April 2nd, 2011

FrUK: Hahawhat

[Fanart] Sketches

Title: April Fool's sketches
Artist: me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, England, Spain, United States, Russia and China. France/England.
Rating: ... PG? PG-13?
Warnings: Idk, it's suggestive, but basically harmless. Chibis and characters dressed for the April 1st event. Animal ears, too.
Summary: When I saw the new pictures and strips, I had to draw something. And here it is!

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Three USUK Fanarts! [Old]

Title: Three Fanarts!  [AmericaxEngland (original, I know. c: ), Videogame Marathon, Shipwrecked!] 
Artists: seraphic_dream  + Spoon
Characters/Pairings: America/England
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Three fanarts here!  Click the fake LJ cut to look at them!  
Notes: These are old fanworks but still, decided to post them up here!  


Nostalgia Epilogue

Title: Nostalgia 32/ 33
Genre: Romance, Humor, Angst
Rating: T for: Insults, Swearing, OC's, implied sexual situations
Characters and Pairings: USUK
Summary: In his dreams he is not Arthur. He is called England. As England, he remembers the excitement of playful arguments, the sadness of misunderstandings and the warmth of loving companionship and friendship. But, as England he also remembers death. The darkness that engulfed him. It is in that darkness he is awoken. FAIL SUMMARY
This chapter: Epilogue
" Can you keep up?"
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Crab Supernova
  • roslya

The Lost Colonist (1/7) Prologue

Title: The Lost Colonist
Author/Artist:  Roslya
Characters: America, England, Captain John Smith, Roanoke Indians, Croatoan Indians, the settlers of the Lost Colony of Roanoke
Rating: K+
Genre: Adventure/Drama
Warnings: None, really.  Gets a bit violent later in the story, but still not very bad.
Summary: He was not always the United States of America, or even the American Colonies. Once, he was just Alfred F. Jones, a little boy from the Lost Colony of Roanoke… 

LJ Journal Cut: "The truth shall be revealed in time..."

so you think you're sexy, fraaaance

[fic] Like an Open Door

Title: Like and Open Door
Pairing: France/England
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own, no harm intended, you know how it goes.
Warning/Content: Language?
Summary: Arthur is going home. He's not sure if he wants to, though.
Notes: Part of a rather long series of one-shots over at the_good_parts , though all function pretty much as standalone fics, as well.

You can find it here.

cross-posted everywhere. D:

NATION_TWEETING, a hetalia twitter rpg

nation_tweet nation_tweet nation_tweet nation_tweet

Hi and welcome to Nation Tweets! A Hetalia based twitter rp where everyone is invited. It's laid-back, and we might have events from time to time.

We just recently opened, and there are a lot of open slots for anybody's taking.

Gender-bending (yes, they can be separate from their canon gender) and original characters for nations are also allowed! :)

( RESERVE ) ( APPS ) ( FAQs ) ( CHARA ) ( Q&A )
Poland Hetaween

[fanfic] Know My Name

Title: Know My Name
Author: TriangularPrism
Characters/Pairings: BelCan, quite possibly in that order…
Rating: K+
Summary: He made no attempt at all to show the world who he was, and for some reason… it irked her.

(A/N): I think I’m going to write Belarus with as many Nations as I can. For no particular reason except Belarus needs some more love, and it's a good exercise.

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[Fanfic] Educating America 28

Title: Educating America
Author: coffeefate
Characters/Pairings: America, Romano. Some background pairings in passing.
Ratings/Warnings: PG13 for language, I guess. Rapid tense change. Awkwardness!
Summary: America wants to get to know Romano better. Romano just wants to fix the idiot's tastebuds

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DC Cherry Blossom Festival Meet-Up!

TheWashington DC National Cherry Blossom Festival is just about to start!
I was hoping to plan a cosplay meet up of some sort on the day of the street fair, which is as far as I can tell, on April 9th.
People of the Greater DC area, please come gather and romp! If you're planning to attend the festival and would like to join a larger party, this is the place to do it!

So who's in?

Update: So we're looking at meeting by the JPop Stage, which will be at one side of the fair. You can identifiy it by...well...all the anime stuff around it. The other side of the festival should be more traditional.
I'll be there at 11am and will leave around 6pm. Chances are, we'll wander off somewhere, but we should come back to the meeting place every once in a while.

[RP Ad] Carina High

Carina High: An AU Hetalia RP centred around the lives of attending sudents and working staff who struggle to resolve everyday problems (whether ie be that spilled coffee on your new shirt, that essay you 'forgot' to finish, or those screaming people who follow you around and call themselves "your parents").

Set in California 2012, Carina High is a public school with a very diverse population. We have students who strive for excellence, students that could hardly care, students who try to conform within normality and students who... are eccentric, to say the least. Don't even get me started on the cliques. You'll soon see for yourself. Applications are now being accepted! So, what are you waiting for? In such a distinct population, where do you belong?

We are a recently revamped community and we have many characters currently open. Please check the Claims and Holds page below to see what's available.

OCs are welcome, but we would like to have most canon spaces taken.

Claims and Holds ][ Rules ][ Application ][ Carina RP ][ Carina OOC

[April Fools Event] Official Update Thread Part 4

♦♣ April Fool's Event 2011 Follow Up ♣♦

The event may have ended, but we still got some updates to take care of!
Please refrain from spamming and saying there is an update when there isn't any.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

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Thank you all for being with us for this event!  We had fun, didn't we?
Special thanks to all of the people who worked hard on the translations and scanlations.  Awesome job you guys!
Another special shout out to the team over on Hetalia File Archives
. Awesome job as well!
However, the biggest thank you goes out to Hidekaz Himaruya for putting this event together for all of us to enjoy. All the hard work and just everything in general. We love you!

Until next time: Hasta la pasta!

Chaostalia! [A Hetalia Plurk Role-play!]

Welcome to Chaostalia! We are a plurk group searching for new members! There are plenty of characters open to choose from! Such as, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Seychelles, Poland and Austria. There are still many gender bends also open, but we most want a Fem!Spain, Fem!Denmark,   Fem!Lithuania, Fem!Greece  Fem!Turkey, and Male!Belarus~

Plot: On what seemed to be an ordinary day, something extraordinary occurs! What the nations thought to be just another day in their lives turned into an adventure they never would have expected! Something magical seemed to have occurred. No one knows exactly how it happened, but on that day chaos soon ensued. Like something in a fairytale, a clash in time and space distorted the nations’ realm. Counterparts of the opposite gender soon invaded their world! How will everyone take to this new change? How will they share the earth? Will there be war or peace?

Chaostalia!RulesCharacter ListApplication
eleven and his fez

[fic] Blackbird (France and Vietnam)

Title:  Blackbird
Author: sketchy333 (myself)
Characters: Francis Bonnefoy (France) and Vietnam
Length: 832 words
Summary/Introduction: One fine day, Francis spots the girl sitting by his large living room window and hopes to have a small, little chat with her (and gets something a bit nicer than what he bargained for).
Notes: Oh god, this was a lot better in my head...

The rest of my notes will be in this link!
england green/magenta

Fic: What is Frozen in Amber (India, England) PG-13

Title: What is Frozen in Amber
Author: hyperemmalawlz 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: India (OC), England. References to Bengal, Japan and Germany.
Word Count: 870 (not including notes).
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "England... your people need to win your war. Our people... we need fish and rice to eat." India, England, and the Bengal famine of 1943.
Warnings: Historically sensitive issues (description of famine and starvation), swearing.
Author's Notes: Written for hetalia_kink, the prompt: "Anything Goes (As Long As There's some Historical Fact behind)." I read about the Bengal famine and pretty much had to write something about it, because... it just seemed terrible. I was really not sure how to deal with Bengal as to whether it'd be in India, whether it'd be a separate entity etc. (since it is separate to India now, although now it's multiple countries). Eventually, I decided to give Bengal a personification, but treat her somewhat like a part of India (which she was then). My title was inspired by the 'Jewel of the British Empire' name, as amber is a (sort of) jewel that holds things inside it, and India is a 'jewel' whose importance is what is inside her (that she can provide). Does that make sense? Historical notes are down the bottom.

“And what happens when Japan comes?”

[RP] Heta/Design

An AU Hetalia roleplaying forum. We just opened, so almost all characters are still open! Please come take a look and join us. <3

Heta-Design started of as a company who designed only interior. Around 1998 it expendad having now three departments: Web/Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design.

People with different nationalities and from different backgrounds are gathered here. They have absolutely nothing in common, except for the place they work at.

With nothing in common, it's hard to get along. Rules are broken very often, people slack off, get in fight and well in short everything is done here except for actual working.

It's the task of the main staff to regain order. Though they fail in doing so.

Welcome to the chaos, welcome to Heta-Design.

Home // Rules // Reservation/taken list

[fanfic] The Astute Observations of a Brother Complex

 Title:  The Astute Observations of a Brother Complex 
 Author: natcat5
 Characters: Norway, Iceland, some unidentified Asians....
 Rating: T
 Summary:  In which Iceland has an Asian fetish, Norway is confused, and China is not amused.

(A/N): I can't navigate livejournal to save my life. Just finished following the April Fools Event, and the vast amount of Hetalia love inspired me to try and post this. Haven't gotten much love on Livejournal fic-wise, but I'll try, try again! 


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