March 19th, 2011


Fanfic - PruHun - "Ends of the Earth"

Title: Ends of the Earth
Rating: PG17 for a fight and implied sex
Characters/Pairings: Hungary/Prussia, other relationships mentioned
Summary: Soviet era. She's the only one he misses who still lives in the same house he does.
Notes: I've wanted to play with this pairing more recently. The next story will probably just be massive, massive sexy times, but this sort of interaction was just begging to be written.

( "Ends of the Earth" )

[Fanfic] Feed the Hungry

Title: Feed the Hungry
Author: sobdasha
Rating: G
Characters: Germany, Prussia
Pairings: None
Warnings: (in a very loose sense) silliness; this fic is not secretly out to break your heart and anyone who is familiar with my writing will find that highly unusual; Catholic!Prussia
Words: 871
Summary: For the love of God, Germany is going to make pancakes.

Follow the fake cut to my writing journal (and I will put up the FFnet link when it's done having errors):

( It's Sunday morning and Germany has no one to impress, but first thing after stepping out of bed and straightening the covers he still shrugs on a clean tank top and buttons a decent shirt over it. )
Bangel and Pakis-tan [Pakis-tan]
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[Blog Update] New Sketch (Now Magically Transformed into a picture of Liechtenstein)

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I have no idea who she is but she's pretty... (Maybe Seychelles? Sujanta from Chibisan Date? Someone else? I have no idea)

EDIT: A friend on twitter just pointed out to me that he's drawn her before. Is she a character from another series? :/ ( and

EDIT2: Okay, it looks like Himaruya has replaced this sketch with a picture of Liechtenstein. Okey Dokey Then. (Its a conspiracy thats the only explanation.)

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Quick question

Hello! I've got a quick question about a doujin site.

Is this site safe? It has a Hetalia doujin I really want to buy, and it's the only site with that doujin that I could find. (But it is a bit pricey.)

If not, are there alternatives? 

(Mods, if this is not okay feel free to delete)
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FIC: dub the frequencies of love (Chapters 7-8)

Title: dub the frequencies of love
Author: Mipp
Characters/Pairings:: America, Russia (with some America/Russia), OC!Alaska
Rating: T for Teen, to be on the safe side. This fill contains implications of past mpreg, little kid OCs, mentions of unfortunate pregnancy complications, and Russia and America bitching at each other. This is actually about as safe and heartwarming as I come.
Summary: De-anon from the kink meme. Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-5, and Chapter 6.

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 Looking for a fun and active RP?!

 Hetalia IC is a site dedicated to role playing the characters as Hima-sensei created them because thats why we came to love them in the first place :D. We are a new site that has many characters such as Prussia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, and China available to RP! We have no theme also so as long as you can imagine it we can role play it! :D  (We are a really crazy group though so join if you love to spaz!)
1X10 Iceland

[Fanfic] Earthquake [Den X Ice]

Title: Earthquake
Author/Artist: Mirlin :3
Character(s): Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway
Pairing(s): Denmark X Iceland
Rating: 16+
Warnings: Shounen-ai
Music: None
Summary: An earthquake destroyed Iceland and Denmark is the first to help the young nations.

I wanted to comment that this fiction has nothing to do with the earthquake in japan. I wrote this fiction in januari, but my beta isn't done with fixing it yet and I'm a little bit impatient so I wanted to post it badly XD


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Funhouse - A HetaOni FST

Title: Funhouse
Compiled by: emsiecat 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): All
Rating: PG -13 (some swearing in certain songs)
Summary: (A track of 30 songs plus 1 bonus). Ever got so obsessed by something that you hear certain music/songs and think; 'hey this would fit (insert fandom here) perfectly!'? Yeah I've been HetaOni obsessed lately. This is basically a compilation of music and songs that have reminded me in some way or another of that amazing fan game HetaOni! Thought I'd share with you all. I also have an obsession with Yuki Kajiura's work, sorry ^^;
Credits for the art go to: Ruyow on Pixiv and Majuki on DeviantART

*This is my first upload here so please excuse any mistakes/problems OTL I did write lyrics but they went bleh so uh got rid of them

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demand explination for bullshit

[Fanfic] Man! I Feel Like A Woman! [km deanon]

Title: Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Author: Me
Characters: Romano-centric, mentions of North Italy, Germany and Spain.
Rating: Gen/no pairings
Warnings: Involuntary, non physically painful gender switching

Romano hates being female. He hates it with everything in him – he hates having breasts, he hates how his balance is completely thrown off, he hates the way people look at him when he talks, he hates how other girls giggle and titter behind their hands, he hates the look that a new boss always gives, he hates that Veneziano has bigger breasts than him, he hates suddenly bursting out of his clothes, he hates it all.

He hates the fact that he sometimes bleeds.

You know, from "down there".

I'm offering fanfic for help_japan, so if you feel up to it, here's the link! I'm also offering a year's worth of weekly letters/postcards/small packages here.  If you have money (unlike me!) please bid, if not for something of mine, than for someone else's. You're helping out a totally awesome nation (I would know, I've lived there) and getting something back for it! Yay good karma points!

Writting Love on the Pages
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[Fanfic] Heaven Has Only Elgar and Liszt

Title: Heaven Has Only Elgar and Liszt
Author: tenrai
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Francis and Arthur play instruments in the European orchestra and they debate the merits of one another's composers. "Debate" being used very, very loosely.
Warnings: Musical nerding to the extreme, England's foul mouth, and a possible resurgence of childhood trauma depending on what decade you grew up in and what music your parents made you listen to on long car rides.

( It is my belief that England would make a great fiddler. )

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[Selling] 6 R-18 Doujinshi

Since all of the doujinshi I am selling in this post are R-18, they will be sold on my livejournal account in a post that is only 18+. Sorry for the inconveience. You can find the post here.

1. ラトビアなのにネゼーランドドワーフです by MIKADSUKIKANSOKUJO (Russia/Latvia)
2. ホスピタリズム by MIKADSUKIKANSKUJO (Russia/Latvia)
3. こんなシーラトは結婚 by MIKADSUKIKANKUJO (Sealand/Latvia)
4. Because I love you by Que Sera2 (Greece/Japan)
5. 日々好日世。by TomoeManufacture (Greece/Japan)
6. Welcome to My World by Tamahime (US/UK)

Shipping internationally as well.

Good Place to buy Doujinshis?

Hi everyone and good evening to all middle europeans (to everyone else good morning, day or whatever time is ^^)

I've been searching for a good place to buy doujinshis, especially hetalia ones. So does anyone know a good place (expect Livejournal)?
It'd be nice if you could tell me. I'm looking forward to your comments :3

EDIT: Thank you guys you're awesome!! Now I definitely find some very good doujinshis :3