April 29th, 2011

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[fancomic] Andalusia's Tale, part 2

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Title: Andalusia's Tale, part 2
Artist: hime1999
Characters: Mainly Andalusia OC and Spain. Cameos by US and other OCs including Umayyad, Castille, Aragon, Extremadura, and Mexico.
Rating: PG
Summary: Somewhere between the Umayyad conquest of the Iberian peninsula, Spain was born. Or something like that. But from Andalusia's perspective. Yes, I know I suck at summaries.
Warning: Andalusia and Spain, my head canon. XD;;; *runs away before she gets killed by the Spaniards*

Part 1

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Yo. Sorry for such a random post here, but this being the biggest Hetalia community I know of, I figure it's the best place to possibly get an answer for a big mystery that I, and many others, have been wondering for a while.

I first encountered America's strange utterance of "DDDDDDDDD" while watching HetaOni. I was puzzled as heck, as were some other viewers. Then I saw him do it in a couple official Himaruya strips too, as some of that off-to-the-side small text usually used for either background thoughts, onomatopoeia, or otherwise less direct communication.

It seems to be pretty exclusive to the character, and of course trying to google for a varying amount of D's hasn't turned up much luck.

Is it supposed to be an interpretation of our bastardized :D or XD emoticons when we're extremely happy (XDDDDDDD or :DDDDDDD)? Or is there something else to it? Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this mystery someday; it's always best when we can really understand a trademark of our beloved characters.
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Hello, I'm selling several series worth of stuff, including Hetalia! I specifically have volume 1 of the Japanese manga and a couple of bootleg plushes (namely America and England) to sell.

Sales post is over here! Thanks for looking. :)

Papercraft Show?

Hey. I'm Liz (: I'm kinda new here, so let me know if this might sound weird.

since I hear a lot of Hetalia fans are here on Livejournal, and a lot of papercrafts started here... I was wondering. I make a lot of papercrafts, especially on the weekends. And a lot of papercrafts have some complicated stuff that I often wonder what to do with. I was thinking about every friday, I would do some type of livestream kind of explaining a papercraft or two and doing it. Would you guys here on Livejournal watch that? I really wanna do it. There are a ton of fun papercrafts out there and some of them are really confusing. If you guys WANT, you can tell me which papercrafts you would like to see? I don't care where they are from; dA, here, anywhere is fine. As long as I have the link and am able to print it.

Thank you very much, and please have a nice day and weekend (:
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A questionnaire - Fandoms in different countries

Hello Everyone! 
I have a favor to ask for – that’s to fill the questionnaire below. 
I’m writing an article for Polish Hetalia FanSite (www.hetalia.org) about fandoms in foreign countries and how people in different countries see Hetalia. Obviously, my knowledge of these is quite limited and therefore I need help of Hetalia fans – you! The questionnaire will consist of around 10 questions and will ask about more general view on certain topics within your country rather than your own. It will take you only about 15 minutes to complete – only few sentences of an answer will be enough! - But it will be such a great help for me! 

 So here goes the questionnaire: 
 1) What country are you from? 
 2) Was your country already made a character of Hetalia? 
 3) If it was, how fans in your country reacted to that personification? Do you guys like it or is there something you would like to change in it? 
 4) If not, is there an ‘official’ OC that was made in your fandom in place of your missing country? How does it looks like, how does it reflect upon your country's features? 
 5) Can you define who is the most popular character of Hetalia in your country? 
 6) What about the pairings? Is there any pairings that seems to be liked by the most of people in your country or is it very divided? 
 7) What is the most common view on the character of Poland? Is the Feliks, how he was created by the author, easily accepted? 
 8) How does the fandom in your country works? Do you have any particular site or a forum that most of fans seem to use? Can you tell how many Hetalia fans, approximately, there is in your country? 
 9) Is Hetalia seen more of a humorous manga that shouldn’t be taken seriously? Is many people trying to apply actual historical meaning to it? 
 10) Is there any popular memes (for example: Iceland's white boots, Hotland’s…pardon me, Netherlands’ tulips etc.), sayings, tags that you see as common only in your country? 
 And that is it :D! 
Thank you all for taking part in this questionnaire! It means a lot!
[ I've got cherishedsaulie's  approval for posting the questionnaire] 

Bus Pass

Title: Bus Pass
Author: osco_blue_fairy 
Genre : humor,  romance, angst
Pairings: pre- USUK
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gakuen AU, human names used, language because Arthur has a potty mouth, preteen angst
Summary:  Arthur did not know how everything had gone so wrong.  But he did know he never should've kissed Alfred Jones just to have a first kiss.  
Note:   This is a part of my  Persistence AU and takes place about four years before The Art of Persistence.  This story is meant to chronicle the 'Fight' Alfred referenced in the original story that took place between the pair in middle school.  It is one of the rare stories in this universe that will be seen through Arthur's eyes.  Enjoy and remember comments are love!!!

When had things gone so wrong...

[FANFIC] Complicated Shadow {9/10}

Title: Complicated Shadow
Genre: drama, crime - mafia!
Characters: England, America, Canada, Prussia, Austria, Egypt, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, OCs in these chapters
Rating: T for brief graphic violence at the beginning, fade-to-black sex, and my sailor mouth
Warnings: kink meme deanon, things happening, Frying Pangle
Summary: The US government's witness protection program, WITSEC, has never had a witness die while under its protection. After innocent civilian Arthur Kirkland witnesses a murder ordered by the desperately ruthless Vargas mob, the United States government puts him under the care of US Marshal Alfred Jones. Will a hero's protection be enough to keep the record clean?




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[selling] North Italy Cosplay


I recently commissioned a north Italy cosplay for one of his other outfits, and I don't have a use for it anymore! So I figured I would try selling it to another nice Italy cosplayer. Please take a look, it is pretty cheap too! I am also selling things from a lot of other series like Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Bleach, and lots more!

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.