May 7th, 2011

I am Searching for Marukaite Seiyuu Event 2 DVD (downloadable)

Now I know this has been posted here already with the links and such but FYI none of them work only the first ones when you change the ending to a .avi the other files have like a (002) or something after and for some reason my computer doesn't want to recognize them as avi files if someone has the correct files or solution to this problem please let me know i have been looking everywhere for these and I really wanted to watch them.

thank you very much for your time and please don't link me back to the other post with the faulty links on it :)
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[fic] Timeless

Title: Timeless
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hetalia
Rating: PG for a bit of language
Warnings: None
Characters/Pairings: America
Summary: Alfred grieving over Elvis' death.
Note: There was a post on Captalia about nation's relations with their citizens, and someone posted a headcanon about America and Marilyn Monroe, which led me to this.

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[HETALIA AU ROLEPLAY] Make me Famous ,


From the most prestigious areas of England there had been born of a Academy far from the years from we were born. Now this Academy, that was called the Victorious, had only served one purpose and one purpose only. To educate the rich and the royal. Yes. Way back all the way in the Victoria Era had it taught the same purpose. From Dukes in England, to Princesses in Monaco everyone here's had the same thing in common. All were royal, and all had rich and gold blood that ran through them, which made them all equal in the eyes of the headmaster, to grow larger into someone even more successful.

That was in till, these present years in which everything changed.

It was only now had they accepted middle class, and ' poor ' students as they'd like to call it. Average people and even the less fortunate who haven't owned a fifty dollar in their life began to collide with them. Thanks to the overcrowd of the uneducated more and more normal people from all over the country had came to join the Victorious family. And now in 2011, whether they like it or not Royalty had now collided with Normality.

So what will happen to these two factions colliding? One, who have been spoiled on their life who don't even know what chore is, while the other worked in the farms, or even lived on the streets only living with a penny. Royalty feeling like they need to feel bad for the other, while others feel to control, what will happen when one befriends, or even falls in love with eachother? And not to mention the servants in the middle, that have newly been inuaguarted into normal classes like everyone else?

We don't know what's going to happen and how are things going to work out. Make me famous or make me ruined, the story has only begun writing in this new and invigorating year.


Sign-ups for aph_historyswap are open!

The second round of aph_historyswap is open for sign-ups! This is an exchange for historical fanworks in the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom, run on an anonymous reversathon format. You get to choose the person creating something for you, while you get to create something based on your own strengths!

If this sounds fun, please read the rules and then come sign up! Sign-ups end 28 May, and works are due 9 September. I hope to see you there!
Cold War

Story- Black Dress

Title: Black Dress
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hetalia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Characters/Pairings: RussiaxAmerica
Summary: Part of ho!America universe. Alfred and Ivan go to an photo gallery and Ivan gets really stressed out.
Note: This takes place earlier in the ho!america universe, they’re both 21ish. Oh and another part is going to follow this as soon as I can write it.
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[RP Ad] Wiztalia

Home|Rules|Character List|Application Template

Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has decided to start an exchange student program. At least one letter has been sent to a large number of countries, and many witches and wizards have accepted the letter's invitation and have made their way to Scotland, where Hogwarts resides.

Many different nationalities from many different cultures have arrived at Hogwarts and have been sorted into a house. Some of them seem to get along with their new roommates instantly, while others need to take time to get used to all of the new people. Despite whether they can adapt quickly or not, they all have to get used to living with each other over the course of a year.

In this exchange program, Hogwarts is changing and becoming much more active with the new students, all starting at different years. Lots of things happen between all of them—rivalries, romances, drama, friendships, and hilarity. There is much to do at Hogwarts, and much to get used to.

You just got your letter. Do you accept the invitation or decline?

We have a bunch of canon characters open at the moment, and you're also allowed to have OCs and genderbends. Just be aware that applications for the last two are more strictly looked over than those of canon characters.
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I'm Not Jealous Or Anything [Short Doujin]

Title: I'm Not Jealous Or Anything
Author:  m4yuge 
Rating: PG (?)
Warnings: ...Hugs and kisses?
Characters: fem!England, America, England
Summary: America unwillingly sleeps with England and fem!England gets jealous.
Notes: Kind of a sequel to this: That's an RP that's 45 pages long. Yup. It's pretty hilarious, though, so you should read it.

Also, the entire doujin was done by me in secret, hiding it from my parents over the course of a week. I also drew it in a notebook, which is why there's lines on the page. Sorry D:

(Download it here!)

Going to crosspost to usxuk .

{Fanfiction} Your Anything

Title: Your Anything
Genre: Humour/Fluff
Rating: T
Warnings- Mild language and implied sexual themes and UKxUS
Summary: In which England keeps getting it wrong and America keeps banishing him to the sofa.

Originally for the usxuk community's fanworkathon. The prompt was- America or England uses the "Communicating with Your Partner" book Germany uses in the Buon san Valentino strips. I expect just as much crack. Please mention the page listed for each nationality in some way, though!

He swore his blood pressure was suffering at the hands of the git...
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[Project] Perception of Foreigners in Japan through Hetalia

Um, hello. I guess that I'm nervous, as this is the first post in this community that isn't me sharing fanfiction or a translation. If this isn't allowed, I'm really sorry; I read through the rules and thought it would be all right. If you'd rather get fanfiction from me, I have a post up here at help_japan auctioning drabbles off for a V-Gift each, but that's a bit beside the point.

Anyway! I managed to convince my professor to let me use Hetalia as the topic of my final paper for my Japanese Film and Society class. This is the last undergraduate essay that I have to write; I'll be starting at graduate school this fall. I really want to make this a strong essay and clearly argue the point that Hetalia is useful for analyzing Japanese views of Japan and other countries. I treat it as a self-aware, intentional use of Hetalia, and I'm not trying to argue that Hetalia is racist.

So why am I posting here?

In short, I'm coming up with a ton of examples, but the paper can only be so long. I want to choose the very best examples for the final paper, but I keep feeling as though there are things that I'm forgetting that would be better than what I already have. Therefore, I thought it would be worth asking the amazing community here for suggestions. The assignment is basically an anything goes kind of deal, so I can't offer many guidelines. If you'd like to see what I've already written and planned out, just ask, and I'll post it.
Also, if I have room I want to analyze the Hetalia fandom, so tropes that are prevalent in your own region would be lovely. But that's only if I have room. Also, I will naturally share the final paper with the community if there are interested parties!

tl;dr - If you'd like to help, please share the clearest examples you know of characters being portrayed as stereotypes. (eg, Japan being able to read the atmosphere while America can't, food and culture differences between Japan and other nations, Japan making mini U-Boats that transform, etc.)

EDIT: I promise that I'm reading all of your suggestions! Thank you SO MUCH to those who have contributed thus far! I'll reply to each of you individually when I can, but at the moment I'm frantically typing up the essay. I hope to have it mostly done by tonight, at which point I'll post it here and ask you all for final thoughts. If I can get it done by then. Again... Thank you so much for your contributions, everyone! I am listening!
EDIT EDIT: My essay is a hideous mess of outline and essay, but I have all the info I need to establish my points. I just need to put it in order, flesh it out, and then fix it up. I'm utterly exhausted at the moment, though, so that will have to wait until morning. Sorry. Once it's done, though, I'll be sure to post it. Thank you again for the assistance, everyone!
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Darker Reflections [History Based RP]

Some see the world in black and white. Either something is or it isn’t. Right or wrong. Funny or serious. Sweet or bitter. Good or evil.

Pairs of opposites balancing the world….

In truth things are rarely so simplistic. The lines between opposites blur and blend in the most unexpected ways, weaving souls into wonderfully complex and unique tapestries, no two identical. What is true for humans is also true for the spirits of their nations.

Darker Reflections is an advanced-literate Hetalia roleplay that isn’t afraid to delve into more mature themes, concepts, and situations in addition to the usual light-hearted stuff. Serious, comedic, light, dark, joyous, sad, scary, relaxed, heedless, thoughtful, and everything in-between, you’ll find it on our palette. We are historically based and have a WWII theme going on, although plots and threads from all time periods are welcome.

When the ugly side of history is brought out into the open along with the glamorous and morality is subjective, all nations cast slightly Darker Reflections.

Special member requests for ROMANIA (r.b. Hungary) England (r.b. Seychelles) Denmark Norway (r.b Finland and Sweden) BELARUS (r.b. Russia) ESTONIA( r.b. Lithuania) & IRAN AND CHINA ( r.b. North Korea)

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