May 4th, 2011

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[Fics:] Turtles & Unicorn

[Request] Reference Images

Hey there, I was hoping everyone here in the comm could help me out; a small group of us are planning a War of Austrian Succession cosplay, and are looking for reference images of Austria, Hungary, Prussia and Marie-Therese. We actually already have the latter two made, so we don't really need pics of those ones, but we're still on the look out for Austrian Succession!Austria and Hungary, and group pictures of all four of the,.Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!!

[Fanart] Just some Hetalia sketch dumps

Title: Sketch Dumps
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FACE, Giripan (kinda), GerIta, RoChu (kinda), Canada/Ukraine, Joan of Arc, nekotalia, and flying mint bunny, mochis
Rating: G
Warnings: pencil drawings drawn with pencil

Link 1 (GerIta, slight giripan, mochis):

Link 2 (FACE, flying mint bunny, uni):

Link 3 (RoChu [that panda], canada/ukraine, joan of arc, germanic cats)


 Okay! I'm looking for some certain One Coin Figures! My friend is deciding to buy me one and so now I have to find one under $20 and that includes something with shipping. Which is honestly something you see on here anyway. I'm also in the US so it wouldn't be international shipping.

I'm looking specifically for certain figures though. Here's a list: 


^^ If you have anything like this available, please don't hesitate to comment! 

Thanks for taking the time to read! 

Revolutionary Girl Maria

Title: Revolutionary Girl Maria
Author: Me
Characters/Pairings: Fem!Prussia, Fem!Austria, Fem!France, Russia, Turkey, mentions of a few others (but so far unnamed)
Rating: T
Warnings: Uh...There will be probably very mild shoujo-ai and mild incest (but it's bad incest! Bad!) in later chapters. This one, however, is squeaky-clean. Oh! And human names. (I used Maria for Prussia, Anna for Austria, and Francine for France)
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a girl who was rescued by a prince. He gave her a ring, to lead her to him. So taken was she by his strength and dignity, that she decided she too would become a prince...and so she followed the trail of the ring to a prestigious academy, where she is swept up in a mess of duels and duelists, and learns how obsession can bind one to the past...

Basically, it's Revolutionary Girl Utena with a Hetalia twist, inspired by all of those pictures of Fem!Prussia as Utena and Fem!Austria as Anthy. This is only the first chapter, but I hope to do the whole series... It can also be found at my account here

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