May 10th, 2011

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Letters Carnations and Smoke

well hello! this is my first time posting here on the community :) I have some fanart for anyone else out there and of course for my dear ziskaism and aleksibraginsky <3

[I'm so sorry for making you wait so long :( I changed my drawing at the last minute because I had a "better" idea... no one should wait this lng for a request, and I'm terribly sorry :< ]

I hope you like it though!

this is for you guys :)
Based on the story "A Language of their Own" by Ziska and Aleksi
Characters by Hetalia
Art by me

I also posted it on dA for anyone who would like to view  bigger version :)
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I will always be with you | an austria/hungary fanmix

title:  I will always be with you

fandom:  axis powers hetalia

pairing:  austria/hungary (roderich edelstein/erzsébet héderváry)

notes: 15 songs in total; follows the pair's progression from first falling in love, to their marriage, and to finally its dissolution, amidst both war and peace; music of various genres (and languages!) included.


tracklist + lyrics + download links )  


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[miscellanous] Hetalia on Poupeegirl

Uhm hello there.. This is my first time posting in here.. Nice to see you all :)
I do some things to express my love for APH, like drawing or writting, or doing some stupid things with my fellow fans :)

These are just some experiments on my Poupeegirl. I tried to make her looked like some APH characters.. Feel free to check it out :)  Also thank you very much! If I was somehow wrong in posting this, please do tell me. I really appreciate it! 

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Prussia victory

Hetalia Supernatural

Hetalia Supernatural

For millennia, humans and supernatural creatures have coexisted in relative harmony. Since the dawn of man, there have always been “monsters”, and hunters to hunt those monsters. In turn, the monsters also hunt the hunters. There has always been some semblance of a balance; sometimes, the hunters get the monsters, and sometimes, the monsters get the hunters.

But there has been talk about a being called the “Mother of All.” This ‘Mother,’ whom ironically calls herself Eve, is the creator of all supernatural beings on earth. She has been lying dormant for centuries in a realm commonly known as Purgatory, content with the balance the humans have with her precious ‘children’. However, Eve has caught wind of something interesting.

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Welcome to  hetatweet, a Hetalia-centric RP community which combines Livejournal with Twitter in order to create a friendly, tight knit community in which we can combine roleplaying, and real time interaction between players.

Basically, all roleplaying is done on Twitter, and everything else (updates, introductions, applications, etc.) will be done on Livejournal. If you've never used Twitter before, we'll be happy to help new players get used to the platform.

We have lots of spots available to fill, so if you wanna try your hand at a character, come over and we'll take you in. We're looking for the Baltics, Denmark, Hungary...I think there's a spot in every continent to fill, so! The list is here and the application is here)!

[HETALIA AU ROLEPLAY] Make me Famous ,


From the most prestigious areas of England there had been born of a Academy far from the years from we were born. Now this Academy, that was called the Victorious, had only served one purpose and one purpose only. To educate the rich and the royal. Yes. Way back all the way in the Victoria Era had it taught the same purpose. From Dukes in England, to Princesses in Monaco everyone here's had the same thing in common. All were royal, and all had rich and gold blood that ran through them, which made them all equal in the eyes of the headmaster, to grow larger into someone even more successful.

That was in till, these present years in which everything changed.

It was only now had they accepted middle class, and ' poor ' students as they'd like to call it. Average people and even the less fortunate who haven't owned a fifty dollar in their life began to collide with them. Thanks to the overcrowd of the uneducated more and more normal people from all over the country had came to join the Victorious family. And now in 2011, whether they like it or not Royalty had now collided with Normality.

So what will happen to these two factions colliding? One, who have been spoiled on their life who don't even know what chore is, while the other worked in the farms, or even lived on the streets only living with a penny. Royalty feeling like they need to feel bad for the other, while others feel to control, what will happen when one befriends, or even falls in love with eachother? And not to mention the servants in the middle, that have newly been inuaguarted into normal classes like everyone else?

We don't know what's going to happen and how are things going to work out. Make me famous or make me ruined, the story has only begun writing in this new and invigorating year.


Activity is going great so far, right now significant characters open;; France, Germany, China, Hungary, South Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Sealand, etc; 


[Pimping] Eurovision Song Contest Party - First Semi-Final tonight!

It's this time of the year again, the world's biggest show event about the possibly craziest of all continents starts tonight in not even one hour, at 21:00 CET! Check your local timezone here

Come and join the party at eurotalia, we have cookies. And waffles. And crèpes. About every other European pastries of your choice. And especially lots and lots of delicious europop cheese!

Staring tonight:
Poland, Norway, Albania, Armenia, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Switzerland, Georgia, Finland, Malta, San Marino, Croatia, Iceland, Hungary, Portugal, Lithuania, Azerbaijan aaaaaand Greece! Which are of course also the countries able to vote tonight, in addition to UK and Spain from the Big Five.

Will Poland be as fabulous as expected? Will Norway enchant us with magical songs once more? Will Turkey rock Europe again? Will Russia mourn another lost love? Whose asses is Hungary going to kick this year?

You'll know soon when you join the party! <3

[Fanfiction] A Garden of Decaying Flowers [2.7/7]

Title: A Garden of Decaying Flowers

Part 2.7: At the Bottom of the Ocean (there are treasures)

Pairings: in this chapter: eventual AmericaxEngland
Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, deviations from canon characterisation, mentions of non-con and body mutilation (branding)
Summary: Arthur adjusts to his new lifestyle. It isn't a bed of roses, but he can manage.

Link to the chapter: At fifteen, Arthur found himself subjugated to a life of slavery. 

The rest of the verse can be found here


[England/Canada FST] Royalty&Loyalty

Title: A Tale of Royalty & Loyalty
Author/Artist: hillslion 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England/Canada, Canada/England
Rating: PG
Warnings: Boy-love and possible inaccuracies. Also, a rather messed up relationship. -^-
Summary: This is a first for me in a lot of things, so please bear with me and feel free to point out any mistakes!

About this FST: It's just something I had fun making and ended up putting together a bunch songs that don't really go with each other, lol. It's very roughly based on the relationship between Canada and England throughout their history, like very very rough. If anyone's curious about my choice of song just ask, and I'll try my best to explain. :>

Anyway, I hope someone enjoys!

[Download & Lyrics]

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Fanfic-I Can't Stop Loving You (Chapter One)

Title: I Can't Stop Loving You 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing(s)/Characters: Alfred(America)/Arthur(Britain)
Rating: PG at the start, a hard R in later chapters
Warning: AU, a few curse words, angst, (a later chapter will contain (mutual) dubcon)
Summary:  When Arthur was 19 he bought a laptop, shaped as a toddler which he named Alfred. Six years later, Alfred breaks down. Rather than lose his little boy, he has Alfred's data and AI transferred into an adult unit. Alfred's new body complicates their relationship with tension Arthur isn’t prepared for.
Notes: Kink meme de-anon, fill is still on going you can read the first (unedited) half here and the second here; beta read by the awesome hotbabysitter 

Like all child laptops, his head was large, his limbs stubby, and hands small. His ears were large and his blond hair tussled, one lock standing up in defiance of gravity. What set him apart from all the other laptops Arthur had seen today, or any day when he had gone browsing, was that this laptop was smiling.

There's also a note at the bottom of the post talking about the helpthesouth fandom auctions. If you would like to help raise money and get a fanfic/art/creation, please check this place out.