March 10th, 2011

[Fanfic] Civilization IV (oneshot)

Title: Civilization IV - Hetalia Version
Rating: G as can be.
Characters: Ensemble
Summary: The nations play Civ IV.
Notes: Written for the kink meme, pretty much just me writing for my geeky love of strategy games. I wrote this quite a while ago and totally forgot about it until I found it on the finished fills list today, and since I de-anon everything, here it is on my journal.
Warnings: You might not get this if you don't play the game.

( Which nation will win? )

[Fanart] dumpingg

Hello! No class today so I might use this opportunity to post some picss~~

Title: -----
Author/Artist: yui
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USUK, GerxIta, Baltic Countries, RussAme, Liechtenstein
Rating: G
Warnings: nope!

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that's all for todayyy! thankyou for your time :))))

[RP] Not Quite Right;; A Victorian Asylum AU

Servants, house wives, gentlemen of all breeding-- all are at risk.
Madness is a disease and no one is immune.
No one is immune.

Your mother, your daughter, your husband, your son all are in grave and deadly danger. It is your duty to be vigilant, listen, watch.
Be on your guard, any apparition no matter how slight could be a sign for more devious deviations to come.

Protect your family. Protect your country. Protect society.

Simply contact Avalon Asylum for the Mentally Unfit to arrange for the speedy removable of the suspected.
Worry not for the safety of the inmate-- that is, the patient... We'll take good care of them... Speedy removal from the home is the only way for a complete recovery.

Remember: Madness is a disease, and no one is immune.
Not Quite Right is a Hetalia Asylum AU set in Victorian-era England. We are a new, literate forum that deals with dark and mature subjects. Only active, literate, mature roleplayers need apply.

That said, our insane little family is looking to grow! Characters such as Germany, France, Italy (N&S), Russia, Austria, China, and so many others are open. Pop in any time and apply. We're dying to have you!

IndexPlotRulesCharacter ListApplications
  • zalia

[Selling Post]

I have several Hetalia doujinshi for sale, along with a couple of pins and pens. I also have some fan-made Fimo Hetalia figures left over from Y-con for sale.

All items shipped from the UK. Please give your vague location when asking for a shipping quote. Aim to ship within 1 week of receiving payment (will contact if it will take longer as I sometimes have work commitments which prevent me reaching the post-office during opening hours). Paypal preferred. Will accept Cheque only from the UK.

All items are from a non-smoking home and are in good to new condition unless otherwise stated.


Fimo figures
eleven and his fez

The Hands That Will Never Let Go [A Doctor Who/Hetalia Crossover Fic]

Title:  The Hands That Will Never Let Go
sketchy333 (myself)
The Doctor (Tenth Incarnation), Alfred F. Jones (America), and Arthur Kirkland (England)
Length: 945 words
Summary/Introduction: It was like any other day, and Alfred couldn’t do anything about it. That was how it was until a mysterious blue box appeared and out came a strange man with his envelope.
(Cross-posted from tumblr) I DON’T EVEN KNOW. I didn’t draft or outline for this, so the story’s kinda messed up and doesn’t flow too well. :/ I wanted to do an Arthur-Alfred bromance appreciation fic (of course DW has to be included), but then Arthur started crying again and it didn’t work out too well. I also wanted this to be a “sort of prequel” to avatarmirai’s fic that she plans on doing whenever she can. She asked for a prompt and I suggested Al meeting the Doctor for the first time, so this fic won’t count as an official meeting since it was so short. Enjoy, and apologies for the long note! Names are used and sideburns join the fun.
england green/magenta

Fic: Duology (France/Russia) PG

Title: Duology
Author: hyperemmalawlz 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: France/Russia. Appearances by Germany and Ukraine.
Word Count: 1850
Rating: PG
Summary: They are two nations vulnerable in Europe. They have a common enemy. An alliance makes sense.
Warnings: Brief description of violence. References to war and such. Extreme sap. Possible OOC-ness. Anachronisms.
Author's Notes: Written for hetalia_kink, the prompt: France/Russia or Russia/France - The Franco-Russian Alliance of WWI. Historical notes down the bottom.

"Quite the romance, is it not?"
[Hetalia ♪ Spain] Happy~


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Sharing a video that my friend riankah made of a complilation of our meets in Chester, Manchester and also some photos from the MCM Expo, Telford.

Our next meets, incase anyone is interested are:

Blackpool and Chester on March 19th (one or other, we are holding two since some of us can't get to Blackpool)

Mid-April, probably in Southport.

Three of us will also be at Kitacon III if you would like to say hi :D

You can find more info at our DA or FB: