April 3rd, 2011


[Fanfic] Educating America ~Interlude~

Title: Educating America
Author: coffeefate
Characters/Pairings: America, Romano. Some background pairings in passing.
Ratings/Warnings: PG13 for language, I guess. Rapid tense change. Awkwardness!
Summary: America wants to get to know Romano better. Romano just wants to fix the idiot's tastebuds

Additional warnings on this Interlude include: Crack, Anthropomorphic Personifications, Cotton-Candy Fluff. If that's not your thing, feel free to skip this chapter- it has little or no bearing on the story's plot. 

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Letter from a Soldier

Title: Letter from a Soldier
Setting: WWII, no specific date
Characters: Alfred Jones/America (acting as the soldier writing the letter), Matthew Williams/Canada (acting as the receiver of the letter and soldier's brother), Arthur Kirkland/England (briefly mentioned as family)
Warnings: Firstly, this is my first fanfic. There is some Psychologically sensitive material regarding WWII. Also, despite the fact that Alfred wrote this, there is a lot of 'graceful' vocabulary and language used in this piece. I felt that this was required in order to bring out the true meaning behind this piece.
Feedback Questions to consider:
1. Did you think someone else could've written this letter? Why? And who would've it been addressed to?
2. Did you feel that the graceful vocabulary could've been adjusted to 'Alfred-standards'? How? (this is a very important question!)
3. Did you feel that the bold italics were distracting or brought more to the piece? 
Link: click here


Of Silence and Thievery (15/??)

Title : Of Silence and Thievery
Author: osco_blue_fairy 
Genre : humor, action/adventure, fantasy and, of course, romance
Pairings: USUK main, minor others
Rating: R
Warnings: AU, human names used, fantasy plot line ^_^ future sexy times
Summary:  Arthur had a voice, a good one, but it's been stolen from him and he's prepared to do everything he can to get it back.  Even traversing across the world with a bunch of lunatics with a leader who just might be his hero after all. 
Note:  I am truly sorry for the long delay in this chapter.  The last one didn't seem to get many comments or reads and it put me in a bit of a slump and I wanted to work on other things.  But I am back and it's a long one!  Please, if you read and you liked, do me the favor and comment!  It's what we authors live for you know.

Note 2:  Thank youhotbabysitter for reading this beast over, you're the bestest!

Start at the Beginning

Current Chapter: Where Arthur Meets Elizaveta

[RP] Hetalia In The World


This is an AU only hetalia RP where RPs are 100% carried out on the microblog Plurk (http://www.plurk.com/).

We're looking for new members! The vacant spots include Japan (We would love finally have the axis powers), S.Korea (Our America loves Kimchiburger), Holland, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Hong Kong..etc. 

Why should you join? We're a tight knit community who will receive you with arms wide open and very eager to roleplay. Plus Plurk is one of the best places to rp, and its not hard to understand how to use it (we will help you if you  need it).
You can apply here


Fanfic: Not just a fling 1/?

Title: Not just a fling 1/?
Rating: T for now
Characters/ Pairings: USUK Main. Other pairings will appear. Prussia, Japan, England, America, brief appearances of Spain, Seychelles and Greece
Summary: Alfred F. Jones is a student model who loves the attention his job gives him. What happens when a certain person in his new school not only doesn't fall for his charms, but finds him irritating as well? AU USUK
遊戯王 ☆ thinking of you

April Fool's Event 2011 Friending Meme

♦♣ April Fool's Event 2011 Friending Meme ♣♦

einsamkeit prussia

[Fanfic] Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit - The Creaking Harpischord

Author/Artist: Peridot Tears
Genre: Drama
Rating: T
Pairings/Characters: Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt), Hungary (Héderváry Elizaveta), mentions of Germany (Ludwig)
 Run-through violence, a little blood, a few curses, two brief flutters hinting at sex.
Disclaimer: Hmph :/
Summary: Gilbert Beilschmidt is dead. That's what he's supposed to think. -Companion to Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit-

(...Even in blackness, he grinned like a skull.)

De-anon from the kink meme.

Title: True
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, FemGermany, Future FrancexFemGermany, FemVeneziano
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Human AU. When Francis falls in love with Louise she finds it hard to believe that the notorious player would at all be interested in her and doesn't believe him. FrancexFemGermany

chapter 1: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/37748.html
chapter 2: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/38053.html
chapter 3: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/38181.html
chapter 4: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/38608.html
chapter 5: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/38873.html
chapter 6: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/38957.html
With so much to say

[Fanfiction] Chapterfic: Lying in that Sound, Tonight | USUK | 14/15

Title: Lying in that Sound, Tonight - part 14 (of 15)
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Arthur (England), Alfred (USA), major historical figures (and the occasional unnamed citizens and mentions of other nations)
Pairing: Eventual Arthur/Alfred
Rating: PG-13 overall (for language, violence, and war)
Warning: This is a WWII fic and deals with a lot of historical detail, most specifically the Blitz and the US build-up to entering the war. So general warnings for that. Note also that the opinions of characters are not necessarily those of the author's.
Summary: Before the victory of the allies, before the United States of America joined the war, before Lend-Lease, before everything — there were just two nations, two men, who just refused to meet halfway until it was forced upon them.
Summary for this chapter: Churchill, at the end of his emotional tether, rallies Arthur to speak with Alfred. Winant, meanwhile, forces Alfred to re-examine some long-held beliefs.
Time stamp: October and November of 1941.
Notes: One chapter left, you guys. Oh my god. ;_; I'm super nervous about this chapter, so I'm excited to know what you all think...
Other installments:
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

He didn't want to understand. @ stardropdream

[Fanfic] Turnabout: Inversione/Umkehrung [CH1]

Part One: Inversione/Umkehrung
» Rating: M
» Classification(s): Humor, Romance
» Warnings: Language, Sexual Situations
» Pairing(s): Italy/Germany
» Summary: The first in a three-part series with different pairings, with the subtitle: reasons one why one should never let Francis anywhere near one's impressionable significant other… [Repost from FF.net]

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Hetalia - i can have all the cutes?

{{RP}} Hetalia: Nation Representation

A crazy and crack-filled Hetalia AU that takes place in a school set-up for future agents specialized in the espionage field. This year, the principal decided to shake things up a bit; the school is split into two sides, both competing in a school-wide competition. Each team has a set of points, with two competing directly against each other for points and one team acting as a neutrals or informants.

Safety measures have been implemented...but we can't say they work all the time. However, it's the thrill that counts, right?


We just opened, so most characters aren't taken! OCs and genderbends are also welcome. (See cut for a list of taken characters.)

Francis is offering cookies to anyone who joins! Don't worry, Kiku checked them all. Take a look around!

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[art] Vanya and Faberge Eggs

I know I just posted icons yesterday but now I come bringing fanart by me and mon amour. Despite posting icons all the time, this is my first time posting fanart so I hope I did everything correctly...

Title: Darling Vanya
Author/Artist: Line Art by yamanaika, coloring by unasuvas
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Baby!Russsia (Vanya)
Rating: G
Warnings: None other than cuteness~
Summary: Just a cute piece of baby Russia in a fancy Faberge Egg.


full image can be found here at our deviantArt!

[FANART] Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit

Title: Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit
Artist: Lupus Black aka me!
Character: Spain
Rating: M
Warnings: Nudity!

My first entry here, please be gentle! ^^"

As you can see, it's obviously inspired by the April's fool event and Christmas event from Hima-sensei's blog. Plus, I've always to draw naked Spain xD

[fic] Carry It With You ~ 2

Title: Carry It With You
Author/Artist: c'est moi.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): eventual Spain/Fem!Romano, Germany/Fem!Italy, Switzerland/Belgium
Rating: G (for now)
Warnings: period terms (I define them!), silly antics of the 1760's, possible inaccuracies, genderbending, flowery speech
Summary: Leave all your loving, your longing behind; you can't carry it with you if you want to survive. Spain/Femmano arranged marriage AU.

Lovina was entirely disinterested in hearing where that had come from. By the look on his face he wasn’t exactly keen on telling, either.

[Fanvid] USUK | Of Memories

Title: Of Memories
Author/Artist: secret_smile19
Character/Pairing: America, England, kinda USUK if you squint right
Rating: PG
Warnings: ...angst?
Summary: America doesn't like going into his storage room and bringing up all those old ghosts...yet those ghosts, those memories, are all about England.

Listen to me. I love you. I will always love you. But I have to do this.

[fic] the seventh degree

Title: The Seventh Degree
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s):</small> Japan, Turkey ;; Turkey/Japan
Rating: pg-13/t
Genre: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Talk of death, Serious angst, Implied sex, Human names
Summary: Set in disownmereturns' The Six Degrees of Separation verse. What happens when Sadiq finds out about Kiku's painful past?

Kiku’s gaze, unwilling to remain under his control, peered at the calendar again. Seven years, to the exact date, had passed since that rainy day in Rome.

A Question...

So does anyone remember that contest by Funimation where we sent in all those cards, and then Funi sent them to Himuraya? Do we know if Hima-sensei ever got them, or if he liked them or hated them or anything? Whatever became of all our fancards???