March 28th, 2011

Manor of Fate [HetaOni RP]

It all started as a game...

In the mountain range beyond the World Summit building stands an abandoned manor hidden by a thick forest. According to rumours, it was abandoned years ago after a series of brutal murders during the 1800's. The name "Himuro" hangs by rusted screws on a faded plate below a knocker that has almost fallen off completely. Legend states that after the murders took place, the building was taken over by the ghosts of the fallen and quickly infested with demons.

It was supposed to be fun...

The year is now 2013. To celebrate Halloween, the nations gathered together before the Haunted Mansion in order to play a simple game of courage. Organizing themselves into teams, they went inside and split up. The goal of the game: scare the other teams out of the manor and the last team inside wins.

Friendly competition...

Upon entering the building, the eerily well-kept interior made some of the nations worry. Contrary to the broken and rotting exterior of the building, everything on the inside is clean and well-kept. The plumping works, the lights turn on and off, and the kitchen has food in it. Almost as if maids were still at work and someone lived inside.

When we went inside...

Shortly after the game started, the power went out and screams filled the manor. When the lights came back, the teams found themselves in separate parts of the building. The team "leaders" awoke with cameras in their hands that didn't seem to function normally. Outside the doors, things were heard moving about in the hallways: footsteps when no one was there, and growling from creatures that could not be seen.

We never expected...

What started off as a game quickly turns into a fight for survival. The doors are locked, the windows won't open, and the creatures are out. Now the nations must find a way to kill the demons and escape before they become the next spirits to join the legend.

We might not make make it out...

Character List

Mochi Plush for sale( [∂]ω[∂] )

This is a picture of the Russia mochi i made for someone on deviant art. all russia's will have a choice between closed eyes or open eyes his scarf is also remove-able ( [∂]ω[∂] )

Mochi plushie commissions are now open. Character mochi's I have the materials for are Russia, America, Canada, and England Each plushie comes with its own sticker plus free sketches as well as a thank you for adoption note :)

(easter is coming up soon wouldn't you want to get a cute pillow mochi for your loved one? :D)

America mochi's will have a choice between a nantucket or no nantucket as well as no hat or a hat for England

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[Fanfiction] Groom of the Mountain Deity

Title: Groom of the Mountain Deity [3/?]
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, eventual America/England
Rating: PG
Summary: AU. Alfred had been sacrificed by his village to marry the Mountain Deity. Alfred finally met Terra, got the shock of his life, and promptly disliked him. But there are many things about Terra Alfred doesn't know. Yet.

Link: come to think of it, tonight is his wedding night, isn’t it?

[Fic] Light of My Life, Fire of My Loins

I somehow forgot to post it on here, don't know how that happened. :P

Title: Light of My Life, Fire of My Loins (1/1)
Author: weird_number
Genre: Angst, Drama
Rating/Warnings: Violence
Summary: America and Russia spend the Cold War bombing themselves, over and over again, but never each other. France and England want nuclear weapons too, but they don't want to test on themselves, no, never that. Nuclear testing through the ages.
Characters, Pairings: US/UK, France, Canada, Russia

Also on

( England had come over one night, bandages covering most of his face )
FRUK Walk heart

Group Buy + Merchandise Post

I am doing a group buy for my friends and I have some that are unclaimed so here I am with a group buy. 
These are the rubber straps mascot volume 3 only. I will be ordering two boxes so I have two of each character available. They will be released in late August 2011.




[FANFIC] Complicated Shadow {4/10ish}

Title: Complicated Shadow
Genre: drama, crime - mafia!
Characters: England, America, Canada, Ukraine, OC, Austria, Switzerland in this chapter
Rating: T for brief graphic violence at the beginning and my sailor mouth
Warnings: kink meme deanon, Russia, brevity
Summary: The US government's witness protection program, WITSEC, has never had a witness die while under its protection. After innocent civilian Arthur Kirkland witnesses a murder ordered by the desperately ruthless Vargas mob, the United States government puts him under the care of US Marshal Alfred Jones. Will a hero's protection be enough to keep the record clean?




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[Question] Working iso for Gakuen Hetalia Portable?

Anyone knows a existing working iso for the Hetalia PSP game? I found one on the Korean website clubbox, but that one doesn't work at all. Then I found one on the Chinese website tgbus, that one works for a little. However it shuts my PSP down after the 5th day in the game, I can never past the 1st week. It also shuts my psp down whenever I tried to read character profiles...

Please anyone knows a working iso out there?

[Roleplaying Ad] APHpluks!

We're a not-so-new group of rpers, and we use Plurk, a site that works pretty much in a similar way to twitter, allowing quick, easy-going RPing as well as OOC conversations. We're looking for new members, who will be active and stay IC! Don't be scared, we're a chilly, welcoming group, as long as you follow the rules. A modern-day set RP, where nations are free to do what they do best, get molested by France cause trouble, chase after love, deal with their bosses, paperwork, and whatever other plot you have in mind!

We have tons of empty spots! Yes, we've been dead for a while, so why don't you try to help us a bit? Feel free to look around! We also accept OCs, as well as Ancient nations. No apps required!

[fic] coffeehouse dates

Title: Coffeehouse Dates
Author/Artist:chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): France/Canada
Rating: K+/PG
Warnings: Smoking
Prompt: Coffeehouse dates and first kisses that taste of cigarettes for the exchange at maplesandroses
Summary: Francis Bonnefoy is only looking to escape the rain, but he might have run into something greater.

Nothing lived in the shop but the boy and his poem.

Fanart: Canada-kun~

Title: Canada
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, slight mention of another nation
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Almost naked Canada being moe

I drew the line art for this bad boy months ago and got around to finishing it yesterday and coloring it in today. I  was thinking about drawing some Canada for practice and this popped into my head. I really want to draw Canada in a maid's outfit now

BONUS POINTS IF YOU KNOW WHAT CANADA IS MOANING SAYING. sorry for the fail Japanese writing...I had no idea how to do the strokes so please forgive and I'm not sure how to rate this, since it's not technically porn...but it's not innocent either~

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england green/magenta

Fic: Again and Again and Again (Sweden/Finland, Ensemble) PG-13 (2/?)

Title: Again and Again and Again
Author: hyperemmalawlz 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Chapter: 2/?
Characters/Pairing: Sweden/Finland, Sweden/Latvia, Sealand (possibly some sort of Sealand/Latvia at some point?), Ensemble.
Word Count: 1864
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The wife, the child, the best friend, the possessor, the man, the boy. It's almost remarkable how many people can get hurt.
Warnings: Cheating, sexual references, swearing, slut-shaming, aging up, bad reasons for sexual relations, age differences in sexual relationships (not to the point of shota, though), complete world-ignorance.
Author's Notes: Written for hetalia_kink, the prompt: Sweden has an affair with someone and Finland comes home one day and catches them in the act. Then followed by a annnnngsty argument of some sort regarding said affair. I want to see some tears and shouting matches or whatever for our "happy couple". The person whom Sweden has an affair with can be anyone, but I'd particularly like Norway or Latvia. I have no idea why. The whole idea for this has grown way beyond what the prompt actually said - oops. Also, I am totally in two minds over whether or not to de-anon on this. The title comes from the Anne Sexton poem by the same name.

Stupid changing and stupid sadness and stupid secrets.
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