April 16th, 2011

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Fic: Again and Again and Again (Sweden/Finland, Ensemble) PG-13 (4/?)

Title: Again and Again and Again
Author: hyperemmalawlz 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Chapter: 4/?
Characters/Pairing: Sweden/Finland, Sweden/Latvia, Sealand (possibly some sort of Sealand/Latvia at some point?), Ensemble.
Word Count: 2260
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The wife, the child, the best friend, the possessor, the man, the boy. It's almost remarkable how many people can get hurt.
Warnings: Cheating, sexual references, swearing, slut-shaming, aging up, bad reasons for sexual relations, age differences in sexual relationships (not to the point of shota, though), complete world-ignorance.
Author's Notes: Written for hetalia_kink, the prompt: Sweden has an affair with someone and Finland comes home one day and catches them in the act. Then followed by a annnnngsty argument of some sort regarding said affair. I want to see some tears and shouting matches or whatever for our "happy couple". The person whom Sweden has an affair with can be anyone, but I'd particularly like Norway or Latvia. I have no idea why. The whole idea for this has grown way beyond what the prompt actually said - oops. Also, I am totally in two minds over whether or not to de-anon on this. The title comes from the Anne Sexton poem by the same name.

Would Sealand even believe him?

April Fool's Bath 2011 - REMINDER -

Hello, the scriptwriting and storyboarding auditions are nearing their deadline, if you still would like to apply there are still some positions open.

To apply, follow these instructions:
  • Pick a scene, any scene and transcribe it, along with sound effects and background events.
  • Pad it out a bit if needed, add some more dialogue, sound effects, anything.
  • Scriptwriters - add notations for storyboarders to follow
  • Storyboarders - add the relevant dialogue to each scene
  • And finally, tell me whether you'd prefer to work in a team or fly solo.
Deadline: 18th April 2011

For more information please visit here

Thank you :)


i'm selling some of my stuff, because i need money... i have to pay a lot of stuff and i'm totally broke orz
so... please take a look and leave me a comment if you are interested in something ^ ^

Also, i'm selling this doujinshi:
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doomsday machines

[Linking] Hetalia Fanservice

Have this particular image you want to get out of your head, but can't do anything about it because you've got no talent with a pencil or Photoshop? Want to improve your drawing skills, but don't have any ideas coming up?

Fear no more! I present to you-

Hetalia Fanservice

Hetalia Fanservice is an image-only kink meme. You have the option to remain anonymous or not when making fills or requests. If you're interested, just head over here and make your requests right away!
To learn more about Hetalia Fanservice, go here. For any questions you may have, head over here.
Hetalia Fanservice is not responsible for any blood loss, fainting spells, or loss of voice/hearing that make occur from too much fangirling. If rashes occur, consult your doctor for details. Hetalia Fanservice is not recommended for children under 13 years, lonely housewives, or dirty old men.
Germany - cap

[Fanfic] 'On the Other Side of the Pillow' Germany/Prussia

On the Other Side of the Pillow

Character(s): young!Germany, Prussia, Austria

Pairing(s): Germany/Prussia

Rating: 13+ (will get 18+ in future chapters)

Prussia is ashamed of his feelings for Germany and hides them. He doesn't know that Germany is trapped in an even worse snare. He remains clueless about Germany's nightly visits to his bedroom, and that he is being molested. (story taking place before the Austro-Prussian War)

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Instrumental Song Titles

I really like the way that the instrumental versions of various Hetalia character songs aren't just called "instrumental version" or "karaoke version", they're called things like "Paris is Indeed Splended ~Big Brother France is on a Journey of Love ver.~"

The thing is, I'm having a hard time finding a lot of those titles, especially for the character CDs that came out in 2009. Either the name was never translated or it was translated shakily at best (like France's songs above). Heck, I can't even find the Japanese title for America's songs! In short, I would really appreciate some help translating/finding translations of these songs' titles, because they're kind of really freaking adorable and I can't believe they've been overlooked for so long. And the OCD part of my brain that has to color-code the dishes would really appreciate it.

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Er... this is, like, my second time ever making an LJ entry so if I screwed up (which I probably did) please tell me, okay? Same goes if this isn't allowed for whatever reason. :'D Thank you!

Hetalia - A World History RP

Hetalia: Axis Powers

That is the name of a popular historical role-play that originated primarily in Japan. One person from each country around the world (preferably a person with a political background or a good way of finding information on current and past events) joins this “game” and plays as the human personification of his or her country.

The only real requirements of this role-playing game are as follows:
  • You must be realistic; know your country inside and out, and stick to historical or current events when playing.
  • When in character, you are only to be called by the name of the country you represent (i.e., America instead of Alfred Jones, Russia instead of Ivan Braginski).
  • And once you sign up, you can never quit, unless the country you represent happens to “dissolve”.

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  • senator shockwave

    Looking for a Long Term Beta Reader

    (I'm not so sure if this is allowed, and if it's not, mods please feel free to delete it.)

    Hi everyone! So, after a little over a year of writing Hetalia fanfiction, I've decided that it was time I look for some who can help me improve my writing skills and help me make make my stories better. This summer, I'm aiming to improve all of my stories and in doing so, I need help from a beta reader. I'm also going to be writing new chapters for my other on going stories as well and I need the beta reader to go through those as well.

    I'm looking for someone who:

    ~can be critical but not mean

    ~knows grammar and can help me improve my own understanding of it

    ~can work with plot (I tend to either leave things out or forget certain details among other things so it'd be nice if they can catch these mistakes)

    ~can work with most or all genres especially tragedy, angst, hurt/comfort as these are the ones I work with the most (but not all the time)

    ~doesn't mind or likes the following pairings as these are the ones I work with the most: Pru/Can, Fr/Uk, Fr/Can, Ame/Can, Ame/Rus

    ~doesn't mind working with AUs

    ~is willing to work with me on more than one project for a long length of time

    ~is patient. (I tend to be slow with writing but with school ending in a few weeks, I'll have more time to write)

    If there are any questions or takers please leave a comment and I'll get in touch with you.

    Thank you so much!


    [RP ad] Steampunktalia

    Steampunktalia is a Twitter-based, steampunk AU Hetalia roleplay. For those of you unfamiliar, Twitter is a social networking site where updates are limited to 140 characters each. This means that roleplaying on Twitter is great for new RPers or those who have trouble writing the long responses required by forum roleplay communities.

    We would really like an Estonia, Russia, and France.

    Interested? Why not check our character list?
    chibi me

    [FANART] Roman Holiday

    Title: Roman Holiday
    Artist: firnheledien 
    Character(s): N./ S. Italy, Ezio and Leonardo (Assassin's Creed II)
    Rating: G
    Warnings: -
    Summary: A crossover of Hetalia and Assassin's Creed II (which takes place in Renaissance Italy). Feliciano and Romano man a gelateria in Rome, when Ezio and Leo drop in for some relief from the sizzling Italian summer.
    Painted in SAI, over the period of a year (in which I worked on it sporadically).


    Preview links to DA.

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    New Rome/China community

    Is anyone out there a fan of Ancient Rome/China? It's definitely one of the rarer pairings out there (though not necessarily a crack pair when history's involved) but if anyone else out there loves this romance between the two biggest Empires of the ancient world, then feel free to join the newly created Rome/China community!


    There's not much out there at the moment in terms of fanworks (there's this one tremendous artist on pixiv that's contributed the bulk of Rome/China fanart and fancomics though)... But feel free to lurk, make suggestions, start discussions and contribute any fanworks you can!
    adventure, jun, cute
    • dajra

    [Fanfic] Your Love

    Title: Your Love
    Artist: dajra 
    Character/Paring(s): Italy, mentions of Germany/Italy and HRE/Italy
    Rating: G
    Warnings: Angst--vague poetry is vague, un-beta'd, drabbled, and all those good things. Hell, it may not even make sense, but I guess that's up to the reader. =w=
    Summary: Italy's point-of-view on his relationship. Inspired by this picture by this artist.

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    • anfuu

    [Fanart] Secret ~Black Vow~

    Oh my, first post here, I'm so nervous =A=)

    Title: Secret ~Black Vow~
    Artist: Anfuu
    Character(s): America / England and fem!England.
    Rating: G
    Warnings: -
    Summary: Britannia's Angel came to Earth and sees Alfred. He fell in love with him but Angel and Human can't be together. He sell his wings to the Devil to become a human girl. When Alfred sees her, he fell in love with her, but there's no happy end to it.
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    [FIC] Redundant

    Title: Redundant
    Pairings/Characters: France/England
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: get ready for tooth rot?
    It takes a horrible woollen jumper for the redundancy  of those three words many people long to hear to become apparent. My humble offering for Fran- I mean, Mr. Blakeney- I MEAN, Mr. Pimpernel. I hope this pleases him and fills the prompt of 'Anniversaries'.

    fake cut goes to my writing comm thing, cross posted 


    The words are crawling up his throat as he looks up at France, who looks much too sheepish to be comfortable. Three little words work their way up his throat, before he squashes them down and locks them back into his heart. They don’t need to be said. They are redundant. )