March 25th, 2011

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[fic] Falling Without Knowing (end)

Title: Falling Without Knowing
Author: disownmereturns / thejmprod
Characters/Pairings: Greece/Japan, others mentioned
Rating: PG
Warnings: post apocalyptic space opera, switching between country and human names

Summary: The nations are living in their own planets, united under one galaxy. By strict decree, they are unable to see or travel to each other and any sort of communication is under the Council's heavy surveillance. New Greece is bothered by the memories of his former self, especially those of a certain island nation. He is willing to break boundaries, cross time and space to know if a connection between them still exists.

A/N: HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY GREECE! *sparkles* Shoutouts! \O/ Thank you to charlzway for the v-gift! The message made me squee~ :'3 Thank you to seena58 for challenging me to do a "tragic, happy and lame" ending! This bit's the happy and lame part :D A huge, huge thank you to chromatic_coma for being my wonderful wonderful beta! And thank you to absolutely everyone who saw this story through! You are all awesome. I love you guys and aaaaaah dkfgjhdfjkg >///< ♥♥♥

Falling Without Knowing

SIX: Whatever happens now that I've changed
No one will ever stand in our way
We both sent the signal, it's been delivered
A crashing cymbal rings out

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America and Italy

Hetalia #TT day

Inform all your Hetalia friends that March 28th: the third anniversary of the Hetalia manga we will make it a trendy topic on twitter! This is to show our love and support of all things Hetalia. End all your tweets with #Hetalia and with the size of this fandom I'm sure we can make it work :D

This is an event that Hetalia IC is doing and needs your help with! If you are looking for a fun and active rp check out Hetalia IC's website :D
Finland, legions

[Anime] Preview World Series Extra Episode


Google says:
Iceland has a little kick-the-cat to make a DNA test! Read the letter written by the DNA test results, four members of Northern Europe. There are a result that was written by brothers how Iceland and Norway!

What the-? Iceland! Don't kick kittens! Seriously, man! That's not how DNA tests are done!
hey stop being so dowwabul

Cosplay: Help!

So... there's a convention tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. Anyways, I was looking around for something to cosplay with, and I found a surprisingly useful amount of clothing which would enable me to cosplay Egypt. One such item was a.. er.. I'm not sure what you'd call his headpiece/hat thing, but I have one (two actually, but one of them is red).

So, the white one. That works, right? Well, problem: there's a big stain on it! It's not a really deep stain and it's only a little bit darker than the fabric, but it's still pretty big and will be obvious up close. Is there any way I may be able to remove it within the next.. twelve hours or so?

Any help would be appreciated! >_<

[RP ad] Steampunktalia

Steampunktalia is a Twitter-based, steampunk AU Hetalia roleplay. For those of you unfamiliar, Twitter is a social networking site where updates are limited to 140 characters each. This means that roleplaying on Twitter is great for new RPers or those who have trouble writing the long responses required by forum roleplay communities.


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Help finding a CanadaxAmerica AU fan fic

Short story Due to my computer I have lost the link to this on going fic

I belive I found it on hetalia_kink.  but now unable to find it even with the indexs

It was Alfred being a Teacher at a college , Arthur being the dean, and fracis being another teacher who talks to mathew.

MAthew has a crush on his teacher Alfred for the longest time.

Kiku is A freinds of mathews, while Ludwig, and Italy (forgot human name) are Alfreds BFFs

has a star gazing club

If you know the fic I'm talking about please give me a link I miss it so.

Sorry for wasting anyones time,

[Fanfic] Incubus Dreams (CH1)

Incubus Dreams
Chapter One: Little Dancing Thurisaz

» Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
» Rating: T for now, M after third chapter
» Classification(s): Humor, Romance, Supernatural, Action/Adventure
» Warnings: Violence, Language, Sexual Situations
» Pairing(s): Ivan/Alfred (Russia/America), Francis/Arthur (France/England), more to come

» Summary: Like many a sorcerer’s apprentice, Alfred is convinced that Wizard Kirkland is A) the biggest wet blanket in the world, and B) totally keeping all the coolest spells for himself. Bored out of his mind, he decides to steal a spell and summon up a little... diversion. Things do not go as planned.

Collapse )
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Twisty Tie (prompt courtesy of conjure_lass

Title: Twisty Tie
Genre: Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): USxUK, slight Italy/Germany
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: unbeta-ed, tie kink
Summary: England is distracted during America's presentation. Prompt given by conjure_lass.

The world faded to black, only that stupid, crooked tie existed for him. It made him itch. Made him want to straighten it. Flatten it out on the pristine white shirt stretched over America's broad chest.
england green/magenta

Fic: Again and Again and Again (Sweden/Finland, Ensemble) PG-13 (1/?)

Title: Again and Again and Again.
Author: hyperemmalawlz 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Chapter: 1/?
Characters/Pairing: Sweden/Finland, Sweden/Latvia, Sealand (possibly some sort of Sealand/Latvia at some point?), Ensemble.
Word Count: 1525
Rating: PG-13 (towards the edge of R)
Summary: The wife, the child, the best friend, the possessor, the man, the boy. It's almost remarkable how many people can get hurt.
Warnings: Cheating, sexual references, swearing, slut-shaming, aging up, age differences in sexual relationships (not to the point of shota, though), complete world-ignorance.
Author's Notes: Written for hetalia_kink, the prompt: Sweden has an affair with someone and Finland comes home one day and catches them in the act. Then followed by a annnnngsty argument of some sort regarding said affair. I want to see some tears and shouting matches or whatever for our "happy couple". The person whom Sweden has an affair with can be anyone, but I'd particularly like Norway or Latvia. I have no idea why. The whole idea for this has grown way beyond what the prompt actually said - oops. Also, I am totally in two minds over whether or not to de-anon on this. The title comes from the Anne Sexton poem by the same name.

Finland knows exactly what was happening now and he truly is about to be sick.
Italy, Spinning

[Fanfic] The Kid - Ch. 10

Title: The Kid 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Mainly Prussia, Germany, and Freddy (little kid!OC), but almost everyone could end up in here eventually. (In this chapter: Prussia, Germany, Freddy, Japan, Italy, Romano, Spain, America, and Canada.)
Rating: PG (thus far)
Warnings: Fluff, discussions of mortality, potential for future character death (not that it will necessarily happen)
Summary: Deanon from the kink meme for the prompt:
Prussia, being a dad - After the unification of Germany, Prussia was left without much to do. Germany took care of all the official work, so all Prussia could do what get drunk or bother people. One day he decides to go backpacking across the country, and somehow through his adventures he ends up with custody of a small child (2 at the youngest, 5-ish at the oldest, and I would prefer that the kid was a boy too).
Author's Notes: The original is here. (The bonuses are listed there.) I'm extremely fond of this story, so it's likely to continue as long as people keep showing interest. The more comments I get, the quicker I'll update. (Six comments or more tend to convince me to blow off work to write for my readers.) Also, I'm sorry that this update is a bit shorter than my usual ones. Spring break is ending, and I really wanted to write, but I only managed about a thousand words today. Ah well. I was mostly working on my thesis. (Oh, and thank you to all of my commenters! I'm writing for all of you!)

(Ch. 1)
(Ch. 2)
(Ch. 3)
(Ch. 4)
(Ch. 5)
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(Ch. 7)
(Ch. 8)
(Ch. 9)


(Ch. 10)

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