March 26th, 2011

Manor of Fate [HetaOni RP]


So, does anyone remember the old forum Manor of Fate? Yeah, we shutdown because we opened a little too quickly and didn't think far ahead enough to consider events.



However, as of right now, despite the forum being open, only OLD MEMBERS may return. If you remember being on this forum and had a character you wish to keep, please return to the forum sign in and drop a note in the character-claim list. If you wish to drop your character, it is your choice if you reply, but please keep in mind that if you don't, your character will be REOPENED.

Re-claims will go until 11 pm EST [-5GMT] Sunday, March 27th. If you do not re-claim by this time, characters will be up for grabs. However, you can still claim your character after this time if no one else has.

Hope to see some of you back in action!

~ MoF Admin, Prussia
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Solus: a plotted AU roleplay

A hundred and fifty years into a horrific and cruel future, there is only one. As global warming took hold, freak weather occurrences became constant and disease started to take hold. War savaged those who survived, and Nations dwindled, dying off one by one as their people died and their cultures merged.

The seas rose in a slow and steady tide, until there was only Solus. A single island in a turbulent ocean, battered by sea storms, high winds and frequent rain.

On this island gathered those who could, but society soon split dramatically: those who had it all, who maintained the fortunate lifestyle of the rich from the old world, and those who had to support those lucky few. The Highlanders and the Lowlanders. Living in a sheltered city, away from the furious ocean, those from the High Lands lived a luxurious lifestyle, while those who lived in the Low Land city were constantly battling the ocean winds and storms.

And above them all, in a sacred hall, lived the mysterious and powerful Solus, leading the people through a puppet government.

It was into this divided and battered environment that, one by one, the old Nations were reborn. Now mortal and aging, and with no memories of their past lives, they seemed no different to the people around them until, slowly but surely, they begin to remember…

Solus is a plotted, alternate universe Hetalia roleplay, which is always open to new members. We encourage creativity and participation, and would love to see you soon!

Plot | Rules | Character List | Applications

ETA: We're still missing some of the main characters. Japan, North Italy and Canada from the G8 and a lot of northern European characters. We have a temporary plot at the moment, but the plot is due to start properly in May so you still have plenty of time to join and get settled in before things start happening!


Hi main comm
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hetalia Axis Powers art book: Arte Stella question

Hey! i'm new here, and i actually don't know if this is allowed to be posted here, so delete it if it isn't. Sorry, but i really don't know where to post it elsewhere T.T (and sorry for my poor english)

I have a question about the hetalia art book Arte Stella:
Are those boxes with all the extra's (stickers, posters etc.) limited? or are they available again after some time? I really want to buy it but they're too expensive so i want to wait for a while, but then i'm afraid all the extra's aren't available anymore T.T  I'd really appreciate it if somebody will tell me!
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[Fanfiction] Achey Shakey Heart

Title:Author: misanthropics
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Japan, mentions of Germany, England and North Italy. No pairings.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Non-graphic descriptions of recent events in Japan- the earthquake and the tsunami.
Summary: Japan watches as he sees the damage brought to his country by natural disasters.
Author's Notes: Please enjoy. This is the most I could do about recent problems in the country.

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Friending Meme?

Hi, guys! You may have seen me around with my few meager fic offerings thus far. I'm relatively new to fandom (about a month or two), so I'm thinking about making some new friends here in this lovely fandom. I dunno if there's been one done before, but I come bearing a friending meme.

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