April 7th, 2011

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Fanart dump

Title: n/a
Author/Artist: katamanda and over here on Deviant Art
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, Canada, Australia, America, New Zealand + nyotalia versions, Mangary, nekotalia OC's of the British Isles siblings
Rating: G
Warnings: nyotalia
Summary: Been a while since I posted anything here so a selection of what I've been doing these past months


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[Roleplaying Ad] APHpluks!

We're a not-so-new group of rpers, and we use Plurk, a site that works pretty much in a similar way to twitter, allowing quick, easy-going RPing as well as OOC conversations. We're looking for new members, who will be active and stay IC! Don't be scared, we're a chilly, welcoming group, as long as you follow the rules. A modern-day set RP, where nations are free to do what they do best, get molested by France cause trouble, chase after love, deal with their bosses, paperwork, and whatever other plot you have in mind!

We have tons of empty and required spots, feel free to snoop around! We also accept OCs, as well as Ancient nations~

Mini poll kinda thing

Would be allowed/interesting to post something like a miniguide for languages?

I have seen it at some other community and I thought it was a good idea. Kind of some fast rules and usually used sentences to use for example when writing fanfiction.

It's allowed to post that and do you feel it's interesting to have something like this?
Hetalia: Spamano Hug

Two Hetalia Fics

Title: Instigator
Fandom: Hetalia
Character(s): Switzerland, Austria, Hungary
Pairing(s): Switzerland/Austria
Word Count: 581
Genre: humor/general
Rating: PG-13/T
Notes: Since the DDoS attack on LJ killed my memes, I decided to post my fics from said meme. *is compulsive and must post them in written order* Prompt: Hetalia, Austria/Switzerland/Austria (I don't care who is seme and who's uke): "Hey Switzerland! Our relationship should... No, MUST be better since our people gets married with each other and..." "OH SHUT UP!!" and then... Kiss?? And I added some Hungary because she's awesome. <3

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Title: Napoli-Lazio 04/03/11
Fandom: Hetalia
Character(s): Spain, Romano, mentions of the Napoli Football Club & slight Italy cameo
Pairing(s): Spain/Romano
Word Count: 1598
Genre: general/humor
Rating: PG-13/T
Notes: Whaddya mean this is more self-indulgent fic? XD There was an awesome soccer game on Sunday morning (Sunday afternoon in Italy), and I was lucky to see the second half. It was spectacular! *swoon* So, yeah. Since Napoli is Romano's team, canonically, I decided to have him see the match with Spain. XD

( Ohgod, crazy Italians! Why do they have fireworks!? )

[Fanfic] The Game Grid- Ch. One

Title: The Game Grid 
Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure
Pairing(s): main pairing- UsxUk, other pairings- Giripan, Spamano 
Summary: Alfred F. Jones, a programer/technician and arcade owner, and his friend Kiku create a machine and two new programs. But then an intruder comes and steals the machine with Alfred stuck in a digtal world! Tron parody.

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[Linking] Hetalia: The Musical Drama!

This fanbase shows more determination than most I've ever seen. With that in mind, I would like to present...

Hetalia Axis Powers: The Musical Project~

Long story short, this project is dedicated to making an original Hetalia storyline put to music. It will be made as a sort of Drama CD, meaning we'll need fandubbers. So, if you're interested and would like more information, please join our community!

The Project is a Go!
Fucking Awesome

[art] #32.1 Keri's Been Missing!

Title: [art 32.1] Keri's Been Missing!
Artist: applejuicerain
Charater(s)/Pairing(s): Russia/Lithuania, Prussia/Hungary, France/Lithuania, Belarus/Russia, Belarus/Russia/Lithuania/Belarus, Russia>Lithuania<America, Hungary>Austria<Prussia -- Russia, Lithuania, Poland, France, England, America, Kaliningrad, Germany, Latvia, Tony, Japan, Sealand, Belarus, Hungary, Prussia, Estonia, Austria, China

Summary: Since my computer's been down fro the past 4 months, I've accumulated quite a bit of art! This is part one of my dump!

U S of Awesome

[FanFic] Tōhoku

Title: Tōhoku
Author: Ad_Idem (Right)
Characters: Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima, Iwate, Aomori, Akita (basically the Prefectures on Himaruya's blog), Japan
Warnings: novice understanding of Japanese culture
: When one brother falls, a nation stands together. Written for all the brave people of Japan.

Right: I've been writing this for a few days and finished it last night, just to hear about the second earthquake this morning. I hesitated to post this ...


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kame: captain ichigopantsu! 1582!

Question: England in Shorts

Hey guys! I feel like I missed something. :/

May someone please link me to Himaruya's original post of England in shorts? I always see a lot of fanart of such, but I don't recall ever seeing the original post about it.

I tried looking through his blog, and even checked the archives, but I just can't find it.

Help would be greatly appreciated! In exchange, I will gladly write a requested drabble fic with England in those shorts.

Please and thank you!
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Forum rp - Japan needed!


The forum Pinkmochi, which a roleplaying forum, focusing mainly on AUs with theongoing fantasy theme at the moment, is desperately looking for a Japan. However, we really need a Japan who likes and would be willing to do UkJap as our England is very eager to pair up~

Our previous Japans left or were completly inactive so, to make things easier, please consider if you can really devote your time, heart and attention to roleplaying. We need someone confident about staying active since the constant leaving and getting new members for the same character tends to make things a bit messy.

If you're interested, please send us an email to pink_mochi@hotmail.com   preferably with a sample of your roleplaying.

Not just a Fling 5/?

 Title: Not just a fling 5/?
Rating/warnings:T for now,
Characters/ Pairings: UKUSUK:Main. Other pairings will appear. Prussia, Japan, England, America, and brief appearances of other characters
Summary: Alfred F. Jones is a student model who loves the attention his job gives him. What happens when a certain person in his new school not only doesn't fall for his charms, but finds him irritating as well? AU USUK
Chapter title: Messing with the president brings pain
"I'll bet everything I own that the guy can run faster mad than you can scared."
previous chapter:
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America ▌america-kun!

[fanfic]5 Times America Showed England Just How Awesomely Huge His Love Was

Title: 5 Times America Showed England Just How Awesomely Huge His Love Was
Author: midori_lover
Characters/Pairings: America/England (featuring cameos by China and Hong Kong)
Rating: PG
Summary: Five times America shows England just how much he loves him in ridiculous(ly sweet) ways
Warning: huge amount of shameless fluff?, fail pick-up lines
AN: Established relationship; written for haro's winning bid over at help_japan. Their prompt, more or less, was America expressing that he loves England a ridiculously large amount, somehow.

(Tell me, America,” England asked wryly, as America appeared later from the kitchen, two plates of bacon and eggs in his hands. “How many post-it blocks did you waste in this silliness of yours?)

With You at the Window

Fandom: Hetalia
Translator: MoyaKite
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England and Japan
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Original: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=13212826


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Oh some might have trouble loading the comic since it's a long file. Either keep refreshing, or here is an alternate site you can see it: http://static.zerochan.net/full/15/06/510315.jpg

Beyond the Illusion Part 7/?

 Title: Beyond the Illusion
Characters/Pairings: America, England, France, Japan, Canada, Russia, various others
Word Count: 1,246
Rating: PG
Summary: When a nation feels stressed, overworked, and backed into a corner, he has the option to let it all go for awhile. Start a new life as a human, with no memories of the past. It happens automatically, as if by magic. But nobody knew this could happen until one day, America mysteriously disappeared after running out of a meeting. After two and a half weeks of searching the country, they finally found the right Alfred F. Jones in the form of a 10 year old boy. But how can they get him to remember that he was once the United States of America? How will they change him back? And, more importantly, does he even want to be changed back?

Part 1:  Part 2:  Part 3:  Part 4:  Part 5:  Part 6:

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U S of Awesome

[FanFic] Avatalia: Earth Book, Chapter Two

Title: Avatalia: Earth Book
Author/Artist: Ad_Idem (Left & Right)
Characters: Canada, Seychelles, Kumajiro, America, Ancient Rome, Spain, Prussia, Cuba, England, France, Denmark
Warnings: Pirate Potty Mouths, fusion fic, Human names (mostly)
Avatar:TLA AU. With the threat of an Ice Age, Avatar Roma sends Al, Matt, and Sey of the Southern Water Tribe on a quest to unite the kingdoms. Fire Prince Ludwig begins with his motley crew to build an army to ward off Ivan and his brutal general.
Previous: The Runaways

Left: Hey folks! I believe it's finally my turn to get around to posting another chapter for this thing! Which is sort of ridiculous because we have almost the whole "book" finished, I dunno why it took me so long to get around to going "Oh hey, jeez, I was supposed to post for Avatalia this week", but I'm sure you'll ALL FIND IT IN YOUR HEARTS TO FORGIVE ME.
So, enough about that. Avatalia is hella fun to write, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

If we were making any sort of profit off of this, I would want a firebending pirate Gilbert action figure. Please. But just so we're clear, we don't own any of it.:C



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Impressive Bending