April 22nd, 2011


[ Fanfic] Kink Meme Deanon: A Safe Place to Sleep (1/6)

Hi, this is the first time I'm de-anoning in the Hetalia community ...  Well, most important information is that the 1 of 6 doesn't indicate chapters of a story but a story in a series of not really connected fanfictions. All 6 just have in common that they are based on the request ^^ .. Well happy reading, then.

Title : Always and Sometimes
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Canada/England
Rating: PG ( I think ....)
Warnings: The mention of blood and death .. nothing else comes to my mind
Summary : Sometimes he decided he should listen more to his brother especially when his advice let him sleep through the night in a safe harbour.

Next one: Chapter 2     

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[hetalia] romano eyes

Fic: Lethargy

Title: Lethargy
Author: salientia
Rating: PG-13
Characters & Pairings: Romano/Spain; drive-by mention of Prussia -> Hungary
Warnings: Language, very vague sexual references, this cut is not a real cut
Notes: De-anon from the kink meme; originally written for this prompt. Cross-posted to tomatoamado.
Summary: Romano can be affectionate, but only when he is millimetres from falling asleep; Spain can be crafty, but only when there are cuddles on the line.

( Spain shuffles along slowly, eyes fixed on his partner’s face, feeling like a master of subterfuge as his movements continue to go unobserved. )

Rubber Strap Pins~?

They've starting showing up, so I'll be commenting with totals as I find more.
Unfortunately, I can't find any full sets. Only single auctions. Which makes the prices a little bit unreasonable as I can only use Crescent/Noppin (500 yen commission, 250 yen bank fee) for YJ auctions.

However! If anyone has a credit card, I'll gladly share the auction URLs if you'd like to go after them on FromJapan (5% commission, 168 yen bank fee) for yourself.

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IAMP Anime North Schedule & Message for Canadians

Hi there,

This is the April Announcement video for The iammatthewian Project, as well as a very important message for all Canadians of eligible voting age on May 2nd! We would appreciate spreading the word! And if you are attending Anime North 2011, we certainly hope to see you there!

Also if you are running a hetalia panel for Anime North and would like to cross-publicize, please feel free to contact us at iammatthewian@gmail.com

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{Icons} 35 Icons Avaliable

first time post here |D

Hetalia - 27
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - 6
Misc. - 2


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hopefully i did everything right and hope i didn't break any rules here. /paranoid freak

What Happens in Vegas... - 1/1

Title: What Happens in Vegas
Author: osco_blue_fairy 
Genre: humor, romance
Pairings: USUK, PruCan, minor others
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: language, drunkeness, Las Vegas
Summary:  It's their 50th wedding anniversary and America picked for them to renew their vows in Las Vegas--England knew this was not going to end well, not with a slew of drunk nations, a hotel shaped like a castle and an Elvis impersonator mucking everything up.
Notes:  This was a one shot done for our lovely mods, haro to be specific, as part of a giant Thank You gift project at hetalia_robots by sillyputtie for all of the hard work they do for our wonderful community.  I'll likely post the one I did for abarero in a few weeks ^^  Enjoy and remember that comments are love!

...STAYS in Vegas


[FIC] We Saw Papa Tickle Santa Claus!

Title: We Saw Papa Tickle Santa Claus!
Pairings/Characters: England/France + America and Canada. FrUK dysfunctional family
Rating: PG
Warnings: human names, AU, crack, tooth rot, inexplicit references to sex :|
Summary: What a laugh it would have been if Daddy had only seen Papa tickle Santa Claus last night... Except, Daddy wouldn't be too happy... Papa is an adulterator!
Originally started for the FrUK December Lovefest last year and finally finished.

fake cut goes to my writing comm journal thing idk, cross posted to what_the_fruk and papafrmomauk 

“Yeah! ‘Cos Pa says that when you get married you only get to do things with that person and he means ‘tickling’ ‘cos that’s what you and Pa do all the time- it’s really gross! But you’re only supposed to do it with each other and he did it with Santa so he’s a hippocrite and-” and what was that word he heard on T.V.? Oh yeah, “an adulterator!” )

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