April 19th, 2011


Title: Masquerade
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermany, Spain, Prussia, England, France, America
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Under the guise of a masquerade she is allowed to show her true gender to the world, even if its only for one night. FemGermany.

Chapter 1: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/33453.html
Chapter 2: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/35195.html
Chapter 3: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/41245.html
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 Title: This is the opposite of what TJ intended...
Author/Artist: friedariena
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Thomas Jefferson, America, and Alexander Hamilton
Warnings: real historical figures
Summary: Prompted by a post on tumblr, which I have linked to in my original post. Basically, TJ insinuated that Hamilton was forceful in all facets of his life, including the bedroom...and then this happened.

TP cancels volumes with release dates after May 4

As we all know, Tokyopop is going to be shut down by May 31. I'm fairly certain that most of us were expecting that the 3rd volume of Hetalia (along with any other series with volume releases in the near future) were going to be canceled. This is just official confirmation from RightStuf: that volumes with release dates before May 4 seem to be okay, but volumes slated to be released after have been canceled. Being that Hetalia vol. 3 was scheduled for a May 31 release date, it has been canceled.


Just to let people know, the closing of TP's North American publishing branch appears to affect the United Kingdom as well, as the UK's books are all imports from NA. The German branch of Tokyopop will be unaffected.
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Longterm serious mature roleplay partner

Hello thurrrr!

Currently I'm looking for long-term roleplay partner. And by long term, I mean going through different plots over a long period of time. I don't expect a bunch of posts all the time, I understand life gets in the way and such. Also, I wish to find a partner that will write SMUT. I only want to have one partner to roleplay with, so I don't get things confused by having two roleplays going on at once. I typically write from 500-1200 words depending on how the story is going. I'd like to find someone who will write around this amount. If things end up well, we could possibly consider our roleplaying collaborative writing and have a fanfiction account for it or something of the like. I have a OTPs, such as USUK, Spamano, and some others, however those are the only two which I really do not wish to pair them with other people. Some side pairings I like, but I'd only want it to be side conflictions or a small rp of cutey stuff. I'd also like for a person over the age of you know, 15. I don't typically like writing with people younger than that because they typically don't write to the standard I'd like my partner to be at. I wish for a person at a similar or higher standard of writing as me so that it will force my own writing to continue to develop.

tldr version::
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[Fanfic] Blut und Eisen

Title: Blut und Eisen
Author: nike2422
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Prussia, Austria, Russia, France, England, Italy, Hungary, Germany
Warnings: Swearing, descriptions of sexual situations if you squint. Name calling.
Summary: After making just about everyone in Europe miserable for approximately 20 years or so, Prussia has an important announcement.

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Question about Hetalia Art book and Doujinshis

My first time posting a question, so please do forgive me if I do anything wrong m(_ _)m

I was wondering if anybody knows any place where I can buy the Arte Stella art book. I read somewhere that it was sold out and they may not be re-printing it ;A; Please not let that be true!

My birthday is coming and I was thinking that I would splurge a bit on doujinshis =w=;; , however I saw on the website of Mitarashi Dango that they're on hiatus and are not taking any new orders. Does anybody know of any services similar to Mitarashi Dango? Because I am looking for particular Hetalia doujinshis.

Thank you in advance and I'm so sorry if I caused any trouble m(_ _)m