May 1st, 2011

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[FanArt] The Royal Wedding

Hello! As said in the subject I made a little fanart about the royal wedding. Please don’t expect much, but if you are interested follow the link to my journal :)

Title: Royal Wedding (I’m not able to give titles…)
Artist: Me
Characters: Prince William, Kate, Arthur
Credit: Credits goes to the photographer whose photo I used as a base; and of course Himaruya Hidekaz

Click here for the link to my journal

Doujinshi Poll: DEADLINE: MAY 10TH, 2011

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If you voted for "Something else please...", comment with a pairing and I'll see what I have to offer for that couple. If you don't, I don't know what I can offer you and I won't count those votes.

If this isn't allowed mods, please delete~


EDIT: ;A; OTL I accidentally deleted someone's comment while trying to reply (IDK how but I'm sorry!!) which stated that the first one was previously scanned. If you're still on can you comment again? ;A; orz I'm such an idiot...I feel so bad! >A< I'll dedicated the next scanslation to you...

I can rescan the first one and whatever comes in second place I'll scan!

Simtalia blog

So, recently I've decided to bring two of my great loves together - Hetalia and Sims 3. The product? A newfound, raging obsession with Simtalia.

I've started a blog where I post screenshots and blurbs following the progress of many different Hetalia characters in the world of Sims 3. I would absolutely love it if anyone could offer feedback on whether I've designed the characters accurately, what improvements I could make, or which pairings I should try to shoot for. Plus, if anyone just wants to fansquee over pictures of Hetalia characters kissing, I've got that too.

The blog is here:

And here's a sample picture:
Austria and Hungary first kiss
Points for guessing who that is.

Mods, feel free to take this post down if I'm breaking rules in any way.

Please offer feedback! :)
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Art Thieves, they are dangerous!

(Please, tell me if I'm not allowed to post this here, in any case, feel free to remove it)

Fanartists, cosplayers... this is for you.

Beware, click on this link to know why...

After reading this, you'll see why Art thieves are annoying... You people who draws, watch out, they don't ask your permission to do this... they can make money and take advantages of you!

Cosplayers, think about it before buying this costume... the design is mine. I have the proof on the link below.

And to be honest, I don't know what to do now...

Soren Made By chopstickicons

[Fanfic] Perhaps There is Something to See

Title: Perhaps There is Something to See
Author: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s) in this chapter: Spain/Germany (main), Spain/Romano, France/England, Prussia/Canada, France/Seychelles, Russia/Prussia, England/Romano, and one sided Germany/Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Gilbert things that something is wrong with Ludwig. Antonio doesn't understand the concept at all. How can you tell if something is wrong or right, if the subject in question never smiles? Gakuen AU, an old kink meme fill.

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[Fanart] To be human

Title: To be human
Author/Artist: anfuu [Bad username:]
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Italy and his children ?
Rating: PG
Summary: Italy has something important to say to Germany. Very important. Both Italy are reunified. And because of that, Italy will turn into a human.
This dream haunt Germany. Everytime, he remembers the day when Italy told him "I'm not a nation anymore".
One day, someone wakes him up while he was doing the same dream .... This person has the same head as Italy.

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