April 24th, 2011

Berwald 2

[ Sweden x Finland FST] Today never freezes over

Title: Today never freezes over
Pairing: Sweden x Finland
Rating: PG, i guess..
Summary: My first FST, so i'm not sure, what to say about it because I'm just too used to it by now. Think of it as an exchange of words between these two throughout History, showing how their relationship and feelings changed as time -and wars- went by . Take notice, this is not happy-sweet-uke-wife Finland here; just saying.

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[Roleplay] Neo World Academy W


    Home  I  Rules  I  Character List  I  Application       

     Welcome to Neo World Academy W! We are a literate Gakuen Hetalia roleplaying community, using a forum as well as an MSN chat group. Here, nation-tans are all normal human beings and the Academy is placed in a real world setting.

     The Academy's campus is composed of classrooms, outdoor fields and a dorm. The students can also hang out off-campus, and events are held on special occasions. Alcohol and inappropriate material are strictly prohibited within the campus (like we follow the rules). Student behavior is observed and rules are enforced (as if the teachers were good examples). Our students' safety comes above everything (however some students are more dangerous than what you would think!). We make sure all our students are outstanding.

    We are welcoming new teachers and students! We are a friendly community formed by the old forum World Academy W, and its members are working as a team to build our new home (our banner, as an example, was drawn by our South Korea/
[info]fourteen_kites ). We put all our efforts into this to make it the most enjoyable rp ever, so don't hesitate to approach us and join the fun! (And don't be shy, we don't bite.) Roleplayers from all over the world are welcomed, we already have people from most continents. A lot of canon characters are still available, especially European nations. OCs are welcomed too. (we're missing major characters like RUSSIA and FRANCE. Others like the Baltics are missing a Lithuania and Nordics are missing Iceland, Finland and Sweden)

Tuition fees and dorm fees are fully covered! What are you waiting for? Comment in the next 4 mins you will get not just one but two (yes two you heard it!), two Shinatty plushies absolutely free!

We await your arrival
Sincerely yours
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[Fic] The Tale of Psyche and Eros Redux - Act 2

The Tale of Psyche and Eros Redux – Act 2
Author: charlzway 
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Greece/Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: Fantasy-AU, romance, adventure, humour
Warning: probable OOCness, slight crack and a mishmash of all your favourite mythology/folk-tales thrown together
In which Yao proceeds to make a difficult family decision and Kiku resigns himself to a fate of doom.
Note: Whoa, this took longer than expected, but it's finally here~! This chapter is dedicated to lovemeliekmary  for all the lulz she provides me with <3

"The virgin is destined for no mortal lover. His future awaits him on the top of the mountain; a beast of the night whom neither gods nor men can resis

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Swept Away 2/2

Author: heartless9
Genre: Horror
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Germany, Italy, England, France, Japan, Russia, Canada, America, might contain hints of USUK
Warnings: This is a fic that has to deal with cults and religion, I recommend caution if you're uncomfortable with this, blood, torture, cursing
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine, "Swept Away" belongs to Flyleaf, story idea is mine.
Summary: Inspired by the song "Swept Away" by Flyleaf. The economy of America is almost completely resolved in under a short amount of time. America's secret? His new church... *sucks at summaries*

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[ Fanfic] Kink Meme Deanon: A Safe Place to Sleep (3/6)

Happy Easter to all of you!

The Guardian's Roses
Genre: General or Fluff, I think
Pairing: Northern Ireland/ England
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: Northern Ireland really loved his older brother, even through all their history or especially because of that, and found him in a bed of roses.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2 

Next one: Chapter 4

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De-Anon Hetalia Fanfic: Adventure in America's King of ME Mall

Title: Adventure in America's King of ME Mall
Fandom: Hetalia
Character(s): Prussia, mentions of Italy, Germany, and America
Pairing(s): implied Prussia/America
Word Count: 620
Genre: humor
Rating: PG-13/T
Notes: I wrote this a few days ago to make myself feel better after a horrid morning of awful. I saw the KoP mall and was like, heeeey, I can get my miffed off-ness on about the lack of bookstores in the mall now. >>;; Prompt: "Prussia/America, There’s a King of Prussia mall in Pennsylvania (and it's the largest mall in the nation). Make of that what you will. I just really wanna see more of the awesome pairing D:" Prussia writes a blog. (Here's a map of the mall. They started in the Court, upstairs in the Pavilion and ended upstairs in the Plaza near Sears. XD)

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Inquiry: Doujinshi

 Hello everyone :).

I'm a lurker and this might be like my second post u.u;;.

But I really wanted to know if anyone can point me out to any good SpainxRomano Doujins ;____;.

Recently I've been wanting to read them, but don't know if I need to join a particular group or something. So if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic {latvia/liechtenstein}

Happy Easter to everyone~! ^^

Hello. This is my first post in the hetalia community, and my second attempt at posting in a community. Please do bear with me, I'm still trying to get the hang of LJ. ^^; *newbie*

Anyways. I have a fanfic that I've finished a few days ago, and I would like to share it today. I've already posted this fanfic on my personal LJ, but I'll repost it here so that others could read it. I hope you guys like it despite my tendency to fail. ^^;

Title: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Author: naturethezafara 
Pairing: onesided(?) Latvia/Liechtenstein (yes)
Rating: K - K+
Warnings: A sad attempt at fluff and unrequited(?) love ahead. You've been warned.
Summary: If only I had the courage to tell her.

Inspired by Sting's 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic' (Symphonicities version). I think it fits them really well. :)


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Please tell me what you think. Thank you~! ^^


{Fanfic} 180 Days of Love and Letters 5/?

Title: 180 Days of Love and Letters
Author: larosabelle (Me)
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Hungary/Germany, Hungary/Italy, Hungary/Romano, Hungary/Austria, Hungary/Spain, Hungary/France, Hungary/England, Hungary/America, Hungary/Canada, Hungary/Japan, Hungary/Russia, Prussia
Warnings for this chapter: Language, Human names used, AU, OC's, Prussia is...Prussia
Summary: "You can't hurry love. It will find you." Tired of hearing these words, Elizabeta Hédeváry embarks on a 6-month journey around the world to find true love. With only her frying pan and her gay best friend as company, she struggles to prove that love is not a waiting game.
Notes for this chapter: Hungary/Romano, some Hungary/OC

This is an extremely long chapter. Damn LJ is making me break it up into three parts. Ff. net gave the official word count at 21,942. You've been warned XD

ff.net link
(Ch. 1) (Ch. 2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4)

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Hetalia cosplay video - Walking on sunshine! [Spamano]

 Me and some of my friends met on the 22 april, and made this video together as the WTF team. Hope you like it!

Pairing: Spamano, a little Fragna
Warnings: shonen-ai, random people and cosplayers, an adorable Romano *w* (?)

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(fanfic) Little Al of Hidingland part 18

Title: Little Al of Hidingland,  part 18 - Trust
Author: me
Characters: Ensemble. In this part: America, Russia, Prussia, Liechtenstein, China, Germany, England, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine + mentions of various others.
Pairings: None, though Austria and Hungary are married.
Rating: E+
Warnings: General weirdness and animal characters.
Summary: AU. Based on a Finnish fairytale. Whole Story: Years ago Hidingland was overtaken by an evil wizard who imprisoned the rightful ruler into a place no one knew. Now one person has appeared with the hints of his whereabouts and the heroic quest begins with friends, foes and uncertain cases around every corner.
This chapter: Being grabbed by a strong wind, Little Al flies up to the air, only to find himself soon face to face with a slightly terrifying person, who gives him an important advice.

Read this!

Or this if you're new around here
Italy, Spinning

[Fanfic] The Kid - Ch. 15

Title: The Kid 
Author/Artist: MoyaKite
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Mainly Prussia, Germany, and Freddy (little kid!OC), but almost everyone could end up in here eventually. (In this chapter: Freddy, Prussia, Canada, Romano, America.)
Rating: G (thus far)
Warnings: Fluff, discussions of mortality, potential for future character death
Summary: Simply put, Prussia goes backpacking across Europe and finds a kid. What sort of a dad would Prussia be, anyway?
Author's Notes: The original (which started on the kink meme) is here. I'm extremely fond of this story, so it's likely to continue as long as people keep showing interest. The more comments I get, the quicker I'll update. Sorry for the slight delay; explanations are available at my journal.