March 14th, 2011

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FIC: dub the frequencies of love (Russia/America, OC!Alaska)

Title: dub the frequencies of love
Author: Mipp
Characters/Pairings: America, Russia (with past Russia/America), OC!Alaska, and with Japan, England, and OC!Hawaii in supporting roles.
Rating: T for Teen, to be on the safe side.
Warnings: Implied past mpreg, misadventurers with alien technology, little kid OCs, hints of dark themes. This is set in the 1960s, so there's some anti-Communist rhetoric from America. This is actually about as safe and heartwarming as I come.
Summary: De-anon from the kink meme. Alaska's other dad isn't there for his eighth birthday -- so Alaska reasons that if Russia can't come to him, he'll go to Russia. America reacts as expected.

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Native babies [APH]

[Fanfic] Bei Segreti [USUK]

Title: Bei Segreti
Genre: Romance, angst
Pairing(s): America and England
Rating: T for good measure.
Warnings: England being emo.
Summary: After posing as an Italian to woo America, England and America cross paths as their normal selves the next day, and England is afraid all his chances at love have been blown by "Arturo".
Notes: A respsonse/sequel to the first fic, Bell'Italiano. I'd say it's not super necessary to read the first one but that's kind of a lie, you won't know what the crap is going on. Anyway, this is a thank-you for the overwhelming response I got, and a lot of people wanted to see this explored, so here it is! Maybe more parts will follow?

But, alas, he was England now, and England hid behind cross words and scowls, not fancy suits and pretty words. )

[fanart] Despair, scared and worried

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If you do not have DeviantART and cannot see the picture for any reason click here

Title: Despair
Author/Artist: eikomakimachi (me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China
Rating: PG considering the subject, perhaps?
Warnings: Sketch-looking, Yao looking desperate and worried.
Summary: I think many people are like Yao, hoping that everything will calm down and that their friends and families in Japan are ok. This drawing was more to show Yao's worry for Kiku's safety as humans and family members, not as countries.

Edit: I forgot to add the link to my journal, where there is a link to an article about how to donate to Japan. I'm also taking sketch commissions to raise money to donate to Global Giving, in case anyone is interested in getting some art and at the same time donate.

Click here for more info
chibi china

Taking Commissions - 50% goes to Japan

I want to help but have no money to donate, so I'm taking commissions and sending half of what I make to Japan! If you want you can even tell me which agency you'd like me to donate to (as long as it's one I can donate to through PayPal service), or if you'd rather I send it to New Zealand or somewhere that is also recovering from some kind of disaster, feel free to tell me that as well. c:

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[fanfic] 4 - Vargas

Title: 4
Arc: Vargas
Pairings: Spain/Romano, Germany/Italy
Warnings: 4th wall breakage, language, superpowers
Summary: That mysterius, violet 4.

On another note, I am offering my services as fanfiction/original fic writer over at the Help Japan community. I would be glad to write some Hetalia-themed fics, and the money would go to a good cause! My thread is over here. Thanks!

[Fanfic] Fill the Void [Prologue & Chapters 1&2]

Title: Fill the Void

Character(s): Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland

Pairing(s): DenNor, SuFin, IceNor

Rating: T

Warnings: Human Names, Character Death

Summary: As time went on, they slowly forgot him - even replaced him! And now, Iceland decided it was time to make them pay for what they've done and teach them a lesson they would never forget...

Notes: While this story does wind-up Iceland centric, it starts off revolving around the other four Nordics.

Three bits because the prologue and Ch1 are very short >_<;

This is a second fill carried over from the Nordic Xmas exchange. I liked one of the prompts so much, I wanted to do it even after I'd already completed my exchange.

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[ RP ] HetaliaTweets Circle 3 .


HetaliaTweets C3!

'Sup guys.
If you're looking for simple, fun and real time Role-play, then hetalia_tweets is for you !

What Circle 3 offers you;
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• New Friends! Seriously, you'll meet the best people ever.
• Friendly and Understanding players who will help if you have any questions. And love you.
• No Characters Apps needed!

If you have any other questions, please click the cut and they'll most likely be answered !

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[Fanfic] - The Trails We Blaze [1/?]

Title: The Trails We Blaze
Author: faeriesnook
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Spain, Portugal, England (mentioned). England/Portugal
Summary: The year is 1543 and Portugal is driven to distraction worrying over the whereabouts of a certain missing Brit. His brother arrives with a map and an offer that prove to be too tempting to resist - but the lure of gold and glory may ultimately lead to destruction... (El Dorado/Hetalia crossover)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hetalia in anyway shape or form. Or The Road to El Dorado.

"It's tough to be a God, tread where mortals cannot trod!"
America Aviator Wink

[2 Fanfics] "Lights in the Darkness" & "Accidents Happen"

Title: "Lights in the Darkness"
Author/Artist: shuriken7
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Part of a set of drabbles I've been working on surrounding the American Revolution. Once lights in the darkness had been a source of joy, now they were symbols of pain and loss.

It would never be the same again.

Title: "Accidents Happen"
Author/Artist: shuriken7
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Part of a set of drabbles I've been working on surrounding the American Revolution. Events in Boston are tearing the brothers apart.

"Accidents happen, big brother."

Also, I have no idea if anyone is interested in my writing (I'm still working on improving), but I am auctioning off ficlets on the help_japan community for relief for the natural disaster in Japan. You can find that HERE. Please check out all the amazing services that are being auctioned over there.
Italy, Spinning

[Fanfic] Disney World (Kink Meme Deanon)

Title: Disney World
Author/Artist: MoyaKite
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/Canada
Rating: PG
Warnings: Discrete mentions of possible sex, a couple of chaste kisses, America is a total sap.
Summary: Written for the following prompt (although I deviated from it somewhat):
America/Any - His ideal date is at Disneyworld: America and Nation A's first date is coming up, so he picks the location. Nation A thinks it's going to be somewhere romantic and beautiful. It turns out to be Disney World. Still, America manages to make the date worthwhile.
Author's Note: I'm deanoning this to let people know that I'm auctioning off a commissioned fanfiction to help Japan over here. Please take a look if you enjoy this fic. (Also, the original is here, in Part 17 of the kink meme, and the offer I made to flesh out certain scenes may still apply, if people are interested. Just comment to let me know!)

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