March 30th, 2011


[Fanfic] Educating America 25

 Title: Educating America
Author: coffeefate
Characters/Pairings: America, Romano. Some background pairings in passing.
Ratings/Warnings: PG13 for language, I guess. Rapid tense change. Awkwardness!
Summary: America wants to get to know Romano better. Romano just wants to fix the idiot's tastebuds

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[fanfic] Promise me

 Title: Promise Me
Author: TriangularPrism
Genre: Friendship/Angst   
Characters: Germany, Italy 
Ratings/Warnings: K+

Summary: It was the war that tore them apart. But all he wanted was to stay... Italy finds it ironic that the one time he forces himself to be strong is in the act of his greatest cowardice.   

Ahh, I'm trying out a post to the Hetalia LJ group for the first time, so I apologize if I get anything wrong.

(Promise Me)

[Fanfic] Youth in Rebellion [CH1/4]

Youth in Rebellion
Chapter One: Like Kurt Cobain!
» Rating: T
» Classification(s): Humor, Romance
» Warnings: Language, Sexual Situations
» Pairing(s): Arthur/Francis (England/France)
» Summary: AU. Young Arthur Kirkland is being rebellious. He's sick of rules, tired of being good, and just wants to change himself for the dirtier. So why isn't anyone but this beardy French frog taking him seriously...! ? M in future.

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APH Bulgaria

Trying to correct Hetalia's human names.

I expanded the theme because in the comments there is an interesting debate about Hetalia characters' human names:

Here's a backup of  a page of Himaruya's
old blog where appear some human names.

If you are a native speaker of some of these countries (or just manage "perfectly" the language, it would be great, also if you know a little bit of japanese).
Just a basic thing of japanese: Katakana writes the foreign names phonetically (or the most similar possible to the real phonetic). They use syllabes (except for the letter "n" and the vowels that can be alone. Sometimes the U after a consonant is not pronounced -if it's following an O, just makes the O sound "longer").

I think we should "correct" the transliterations once Shoutwiki is back (or a similar site), these mistakes were running since long ago, and I kow it wouldn't be easy get use to the "corrections", but maybe it's more accurate about them and not "live with the mistakes" XD.

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Of course there are more names with "mistaken transliterations". If you find another, just tell us...
As taylorphantom  said, we should start a  "Figure out the best possible human names from katakana and language X" project ....
Try me.

Hetalia Imperium - World War III RP


No matter how hard each country tries to work towards peace, strife, dissonance, and war are inevitable.

In every nation is a small, irrepressible desire to dominate and rule; behind every treaty and agreement, an ulterior motive. Countries that were once powerful empires cannot deny their yearning for the days of old, while their colonies - those that have been repressed, abused, and forgotten - desire for power, acknowledgement, and glory.

Now, with insurrection in the Middle East, manipulation and combat in Asia, the emergence of an alliance set on changing the world order, and the discovery of a new source of oil, the world has been plunged into World War III. Friendships that were previously thought to be unbreakable have been shattered, while love is being found in the most unlikely - and most unfortunate - of places. Nations that were once enemies have become the closest of allies, though not even those with the gentlest smiles can be trusted.

Welcome to Hetalia Imperium, where the fate of the world rests in your hands. Noblesse oblige - let those with power use it responsibly.

We've still plenty of characters still open, but ones that our members would love to see are Austria, Hungary, Japan, India, Poland, Ukraine, the Baltics, and some African countries.

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Nostalgia: end

Title: Nostalgia 33/ 33
Genre: Romance, Humor, Angst
Rating: T for: Insults, Swearing, OC's, implied sexual situations
Characters and Pairings: USUK
Summary: In his dreams he is not Arthur. He is called England. As England, he remembers the excitement of playful arguments, the sadness of misunderstandings and the warmth of loving companionship and friendship. But, as England he also remembers death. The darkness that engulfed him. It is in that darkness he is awoken. FAIL SUMMARY
This chapter: Waking up

" I take back what I said earlier... England just woke up."

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US UK - Don't worry dude

[FIC] - FACE - Polar Opposites Chapters 1 and 2

Title: Polar Opposites
Author: Robin Gurl
Characters: France, Britain, America, Canada
Pairings: Maybe future UK/US and Franada (MAYBE)
Notes: ..first time writing FACE .. er it's NOT nor will it be FRUK. They get along to take care of Alfred and Matthew.
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Russian Roulette Chapter 6 will be posted soon! :)

Hetalia Fanfiction [I'd like to upload]

So... this is where I WOULD be posting a link to my (finally finished) story "The Long Road Home" a PrussiaxAustria fanfic that I've been working on for far too long to be acceptable. (Why haven't readers started throwing things at me yet?)

However, it seems that DOES NOT want me to upload ANYTHING and anything I go into that nifty little part of that lets you click on your uploaded stories to add a chapter I get an error. This has been going on for almost a week now, and according to a friend, I'm not the only one with the issue. However, it seems that other authors have been able to upload just fine. I dunno if it's just my school internet, and that wouldn't make sense because another friend has been having the same issue, or if is just being derpy.
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I hope the GodMods give me mercy on posting this and allow it because it's related in some, somewhat vague, Hetalia roundabout way. But just in case, I have linked said story to prove it's Hetalianess and for anyone who is interested, there is a summary below.

Title: The Long Road Home <--Non-LJ link is Non-LJish and leads to Yahoo~
Author: Me~<3
Pairings: PrussiaxAustria [main couple] with: GermanyxItaly, AmericaxEngland, and hopefully some ChinaxJapan
Warning(s): Gilbert's mouth, violence, general depressing topics, and Russia being... well, Russia.Summary: With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Prussia is finally able to return home, but he is little more than a shell of his former self. Germany tries desperately to tend to his brother's wounds, but Gilbert is quickly losing his will to live. Unable to help his brother, Ludwig seeks the help of the only person who he knows can help.