March 24th, 2011

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[FIC] - Even Heroes Get Scared 1/1

Title: Even Heroes Get Scared
Author: Robin Gurl
Part: 1/1
Pairing: o.O I suppose if you squint it could be US UK…I kinda wrote it more as a fatherly thing though.
Summary: Thunderstorms are very loud, it doesn’t matter how old you are they are still flippin’ scary.
Notes: This author is stuck in a thunderstorm and is terrified of them. Mew. She wishes she either had a Germany, a Sweden or a Britain to snuggle up to until it went away. T_T
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea.

Link to Story at my writing journal
[hetalia] fruk hair

Fic: Joint and Jut

Title: Joint and Jut
Author: salientia
Rating: R
Characters & Pairings: England/France
Warnings: Language, mentions of (consensual, non-explicit) fight-sex, fake cut. Cross-posted to what_the_fruk.
Summary: France contemplates his sexual habits, England's psychology and the state of his bedsheets.

( Water running, as France hauls himself up into and beyond the exquisite tenderness of his muscles to lean half-upright on the pillows. England will be spitting blood into the sink. )

DC Cherry Blossom Festival Meet-Up!

I don't think there's been a post for this yet, but if there has, please link me!

TheWashington DC National Cherry Blossom Festival is just about to start!
I was hoping to plan a cosplay meet up of some sort on the day of the street fair, which is as far as I can tell, on April 9th.
People of the Greater DC area, please come gather and romp! If you're planning to attend the festival and would like to join a larger party, this is the place to do it!
Once we're more cetain of the set up, we can plan a meet up spot.
So who's in?

I personally don't know any cosplayers here, but I'm going to cosplay anyway! (Forever alone?)

Punishment 83

[Fanart] Chibi Invasion! 1) Switzerland + Liechtenstein's Day Out and 2) PrussiaxFem!Prussia: Spring

Title: Switzerland + Liechtenstein's Day Out
Title: PrussiaxFem!Prussia: Spring
[info]watercolourrain / NightmareTease / LittlePrussianPrincess
Characters/Pairings:  Prussia/Gilbert x Fem!Prussia/Maria, Switzerland/Vash/Basch, Liechtenstein,  Austria/ Roderich, Germany/Ludwig
Warnings: Genderbending? Chibis! oAo
Notes: So many chibis >w< I swear I'll stop drawing them soon! ;;

Click either image to go on :3

[ Switzerland + Liechtenstein]

[ Prussia and Fem!Prussia ]


[Fanfiction] Floriography: The Language of Flowers (4.7a/4.7; America × England)

Title: Floriography: The Language of Flowers (4.7a/4.7)
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Pairing: America × England
Rating: PG-13
Summary: England has decided to let go, and that terrifies the crap out of America. He just doesn’t know what to do, or what the hell this exactly means for both of them.
Author’s notes: The last two parts of The Truest Language. Because it got too big for one post, wtf, so I'm splitting them into to two and posting at different dates (because my sked sucks). Thank you so much to those who stuck by me until the very end. 

4. The Truest Language (7, part 1)

How does one respond when someone suddenly decides to let go of more than two hundred years of complicated feelings and ties just like that?

Also, happy anniversary, usxuk comm!
Italy, Spinning

[Fanfic] The Kid - Ch. 9

Title: The Kid 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Mainly Prussia, Germany, and Freddy (little kid!OC), but almost everyone could end up in here eventually. (In this chapter: Prussia, Germany, Freddy, Japan, Italy, and Romano.)
Rating: PG (thus far)
Warnings: Fluff, discussions of mortality, potential for future character death (not that it will necessarily happen)
Summary: Deanon from the kink meme for the prompt:
Prussia, being a dad - After the unification of Germany, Prussia was left without much to do. Germany took care of all the official work, so all Prussia could do what get drunk or bother people. One day he decides to go backpacking across the country, and somehow through his adventures he ends up with custody of a small child (2 at the youngest, 5-ish at the oldest, and I would prefer that the kid was a boy too).
Author's Notes: The original is here. (The bonuses are listed there.) I'm extremely fond of this story, so it's likely to continue as long as people keep showing interest. The more comments I get, the quicker I'll update. (Six comments or more tend to convince me to blow off work to write for my readers.)

(Ch. 1)
(Ch. 2)
(Ch. 3)
(Ch. 4)
(Ch. 5)
(Ch. 6)
(Ch. 7)
(Ch. 8)


(Ch. 9)

I'm deanoning this to let people know that I'm auctioning off a fanfiction commission here. Please take a look if you're interested; there are also many other writers participating at help_japan. I'm also offering a translation here, and abarero has kindly organized a list of Hetalia-related offers here.
Australia » Look at dem animals!

[linking] Fair Dinkum B.A.M.F. - the Australia Community!



- a rare breed of hardcore from Down Under; outdoorsy; extreme;
fun-loving; laid-back; someone who has majestic eyebrows; kickass; animal lover; fiercely badass -

Do you find yourself agreeing with all of the above? Think he's all that and more? Then

is the place for you! Got any Australia-centric thoughts and fanworks that you want to share? Everything is welcomed there, by all means! As long as it has Hetalia's Australia, we'll be glad to have it! As of today, there are weekly discussions, up-to-date kink meme archives,  fan-activities, and more --- all designed to keep the much deserved love for the Land Down Under pumping.

If he's relevant to your interests, I humbly ask you to take a small look - you won't be disappointed! We hope to see you there! :)
Bangel and Pakis-tan [Pakis-tan]
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An Important Message About Wikia [Please Read]

As some of you may have noticed, pages on the Wikia host of the old Hetalia wiki have gone online again. The info on these pages are extremely out of date and full of fanon, and in no way should be considered accurate. It was not the decision of myself or any other editor to restore these pages, but rather a passing anon who decided to report us to the wikia staff.

In the coming days we will be looking for ways to repurpose this wikia (perhaps as a catalog for RPs and LJ/Deviantart Communities? A News Hub? Suggestions are welcome) but we will NOT be moving back to Wikia despite the downtime at ShoutWiki. The Wikia staff have been extremely discourteous and do not listen to their users, and continue to ignore the numerous bugs that are embeded into the new layout skin that they forced us to use back in November. The Shoutwiki staff are currently working to get the site back online and unless their is a major change we will be remaining there. (Also, a move back would require replacing Five Months of Edits. To give you some idea we often have around 200 edits in a single day if not more.)

EDIT: It seems that one of wikia's community leaders, Sarah Manley, believes that our actions are inconsiderate and "hurting the community that has remained at wikia". No one remained at wikia, and she has frequently ignored us and reverted our edits. Now she has threatened to ban myself and Icelilly, the site admin. It's not looking good guys. Icelilly is extremely upset, as she admins a wiki that stayed on wikia called "South Park Fanon" and they could potentially block her from the place she built from the ground up.

help_japan: Auctioning off! Axis Powers: Hetalia Manga Vol. 1 Signed by Konishi


I just feel as if, I haven't done enough to help the Japanese people struck by their earthquake and tsunami disaster. And so, in an effort to procure more support for the ailing Nation, I am auctioning off my prized Axis Powers: Hetalia signed by America's voice actor Katsuyuki Konishi himself.

As shown here:

Collapse ) 

bidding starts at $25

cross-posted at captalia 


Hello! I'm the writter of the "Ask the German Brothers" article at WP, and I'm in dire NEED of HELP!!

Please I need questions ONLY FOR PRUSSIA!! It can be anything!!! It's for filling a plot hole in the article I'm writting. Also I'd appreciate if the questions are not serious (about WW2) because I already have a bunch like that, and I don't want the article to be all serious because I think of it as a way to have fun.

Please help me out and shoot your questions! ANYTHING WILL DO!!! (and those left out will be answered most likelly in future issues, so keep asking!!)

Thanks ^^!!

sorry no link to the mag now because I really have to go, see ya!!


Thank you all for your kidness! now I can continue the article at easy ^^. Sorry that I didn't respond one by one because I'm really busy, but I appreciate your help a lot!!

And here's the link of the Fanzine:

Enjoy ^__^

[Fanfic] In the Name of the Stars (3/22)

Title:  In the Name of the Stars

Author:  Me, laur10s

Character(s)/Pairing(s):  A lot.  (For this chapter): America, Romano, England, Lithuania, Japan, Turkey ~~ Eventual America/England, Greece/Japan, Spain/Romano and a little Austria/Hungary and Poland/Lithuania

Rating/Warnings:  PG-13 for language.  A few OCs that’ll make sense in the future,   maybe OOCness, human names

Summary:   Alfred always wanted to become a superhero ever since he was a kid.  His dream is realized in the form of a talking wolf and a pendant that transforms him into the hero of freedom and justice, Star America!  Now he and his allies must fight evil and find the personification of the lost city Atlantis before their enemy does.

Based on the manga/anime "Sailor Moon". AU
Notes: Hi all!  This chapter talks about video games and the like :).  There are also photoshops at the end of the chapter.

I am the hero of freedom and justice Star America!  And in the name of the stars, I will punish you!

MAD- 【APH】- Support Japan!

i was a bit unsure about relating something so serious to hetalia, but hopefully everyone will understand i mean no offence, im just trying to keep japan in everyone's minds.
Most people have heard about the distaster(s) in japan, and many have donated. Media coverage, however, is slowing down. unfortunately, donations will too. please do your part to keep supporting japan! they need everyone's help to rebuild!

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Hetalia Rubber Strap Collections 2 & 3 preorders open!

I thought people would like to know that the new rubber straps are available for preorder!
The release of a third set was totally unexpected!! *Spazzes*

Collection 2: Hobby Search or AmiAmi

Collection 3: Hobby Search or AmiAmi

Would anyone be interested if I host a (semi)group buy for the third set? (I'd keep Poland, Spain and maybe Prussia for myself though.) >_<

[Edit] There seems to be enough interest so I'll make a post for a group buy soon! I will probably organise one for the second set as well.