovely couple pictures, Hetalia's 'Axis of Evil', Japan reviewing the movie Rapunzel, England teaching us how to be gentlemen, Egypt's internal issues, the German brothers answering questions and more!
Espurr, Pokemon 5

[Linking] Nations of Southern Continents Community!


Here today to promote a new community dedicated to all those nations who are on the southern side of the globe.

So whether you're a fan of Australia, Wy, New Zealand, Cameroon, Seychelles, Egypt, Kenya, Zimbabwe and all the other mentioned African nations, or you're interested in the potential for South America, other parts of Oceania and Africa or Antarctica- please come join us and help spread the love for these nation-tans!

America and Italy

Hetalia IC RP

Another RP Anyone?

Hetalia IC is a site dedicated to role playing the characters as Hima-sensei created them because thats why we came to love them in the first place :D. We are also a community built on interaction with everyone not just the canon groups such as the Axis and Allies. This rp is a very active group but please don't hesitate to join because we are all very welcoming. Also, there are many events that happen here that are based on American time zones but you do not have to participate in them. They are there for fun. Don't let them become something that stresses you out and please know they are not mandatory. So I hope you all have fun and keep being the awesome fandom that you are. <---website
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Translation Community?

Hi...I was wondering if there was a translation community for fan art out there. I found a lot of fan art that looks interesting, but I have no idea what they say! :( Is there a community that translate them and puts up Pixiv art on alternate sites so that other people can get access to them?

[RP] Not Quite Right;; A Victorian Asylum AU

Servants, house wives, gentlemen of all breeding-- all are at risk.
Madness is a disease and no one is immune.
No one is immune.

Your mother, your daughter, your husband, your son all are in grave and deadly danger. It is your duty to be vigilant, listen, watch.
Be on your guard, any apparition no matter how slight could be a sign for more devious deviations to come.

Protect your family. Protect your country. Protect society.

Simply contact Avalon Asylum for the Mentally Unfit to arrange for the speedy removable of the suspected.
Worry not for the safety of the inmate-- that is, the patient... We'll take good care of them... Speedy removal from the home is the only way for a complete recovery.

Remember: Madness is a disease, and no one is immune.
Not Quite Right is a Hetalia Asylum AU set in Victorian-era England. We are a new, literate forum that deals with dark and mature subjects. Only active, literate, mature roleplayers need apply.

That said, our insane little family is looking to grow! Characters such as Germany, France, Italy (N&S), Russia, Austria, China, and so many others are open. Pop in any time and apply. We're dying to have you!

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