April 10th, 2011

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I'm Lulibel from Argentina, I think this is the first time I'm posting into this community... but I joined some months ago. Anyway, the thing is I'm going to a local convention in my country and I was thinking of drawing some Hetalia fanart (I'll post them in my other journal if you're interested http://artprisma.livejournal.com/) And I wanted to ask your opinion about which characters should I draw! I usually have weird tastes regarding my character liking XDDDD Hahaha! So I though maybe you can guide me a little with fav characters and pairings! (bl or not... it's the same!) 

Thank you for your help!!!



[Fanfic] Kello (SuFin)

Title: Kello
Author: archangelunmei
Pairing: SuFin (with guest appearance by Netherlands)
Timeline: AU
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Teeth-rotting fluff. Also mentions of drug use, but you should have guessed that from the "Guest appearance by Netherlands" bit.
Notes: Part of my Six Points AU series, but can be read on its own. The rest of the series can be found on my AO3 profile.

Summary: A day in the life of Tino Väinämöinen and Berwald Oxenstierna can be a little boring, but they like it just the way it is.

(There's a little shop down on 8th Street...)
america | Wellll...lemme finish my drink

Comfort [1/1]

Title: Comfort [1/1]
Author: Melly
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: France/America
Warnings: Allusions to sex, established relationship, and copious amounts of fluff.
Summary: Francis, concerning dinner, is more accommodating than Alfred gives him credit for.
A/N: Written for liete for a Japan V-gift donation! She asked for something involving these two and food, and it’s always a pleasure to write for this pair. Enjoy!

I love your food, even when I can't pronounce half of what you make me

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Of Silence and Thievery (16/30ish)

Title : Of Silence and Thievery
Author: osco_blue_fairy 
Genre : humor, action/adventure, fantasy and, of course, romance
Pairings: USUK main, minor others
Rating: R
Warnings: AU, human names used, fantasy plot line ^_^ future sexy times
Summary:  Arthur had a voice, a good one, but it's been stolen from him and he's prepared to do everything he can to get it back.  Even traversing across the world with a bunch of lunatics with a leader who just might be his hero after all. 
Note:  Fast update anyone?  Everyone, I have exciting news, as of yesterday 4/9/11, Silence and Thievery is 1 year old!!!!!!!!  I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who's either stuck with me from the beginning, been reading along as I go, or just started reading this beast and have given me such wonderful support and encouragement!  I hope you all like this chapter, there IS some USUK in here for all you patient readers!  Remember, comment if you read and you like!  Celebrate Silence and Thievery's birthday along with me! <333 

Note 2:  Thank you againhotbabysitter for reading this over, you're the bestest!

Start at the Beginning

Current Chapter: Where There are Missing People and Thicker Walls
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Halloween Costumes

Hey guys, you know those Halloween costumes that are prevalent throughout Halloween pictures? Like: America has a chain saw and a mask; England has a top hat and is a vampire (I think); Prussia has the cutest hoodie ever, oh my god, and is a demon of some kind; etc.

Are they based on an image by Himasama? Or just a really, really popular Pixiv pic?

Because they're so cute and I want to cosplay

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Hey guys, you know those Halloween costumes that are prevalent throughout Halloween pictures? Like: America has a chain saw and a mask; England has a top hat and is a vampire (I think); Prussia has the cutest hoodie ever, oh my god, and is a demon of some kind; etc.

Are they based on an image by Himasama? Or just a really, really popular Pixiv pic?

Because they're so cute and I want to cosplay

Bad Friends Trio &gt;D!

[role-play ad] War & Peace


Though we have been opened for a few months and are pretty active, we are still in need of a lot of characters. Some of the ones that have been showing up repeatedly by request are France, Prussia, Netherlands, Asian nations (pretty much all of them), Baltics, Poland, Hungary and Greece (the list goes on here. We are pretty friendly and willing to help with questions, so please stop by and take a look! We'd love to have you!

Zircustalia - A Victorian Circus AU RP

You see the crowd gathered in the market square. As you get closer, a voice raises above the curious murmurs. Pushing your way through, what greets you is a strange man standing with a prideful smirk upon a soap box, hair and skin pale as a ghost, red eyes accentuated by lace-like tattoos. His arms sweep wide as he shouts in a German accent, "Gather around and listen, come see the greatest travelling circus to walk the Earth! Der Zerschmetterten Spiegel Zirkus, the Shattered Mirror Circus, has come to grace your boring lives with acts that will dazzle and amaze you!" With a cackle he produces a handful of flyers and throws them in the air before disappearing into the muttering crowd. Curious, intrigued, you grab one from the air. It wouldn't hurt to take a peek would it?

You find the fairground full of energy and excitement. Everywhere there's jugglers, acrobats, strange and ferocious animals, caravans parked all around and a large striped tent situated near the back. As the sky begins to darken, people flock to the tent, and you find yourself watching with amazement as performers dance out into the ring, lead by the strange albino. You're mesmerized by the sights and sounds, unable to tear your eyes from the wonderful fantasy.

Wouldn't it be fun to run away? To escape life's hardships, the mundanity, those obligations you hold, and join the circus? The troupe is always looking for new acts, no experience necessary (but always an asset).

Zircustalia is a literate RP set in Victorian times, where misfits from around the world gather to put on shows for willing audiences. There are plenty of characters and roles available, and OCs are welcome. 

Setting | Tonight's Performers | The Main Tent | Rules | Run Away to the Circus


{Fic} 180 Days of Love and Letters (4/?)

Title: 180 Days of Love and Letters
Author: larosabelle 
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Hungary/Germany, Hungary/Italy, Hungary/Romano, Hungary/Austria, Hungary/Spain, Hungary/France, Hungary/England, Hungary/America, Hungary/Canada, Hungary/Japan, Hungary/Russia, Prussia
Warnings for this chapter: Language, Human names used, AU, Prussia is...Prussia
Summary: "You can't hurry love. It will find you." Tired of hearing these words, Elizabeta Hédeváry embarks on a 6-month journey around the world to find true love. With only her frying pan and her gay best friend as company, she struggles to prove that love is not a waiting game.
Notes for this chapter: Hungary/Italy, Prussia/Italy

For clarification purposes in case you forgot from chapter one: Gilbert and Elizabeta speak German to each other. Only Elizabeta speaks Italian. They both speak English.

Also, the dates on Elizabeta's and Roderich's letters are the dates that they were posted. And these will fluctuate and are not the dates that the story is necessarily taking place. This might sound confusing, but I shall try to make it clearer in the future.

ff.net link
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

{Chapter 4: Week 3: Italy}
APH Bulgaria

DVD VOl 6 cover [Sample]

Hi!! I don't know if someone posted it already.
Here's the cover of Hetalia DVD vol. 6 (and I captured the top image of Hetalia.com).
We'll have Hatafutte Parade of Berwald (Sweden) and Tino (Finland) ♥. (I'm still looking for Turkey's and Greece's full versions U:U)
It will be out on May 25th, 2011.

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[Fanfic] Дом СССР / House of the USSR

Дом СССР / House of the USSR
» Rating: T
» Warnings: Heavy Bleedin' Angst, Language, History (!), Politics (!)
» Pairing(s): Russia/Estonia
» Disclaimer: Don't own APH.
» Summary: When he's feeling particularly like self-flagellation, Ivan sometimes visits the house he built for them all. He hadn't thought they'd do the same.

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US UK - Don&#39;t worry dude

Picture Question

Does anyone know where I can get a bigger version of this image? I'd like to use it as a wallpaper.

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I've never seen it before and fell in love with it! :)

EDIT: I found it on ebay (with a TON of other pics I can post that I've never seen before) looking for posters.

The rest of the near 40 images are Here at my anime journal.

[FANFIC] Complicated Shadow {6&7/10ish}

Title: Complicated Shadow
Genre: drama, crime - mafia!
Characters: England, America, Canada, Ukraine, OC, Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Seborga, France, Prussia, in these chapters
Rating: T for brief graphic violence at the beginning and my sailor mouth
Warnings: kink meme deanon, more brevity, cockblocking the readers
Summary: The US government's witness protection program, WITSEC, has never had a witness die while under its protection. After innocent civilian Arthur Kirkland witnesses a murder ordered by the desperately ruthless Vargas mob, the United States government puts him under the care of US Marshal Alfred Jones. Will a hero's protection be enough to keep the record clean?

Haha I kind of forgot to post this last time I updated ^^; So here, you get two chapters for the price of one!




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[RP Ad] Carina High

Carina High: An AU Hetalia RP centered around the lives of attending students and working staff who struggle to resolve everyday problems (whether it be that spilled coffee on your new shirt, that essay you 'forgot' to finish, or those screaming people who follow you around and call themselves "your parents").

We have re-opened, and a lot of new spots are up for grabs! A lot of main characters are needed, America, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, Russia, and more! OC's are allowed!

Set in California 2012, Carina High is a public school with a very diverse population. We have students who strive for excellence, students that could hardly care, students who try to conform within normality and students who... are eccentric, to say the least. Don't even get me started on the cliques. You'll soon see for yourself. Applications are now being accepted! So, what are you waiting for? In such a distinct population, where do you belong?

This is a LJ based RP. Character journals are required!

Claims and Holds ][ Rules ][ Application ][ Carina RP ][ Carina OOC