May 2nd, 2011


helpthesouth Community opening soon

On April 27, a massive string of tornadoes passed through the southern US, leaving over 300 dead and causing much damage. helpthesouth is going to have fandom and nonfandom auctions to help raise money for charities. If you would like to help by creating a fan product (art, story, crafts, etc), sell an original creation (some published authors mentioned selling some books), or would like to bid on such a product, please check this community out.

They're still getting started, so you have time to think this over. A donation post for people to offer products should be opening so, and after that a thread where people can make requests.

I can't tell if news is the right tag for this. Mods, if I should use another tag, please tell me and I'll change it.

[Fic] Music of the World 2/?

Title: Music of the World
Author/Artist: Mirianna16
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/America but the pairings will change. (As of right now Russia/China, Italy N./Belaruss and one sided PruCan)
Rating: T
Warnings: China is not a girl. Bad words. French and Polish.
Summary: Feliciano Vargas was a former glee club star and is now given the task of transforming a bunch of misfits at the prestigious Wolrd Academy into a real group of singers. His first task is to find a male singer who can match up with diva Alfred. His prayers are answered when he hears the school's football quarterback, Ivan, as he sings in the shower.
Author's Notes: A Glee/Hetalia mash-up? Be ready for some serious madness! Tank you to my lovelies betas DaLa and Nekoyoukai13. Songs title and link to youtube at the end of chapter. Enjoy ~!
Disclaimer: Glee not mine, Hetalia neither, the song even less.

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Lightening Round Over At help_japan Starts In An Hour!

Just a reminder that the lightening round at help_japan starts in one hour!

(Copy&paste straight from site)
Lightning round announcement: We are officially opening a lightning round at the beginning of May. The structure and process will be the same as they were for the first auction round. There will be separate posts for the following categories:

  • Words: fanfic, original fic, printed fanfic or original fic, beta services, non-fanfic editing services, and related things

  • Art & Artistry: fanart, original art, fan videos, photography, and related things

  • Graphics: icon sets, mood themes, journal or site layouts, PC or phone wallpapers, and related things

  • Audio: podfics, audio editing services, original music, filks, fanmixes, and related things

  • Food: homemade, "local", a gift pack, and related things

  • Interesting Stuff: jewelry, crafted items, memorabilia, gift cards, and related things

  • Requests: requests for things not offered in the above categories

Help Japan and get some quality goods? You know you want to!

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England at Work

[Selling] Official and Fanmade Goods


Paypal | Trade | Money Order
All prices include shipping. International buyers please add $1 for shipping.

I do accept trades. In particular, I am looking for the following things: the Finland metal charm, the Kumajiro charm, HRE and England Takara Tomy keychains, Germany, France, or Prussia coin keychains, and all things Nordic.

Goodies This Way...

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love and pens!

Love And Pens

You should be checking this out!

love_and_pens is a kind of lame, kind of awesome, group of writers dedicated to Hetalia fanworks. It's a simple, beautiful thing; they write, they post, they link, and everyone feels the love. We write for a large multitude of pairings, and things like icons, AMVs, doujin scans, and fanart can and will find their way here. However, this is mostly for members to post what they do best at- writing.

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[Fic] Pax Americana

Title: Pax Americana
Rating: PG-13
Genre: semi-historical
Summary: Canada and America live through the last century's calamities together, and they know in their hearts that pax americana will never break.
Pairings: Canada/America, Gift fic for sadie_dandelion, thank you for donating for help_japan!
Warnings: Some swearing, state/province appearance

Also on

( The winter wind bites at the cuts and bruises on their arms )
Good Morning America

[Help!] Concrit Needed

Can anyone point me towards people or places willing to critique my work?

If anyone would like to see the work itself:
* It's 3,160 words split into a prologue and one chapter
* PG-13 for language

The link below goes to where it's posted in usxukworkshop.
Missing You Even Morse So (1/?)

Mods, if this isn't allowed please notify me or delete the post.

Story: Burning

Title: Burning
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hetalia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: one
Characters/Pairings: past France/Russia
Summary: When the French army under Napoleon finally reaches Moscow France goes off to find Russia on his own.
Note: I wrote this after seeing a lovely Frussia picture by altherna. Part of the last paragraph is from one of Napoleon's quotes.


Fic: Fading Into Obscurity

Title: Fading Into Obscurity
Author/Artist: VikingConqueror
Character(s): Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Mentions of Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey.
Rating: T
Warnings: Character Death, Death of a Child.
Summary: Historical AU. After World War II goes horribly awry and kills several nations, including Greece and Turkey, the island nation of Cyprus breaks out into war. His brother in the south has already fallen. Northern Cyprus wonders how long he has left.

Link to fic HERE.
goldfish girl

[Fanart] Swiss Fanservice Meme

Title: Fanservice Meme - Switzerland Version
fragilefetter aka Schizophrenist
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Belgium
Pairing: (Hints of) Austria/Switzerland
Warning: A bit of cross-dressing and shounen-ai contents
Switzerland needs more love <3 (Original template from Fanservice Meme Template by Meganecrew )


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